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Elden Ring Crack Free Download is a fantasy action RPG that combines the core of action RPGs with the twists of the world of fantasy and the legend of the Elden Ring. We strive to create a grand fantasy RPG that combines the best features of both old and new games and start a new era of the fantasy RPG.

A large, detailed world.
Thousands of hours of gameplay content that will keep you immersed in the world.
An advanced combat system that will allow you to customize your combat style.
Addictive and innovative multiplayer experience.


The new fantasy action RPG is set in a world in which love, power, greed, and jealousy are commonplace, and where the balance of the World Between between Fire and Water has been lost.

Elden Ring will tell the story of a human being who, with the courage to follow their heart, searches for the legendary Elden Ring and hunts down the people who took it from them, after losing it in a battle.

The lands which lay between the northern and southern lands, the Lands Between, are cursed, and the Fire-Water’s balance is broken, with a great influence of Darkness. As the former inhabitants, scattered around the world, return to the lands between the Fire and Water, and battle with the Darkness as their opponent, the spirit of the greatest tribe of the Lands Between is awakened, and you become the awakened god’s servant, the “New God”.


The Lands Between

Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where the world is set in a world in which love, power, greed, and jealousy are commonplace, and where the balance of the world between Fire and Water has been lost.

The Lands Between is the world between Fire and Water, where the balance of the Fire and Water are broken, and Darkness is revealed. Among the inhabitants who live in the Lands Between are scattered remnants from the great tribe of the Lands Between, known as the “Lands Between Energies”, where they are the origin of the current world. As new gods arise in the Lands Between, they reawaken these remnants, who came out from the land of Fire to the land of Water, and attempt to unite the two lands.


The Human Being

Adventurer of the “Fire” –

The adventurer of the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Loot Immense Amounts of Equipment, Weapons, and Armor
  • Larger Geographical Regions than in Other RPGs
  • Smooth Loading and Highly Responsive AI Characters (Navigation Equipment Needed)
  • Responsive Autonomous AI Squad Leader Characters, Including Navigation and Raiding Robots
  • Online Multiplayer, which allows you to connect with others directly or indirectly and travel together.
  • Currency Exchange
  • Customization
  • Shared Sphere progression
  • Unique Raid System

    In addition, The Elden Ring game revises the way in which equipment is used, on top of the basic premise that equipment is tied to a certain action, such as attacking or running. By using equipment to cause collisions during your exploration, you are able to use your memory and imagination to your advantage to progress.

    When using equipment to cause a collision, the equipment tied to that action is made availble, and you will be able to discover the purpose of it. Additionally, should you fail to use equipment, you are able to recover the ability to use it when you and other characters enter a specified location called The Lost Prison.

    Players are able to use raid bots, which will automatically enter the specified location, and will be controlled remotely from the controlling player’s position. Those raid bots carry out their duty with the determination not to fail, and are able to sense an area that is not clean, so they may become hidden and control the environment.

    Once the area is discovered, you will be able to find treasures hidden in it that will be automatically used by auto loot when you enter the area.

    Should an enemy character enter the area, you will be able to attack his equipment and fight him, together with the other teammates in The Fleet. Through this, The Fleet will become stronger, and you will be able to launch larger strategic operations.

    The equipment that you use in The Fleet can be attached to your will at any time, such as attaching swords to attack, or equipping diamond shields


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    Elden Ring Free X64 [2022-Latest]

    The typical RPG experience that you are well familiar with is all around you.

    Your Path

    The fallen angel who hides himself is awaiting you. Your divine journey as an Elden Lord begins.

    >*>Game features

    PvP Battle >PvP where you can battle it out with your friends

    RPG-style Quest >Unprecedented story, where a variety of quests will flow, and you can enjoy them freely.

    Encounter >Various kinds of enemy, including high-end foes.

    Base Building >Build the most powerful base on the battlefield

    Crafting >Craft various items that offer various strengths.

    Skill >Using the various skills, become the best in the PvP, and advance in the challenge of the Quest.

    4 Classes >The character who embodies the power of the Elden Ring becomes an Elden Lord

    Elden Ring: the power that makes the difference.

    Elden Ring: Elden Ring

    The demon-possessed beast Fenrir among the Elden has begun to awaken. The defense of the whole world is in your hands.

    The demon-possessed beast Fenrir among the Elden

    ?Live in the world between the worlds

    A rumor has started to spread from the Lands Between: “There is a demon-possessed beast in the Elden.” A link has appeared, warning users of the world outside the Lands Between, and there has been a fierce alarm.

    ?Use the magic of the Elden Ring to destroy the demon-possessed beast.

    In the Lands Between, the demon-possessed beast Fenrir is still in an extremely dangerous state.

    Immediately head to the location to exterminate the demon-possessed beast and disperse the terror.

    In the world beyond, there is a chance that the demon-possessed beast will awaken in the world outside and lead to a disaster.

    Please take this chance to destroy it before it awakens.

    >*>Game world >The Lands Between and Its World

    The Lands Between = Land that has been the battlefield of the Elden Ring Wars, a continuous conflict involving spirits.

    The World Outside = The world outside the Lands


    What’s new:

    Online Booter gameplay tests the relevant parts of the server, and we have been utilizing the “-test” (“-test”) option for this reason.

    I will continually keep you updated on the worsening of the situation.

    With those in charge of the game, please stay safe and have good health.

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    Terra Battle 8.2.4
    The battle game series released by developer TryHard has received an update for an upcoming patch on October 22nd, 2020. It will be adding many new contents to the game as well as some that have been developed but never before implemented for the series.
    It has been decided to add a feature called Skill Auto-change, where automatically changes the character’s skills to those of opposing players after the battle ends. The new feature will allow players to gain the skills of opponents in addition to their own.
    In addition to Skill Auto-Change, the patch will add various contents that the developer is producing.

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    How To Crack:

  • Download the crack file and save it to your desktop
  • Move everything from that folder (crack,setup,exe) to your data_dir\mobc\
  • Restart the game and launch it from the menu
  • How to Update Elden Ring:

    • Rename the last delme to serial
    • Save a delme file and then open it with cheackengine.
    • (If you receive an error, this is OK, so please just ignore it)
    • Delete that serial
    • Delete all the content (dummy,sound,exe) of the crack folder
    • Restart the game and launch it

    How to Fix Crashing in Elden Ring:

    • Delete the content of the crack folder (the crack,the delme and the sound)
    • Delete the remaining magic
    • Restart the game and launch it from the menu

    How to Transfer To Another Computer:

    • Install the game (Use the serial, not the delme)
    • Delete all the content of the crack folder (the crack,the delme and the sound)
    • Delete the remaining magic
    • Restart the game and launch it

    How to use File Aids:

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