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EMURA is a suite of Java based tools that enable two users to send encrypted messages back and forth – as a chat. The encryption key is secure and generated using the Diffie-Hellman algorithm.







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EMURA is a Java package that provides the user with a sample application for chat. The system uses public and private keys as a mechanism to protect its contents. The private key is never stored, but needs to be created, stored and generated. EMURA doesn’t offer encryption of message contents. Rather, it offers encryption of a user’s keyboard. The idea is that the private key is randomly generated, and is generated outside of the system. It is stored in a config file and is retrieved by the application at startup. The private key is not stored in the application, and no cleartext credentials of the user are ever passed to the application. Each user’s private key is used to encrypt incoming messages, but the application is unable to decrypt incoming messages. The only decryption of incoming messages is through server-side decryption of the keys using the public key of the user. Key Exchange using Diffie-Hellman Diffie-Hellman Algorithm The “exchange” of keys is done using Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange to generate a random x and y key pair. The public key y is sent to the server, and the private key x is generated on the server using x = gcd(y, p) and x = (p – 1) div x. Key Pair Generation When the application is launched, it generates a random public and private key pair. The public key is returned to the user and is stored in the application. Once a connection to the server is established, key generation is completed. x and y are public gcd is the Group Comparison Diffie-Hellman, while p and g are non-prime numbers Fields: Index: Keystroke Encryption Algorithm Nibble Hashing Message Client Credentials Key Pair Sender Server Cipher Sender Description Sender Public Key Sender Private Key Sender Cipher Server Description Server Public Key Server Private Key Server Cipher Sender Key Exchange Server Server Cipher Server Key Exchange Index: Number of Rounds Message Length Message Cipher Cipher Description Client Credentials Key Pair Sender Server Rounds Message Length Number of Rounds Cipher Description Client C

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EMURA is a peer to peer secure commun… EMURA is a peer to peer secure communication software to exchange confidential messages among two or more users using the Internet. The encryption key is secure and generated using the Diffie-Hellman algorithm. EMURA Description: EMURA is a… EurCrypt – Nodee Moya is younger than Greece and older than Ireland. Eurokép Moya is younger than Greece and older than Ireland. Euroussega It has been frozen litterally (not figuratively) Euruskoolos It has been frozen literaly (not figuratively) Eurukâ It has a frozen person in charge Eurulya -vlya A rabid polar bear is twice as good as a tame wolf. Eurupiste A rabid polar bear is twice as good as a tame wolf. Eurupineta -vneeta Caz it’s a bear it vancy is vraout Eurupineta -vneeta Caz it’s a bear it vancy is vraout Eurupineta -vneeta Caz it’s a bear it vancy is vraout Eurupineta -vneeta Caz it’s a bear it vancy is vraout Eurupinoza It is a troll up with rancid butter Eurupionoi It is a troll who walks in sheepskins Eurupionoy It is a troll who walks in sheepskins Eurupionu -vnuo It is a troll who walks in sheepskins Euruppopoza It is a troll who pokes it’s a troll Eurupiyalo -vlialo It’s a troll who drops it’s a troll Eurupoze -vne -vze It is a troll who drops it’s a troll Eurupokoka It is a troll who drops it’s a troll Eurupoulay -vuelay 02dac1b922

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Copyright (C) 2008 Ilya Obraztsov I tried to run./emura.sh, but i get following : This version of EMURA requires the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 4.5 or later. For details, visit /usr/local/bin/emura.sh: line 96: enigma: command not found ./emura.sh: line 29: mails: command not found ./emura.sh: line 29: enigma: command not found ./emura.sh: line 96: enigma: command not found I tried to install gcc, but i get following : Cannot open /Users/usuer/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p0/gems/byacc-0.9.3 ERROR: Error installing byacc: ERROR: Failed to install gem native extension. /Users/usuer/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p0/bin/ruby extconf.rb checking for pg_config… no No pg_config… trying anyway. If building fails, please try again with –with-pg-config=/path/to/pg_config checking for libpq-fe.h… no Can’t find the ‘libpq-fe.h header *** extconf.rb failed *** Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of necessary libraries and/or headers. Check the mkmf.log file for more details. You may need configuration options. Provided configuration options: –with-opt-dir –with-opt-include –without-opt-include=${opt-dir}/include –with-opt-lib –without-opt-lib=${opt-dir}/lib –with-make-prog –without-make-prog –srcdir=. –curdir –ruby=/Users/usuer/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p0/bin/ruby –with-pg

What’s New In?

Key Features: Super-fast connection, no need to setup a server. Handles group chats – can invite anyone, other users can’t message you. Screens the data of the user as it is sent and received – only the text not images are stored Proves the receiver of messages by sending a digital signature (only for encryption, you can make the sender prove the receiver without storing the message itself. Already saves the history of messages. Very reliable, no need to download an other SWF. Have both OS independent and have source available (useful for porting to other platforms). The registered version works well, has features and is stable. The free version has some small bugs, but only for the registration. EMURA Key Features: Installation: Extract the file to your hard drive. The command line options are: /emuruinstallation.sh The command prompt disappears when installation is done. If it gets stuck or you have memory issues, just close the cmd prompt and run the /emurucleanup.sh Quick info: Here is the screenshot of the installation and setup instructions. Settings: Double click on emurushome.ini to open it. Go to section [ADDRESSBOOK] by double clicking on the word ADDRESSBOOK. You will see a list of members of the address book, in this format address1@hostname. If you have newly registered add the line user@hostname. [ADDRESSBOOK] user=user@hostname Finally, modify the value of messageconv from 6 to 5. If you want to use an alternative tool, download it from here, run it on your computer and use the same internet connection as you use when you use EMA, it’s free, it’s very stable and fast. EMURA Free Version: You can download the free version from the site. First you need to verify that the version you downloaded is the same as the one on the site. Download emura Open it using the installer. Navigate to the options -> Command line options. You can change the following two settings. 1. Start with address book


System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Core 2 Duo / Intel i3 / AMD Athlon II X4 920 Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 10-capable GPU Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 8 GB available space Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card Recommended: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Core 2 Quad / Core i7 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11-cap


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