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KEYMACRO is a utility that enables you to configure the keyboard macro of your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 PC. As such, you can easily create macros for frequently used keyboard shortcuts to speed up the workflow. These keyboard macros will then be applied automatically when you press the key combination you defined.KEYMACRO is quite a handy tool, even though it is missing some essential features such as the possibility to configure custom key combinations. Its biggest disadvantage, however, is the lack of support for Windows 8.1.

The Final Fantasy series has been on the market for decades. The first game was created by Square back in 1987 and is still quite popular, even now. With a long history of success, the Final Fantasy series has also developed numerous spin-offs such as Chocobo’s Dungeon, Final Fantasy Tactics, and others. These titles are also available for the iPhone, in the form of games such as Final Fantasy Legend.
One of the Final Fantasy spin-offs that has seen a lot of popularity is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The first game of this series, Crystal Chronicles, was released back in 2005. It was quite different from other Final Fantasy games and it was also a huge success.
All these titles have been released for the Android platform, however, and their popularity seems to be increasing every year. In particular, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is one of the most downloaded games on Google Play. If you are into mobile games, you should definitely check it out.

Apostle Academy is one of the most popular titles in the iTunes App Store, so you can’t complain if the developer is now releasing an updated version of this game for iPhone and iPad owners. This latest iteration of the game is called Apostle Academy: Final Chapter. The name might imply that this game is the final part of the story, however, this is not the case. In fact, the official description of the game says that it is a standalone expansion to the original Apostle Academy game, which was released a few months ago.
Obviously, you can play both Apostle Academy and Apostle Academy: Final Chapter without having to buy them separately, but to give you a better idea of how this new game works, we have made a short review of it below.
Apostle Academy: Final Chapter is a physics-based puzzle game, which is in contrast to its predecessor, Apostle Academy. In this game, you must guide a mysterious young man named Pontus as he explores an apocalyptic future world to find his lost 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO Icon Pack is a FREE icon pack made of 932 icons divided in 6 categories of which 3 are brand new. There are categories like 4k Movies, Sci-fi Movies, Anime and Games. This icon pack comes with KeyMacro Icon Manager for OS X. This feature allows you to easily drag and drop the icons into your desktop and even organize them.
OSX Blue Folder Icon:
OSX Blue Folder Icon:This is a huge folder icon for OSX. It looks great and adds to your desktop in style. A must-have icon for all the users.

I can’t believe they named this book by an acronym. Is this a joke or just a
foolish marketing decision?

I’ve seen several as “foobar” or “gumbo”. It’s not the most common, but maybe
a good enough one for a marketing decision.

I can’t believe how great this is.

“Firefox Sync is part of Mozilla. We’ll be here for years to come.”

Phew. Firefox has finally come to its senses. It’s like finding out that the
mythical Matrix was really just reality.

thats it im using chrome

This is what happens when you make products that are so great that you can
literally not support IE6, with a recent version of Windows.

I’m all for not supporting legacy browsers, but to not support anything older
than IE8 on Windows 7/8 is what should be considered a step too far.

It’s not a step too far. If the product doesn’t work on your browser of
choice, it’s not worth using. There’s always Firefox.

Except when it does. Example: Bookmarklet for URL shortener for Firefox
doesn’t work in Chrome, doesn’t work in IE.

Edit: I was actually asked to write a bookmarklet for my employer’s CMS, I
wrote it and uploaded it. When it was tested by them, it wouldn’t even load in
their IE6. It was a waste of time for me, so I didn’t bother to find out why
(using my chrome) it


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