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An online fantasy action role-playing game developed by Tapestry Games, an independent development studio based in San Francisco.

Explore an expansive world full of excitement and challenge your heart out. Rise to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. It is a live RPG that plays a drama in a different world.

The game is set on a huge world where various dungeons exist. At the end of the day, you can freely go to any dungeon of your choice in order to gain experience and level up. But, the action will carry on only if you continue to progress in the story.

As the player proceeds the story, many challenges will come one after another. And as you explore and overcome them, the conflict between the various races will become stronger. Lastly, an unknown evil will attack the world.

A Dark Power Awakens in the Lands Between. Which Elden Lord Will You Become?


On The Cover

The player is an elf who is about to start on his adventure.

Additional Content

• Challenges

Alter your style by increasing your muscle strength or mastering magic.

Explore an extensive world full of adventure and action.

• Features

– Story mode with intense action

– Multilayer online play with synergy and customization

– A wide variety of weapons, armor, and items

– Unique design of skill tree, battle system, and other elements

• Features

[Play as Game Start at the Last Saved]

– Play as Game Start from where you last saved with saved data

[Online Multiplayer] [Battle in a Server] [Easier to Play]

– Play as simple as battle against friends

– Easier to find friends

[Online Play Arrangement] [Perform various tasks]

– Create a party of 3 players, and play in a party

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Features Key:

  • Adventure won’t end just because you enter the auction house.
  • A variety of equipment to enhance your character
  • Develop your character based on your play style
  • Combine attacks with different elements to create powerful synergy
  • How to Play

    Let the game begin.

    • Choose the character you want to play as.
    • Defeat monsters and make yourself stronger.
    • Save the weak and seek a new life.

    ATTENTION. If it is your first time playing, you may need to download some additional fonts in order to meet the requirements of the game. Please refer to the image below if there are any problems when logging in.

    Please note that the requirement of the NPCdance font from FF XI on this image is not applicable if you are playing on the desktop version of the game.

    With the purpose of becoming a superior hero in the Lands Between, our main objective is to collect unique weapons from various adventurers.

    Even though your character is going through town and over countryside, you can soon reach the Prontera. In this place, there are different adventurers selling their items for money. You will need to go there and speak with them if you want to have the item the first time.

    Once you buy the item, you will receive it using the real-time bank that you transfer funds using.

    Once you reach the auction house, you can browse the items on sale and find a weapon you want to buy. After you buy, if you have enough gold coins, you will receive it at the auction house when you leave the game.

    On the auction table, you can check and buy a weapon as you please. Since this is a real-time auction where you can buy time passes, it is best to buy


    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    Game News- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    #b4 [FINAL] Final Patch Update v0.99.4 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


    Elden Ring Download [32|64bit]

    ■Game Overview
    SENDAI is a 7,280,000m² action RPG built using Unreal Engine 4. The action RPG offers a vast world, vast amounts of content, and countless possibilities for development.

    ■Story Background
    Once upon a time, in the lands between known as the Elder Continent, there was a conflict that shook the world. First, the gods of chaos began meddling with the world order. Then, a certain island, called the Elden Island, appeared in the middle of the ocean, where the gods of law and order headed in order to put an end to this disturbance.

    The king of these gods was the supreme master that called himself the Elden. When he defeated the gods of chaos, he decided to create the country of Elden as the kingdom of Elden and the place where they worshipped him.

    However, there were still many things to be completed, such as a war against the new threats that were causing trouble, and a request was made to him: a wish by someone who possessed a reincarnation ability. As a reward for obeying his request, the island the Elden gods fought in the history of the land was miraculously returned to them. The Elden king would receive the reincarnation ability and the Elden people would have the power to worship him once more.

    As such, everyone related to the Elden people continued to live happily with their own hopes and dreams, and they spent their time playing and making music.

    However, a terrible evil among the gods, which belonged to the Kingdom of Valsund, sought for revenge. Even though the Elden gods took care of that by collaborating with each other, in the end, there was no way to escape what had become.

