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• Sets the keymute button to mute all players. • Opens a dialog allowing you to select if you want to enable in-game voice commands. • Show the current volume meter, mute button and in-game voice commands. • Store your settings for next time. • Reset button restores the previously saved settings. Support for XBox […]

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The long awaited Internet Explorer 9 follows its predecessors with pride and brings various improvements in speed and engine. Its new looks, together with the newly introduced graphics and hardware acceleration makes the competition in the browser market more fierce than ever. Clean interface The interface has an extremely clean and cool look, offering users […]

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KEYMACRO is a handy little utility designed to work with your OEM computer’s keyloggers. This may sound kinda like a Windows 98 Gold thing, but please remember that no one is listening. In case you did not get the joke in the previous sentence, then I will repeat it again. KEYMACRO is a handy little […]

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Select one of the options from the drop down menu to begin the key mapping session, for each keyboard (see KeyMappingChart.txt for details): E2: Modifier keys + F1: Modifier keys + F2: Function keys + F3: Function keys + F4: Function keys + F5: Function keys + F6: Function keys + F7: Function keys + […]

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Ctrl-M Description: To toggle between mouse mode and key mode. F4 Description: Toggle detail pane. D Description: Toggle the display of the vector field. M Description: Toggle the display of the mouse. P Description: Toggle the potential surface view. S Description: Toggle the curl view. G Description: Toggle the divergence view. D Description: Toggle the […]

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1.Backup all (new and old) keys and data (files) and delete (uninstall) the Trojan and all active processes 2.Remove all Trojan files and the process that were installed by the Trojan. 3.Remove the Trojan registry entries that have been created by the Trojan. 4.Delete all Trojan installer files and then close the Trojan. 5.Make sure […]

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This is a program that automatically records all important keyboard presses into a macro file. The program can also convert file into a.mmf format. Current Version: This version includes compatibility with Windows XP. Build: Current Version: 0.2 Changes: Added support for AutoComplete. Added support for Windows Media Player as an XML-RPC Server. You can […]

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-Allows users to translate from one language to another on the spot. -Works with SolidWorks and Autodesk families of products. -Possibly one of the best SolidWorks plugins for the desired feature. -Available as part of the SolidWorks 2014 and 2015 version. -Free download. In this article we’ve tried to bring together games from a wide […]

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Use the KEYMACRO® method to edit a drawing. It gives you access to the drawing features while preserving your working directory. You can use a keyboard or mouse to operate the drawing. The KEYMACRO method allows you to work with a variety of files such as DWG, DXF, and Inventor files. Create shapes and objects […]

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=========== KEYMACRO is a macro that generates the key-bindings for a GUI application. It is designed to be very easy to implement in your GUI application. It gives you a list of the possible keybindings that can be used by users. You can also define how the keys must be mapped to actions. Furthermore, it […]