    The Elden gods had no choice but to come back and fight, and with great effort, the Elden king defeated Valsund and finally won the war. With this, he created the new order of the country of Elden.

    ■World Map

    – 7,280,000m²

    – World Map Image in Title Screen.

    The story takes place in the country of Elden.

    – World Map.

    The world map.

    [Main Menu]

    The main menu.


    – Character Creation.

    The character creation screen.

    – Character Height/Weight/Race.

    How tall/


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

  • Inventory Refined System (ISS)
    Now you can dig deeper into your inventory to transfer items more conveniently.

  • Communication Added in Group
    Whether you play online, one-on-one, or in a group of up to four players, do so more comfortably.

  • The Combat Mechanic of the Ages is Ensnared!
    Whether you kill monsters or destroy castles, become the last of your race.
    • Make Your Enemies Wail
    “Tapestry of Souls” is a powerful attack. Even in a frontal row, they strike the heart and let out loud cries of dread.
    • Awaken to the Birth and Destruction of Life
    Strive for victory in a fight, or take on the Lord at your right hand. In order to gain the trust of the higher-ups in the Land Between, you must prove your worth.
    • The Battle-Winner of the Ages
    “Final Crown” will be given to a party that wins every round. If you lose a round, you will gradually lose the potential for rewards.
    • A Systematic Strategy
    A system that assigns monsters to different party members will be used to strengthen your party strategy.
    • Runes of War
    “War Cry” is used to dash and inflict damage on selected enemies. Ranged monsters use it to shield themselves.

  • System Strengthened
    All tools for the land have been strengthened, allowing you to draw more satisfaction from farming, fighting, and other gameplay. (Experience & stats restored at the end of a battle or party completion.)

  • Message System Improved
    Logs are used not only for record-keeping, but also as a means to provide feedback.

  • Many Improvements to the UI Added
    We established a tool-based logic and streamlined the keyboard control.

  • The following new graphical features have also been added!



    Free Elden Ring [32|64bit] [March-2022]

    Download the game

    Download, install, and run the game

    Play the game and have fun!

    How install and crack ELDEN RING game:

    1, Choose one of the download links given in this site, and download it

    2, Extract the game using WinRAR (recommended)

    3, Run the game and have fun!

    Game Features:

    • An epic drama born from a myth

    • A vast world full of excitement

    • Various special effects

    • Various character classes

    • A variety of enemies and bosses

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    How To Crack:

  • Fire up the archive.
  • Use WinRAR to extract the contents of the archive to your desktop.
  • Double click on the.EXE file to start the installation.
  • If installation is complete, run the game.
  • Enjoy your game!
  • NOTE:

    • This crack file only works with version 1.3.1 – Elden Ring.
    • To get your own ready-to-play crack, visit crackhax website!





    How should I render/draw changing waves of incoming cards?

    I have a bumpMap which I’m currently using to display/render current state of a bouncing ball.
    I would like to create a GUI where the user will press keys like arrowLeft/Right and draw/render waves to a background.
    The way I see it, I’m either stuck with the technology of Bitmap or Blitting a new image to the canvas every time and/or waiting for the system to catch up before every frame.
    Is there a better way to go about this? Should I just let my system deal with the rendering of these waves and create a new canvas for every key press?
    p.s.: The background is a one-to-many relation of many balls all bouncing together


    No, don’t make the system deal with the rendering. Make the user deal with it.
    Use a pool of bitmaps. As you render, you change the data of the bitmap in the pool. You clear the bitmap when you


    System Requirements:

    Online requirements:
    To connect to the online game, you must log in using your PSN account that you wish to use to connect to the online version of the game.
    Pre-registration is required prior to login and can be done on the PlayStation®Store.
    A $1.00 non-refundable per game online fee applies.
    Pre-registered players must be logged in at the same PSN account for the entire online experience.
    PlayStation®Network account required for online play.


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