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In an era of a decline in the Human race, a warmongering regime on the continent of Elden reigns supreme. A new faction is rising, driven by a desperate desire for power. Their ambitions, however, involve more than mere conquest. Their ultimate aim is to establish a new nation ruled by them alone, even at the cost of mankind.
With their hope and faith in the Elden Ring, the fleeing nobles and knights are summoned to join the quest to establish the new kingdom: a quest to develop new lands between the two continents. Amidst the dangers of the world between, a new fantasy action role playing game begins. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to put on the armor of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
– Can be used for any NPC with a HP of 500 or above.
– Expanded HP is maintained until the next day.
– Can be used multiple times per day.

– Cannot be used for any NPC with a HP of 300 or below.
– Expanded HP is maintained until the next day.
– Can be used multiple times per day.
– The expanded HP is saved.
– The HP is divided by a ratio of 1/2^S (S is defined as 0-6 in the following screen).
– The upper limit of the ratio is calculated as 5.
– Is used after calculating the number of EXP that can be obtained.
– Cannot be used for EX type NPC’s.

– Daily Events are available from 4:00 AM (UTC +0).
– Can be used more than once per event.

– New time is changed to UTC +1 (Europe) and UTC +2 (Asia).
– New time offset will take effect at 00:00, January 21th (UTC +1).
– [Note] It is not possible to use the same item on the same day.
– [Note] You can play from UTC +1 to UTC +4 (Europe) and UTC +5 to UTC +10 (Asia) at your own will.

– A long


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Creation
    -Set the appearance of your character by using weapon and armor skinning
  • Customization of Equipment:
    -Equip a variety of weapons and armor based on your stats, and modify them
  • Magic System:
    -Pressure or sacrifice magic to manipulate the elements and become an all-powerful Magic Lord. During battle, cast your magic to overpower your foes.
  • System to Alter the Lands Between:
    -Collections of patches and coins used in service of the hero shake the Lands Between. Alter them to change your fate.

    Patch: A collection of the shape of the lands between

    Coin: Money that brings you changes in the lands between
  • Weak Points System:
    -Move stealthily or attack aggressively to defeat the opponent. There is no point in striking a rock with a hammer.
  • Combat: Unique with Overpowering Sudden Impact
  • Character Growth:
    -You can increase stats through gameplay, and gain experience based on your level
  • Maps and Minigames:
    -Online games, where you and your friends face on the map and compete in special dungeons
  • System to Deal Damage:
    -Fight with bombs to deal massive damage to your enemies. There are no limits to using it.

    • It’s not just TANGO!
      -It utilizes anime graphics, with Japanese TV anime voiceovers

      It’s an RPG about Fantasy!
      -It uses the Japanese RPG system of TANGO!

      It’s not just adventure, but has multiple elements of drama!
      -The background story is interspersed with dialogue that runs in parallel
    • For music lovers
      -A soundtrack with lovely music of the Lands Between
    • Play online
      -Play wherever and whenever you like, with other players across the world

      It’s compatible with the Global Play Online system, so you can play with your friends and travel together!

      The Global Play online system lets you play while connected

      to the online service

      Elden Ring Crack + Patch With Serial Key PC/Windows

      In a response to a tweet I made about the latest Elden Ring game, I was told by a developer that the goal was to ‘get back to the fundamentals of RPG that millions of people enjoyed.’ When I asked which game it was, the response was “Elden Ring.” The magic attacks in this RPG are fun and unique. The battle system allows you to freely customize your character. Adventure maps with three dimensional design are continuously coming out. This is a game that is being updated like a traditional RPG and it is a shame that it is a franchise being made into a free-to-play game. I wanted to be excited about this new game in the Elder Ring franchise, but it doesn’t compare to the first Elder Ring.

      In an era where anyone can become an artist overnight and make a profitable game from a YouTube channel, it is amazing to have a game company that has such passion and discipline. I had a good time playing Elden Ring. It is not a free-to-play MMORPG that sucks the life out of you like most, but it still has some of the fun aspects that make me excited for more Elder Ring games. There are some strange aspects to it like the lack of tutorials and text but if you’re like me and you can’t take to that, it’s worth playing since there’s less text than most games.

      If you’re curious, follow the game or wait until it comes out and try it out. After all, it is an Elder Ring game, you’re not going to find a better one out there that’s the same price so you might as well try it out.


      If you are interested in knowing if it’s free to play or not:

      There are in-game ads like in a mobile game but you can actually beat them, and it is possible to beat them without paying anything. You can find out yourself if you beat it or if you get stuck in a game, but there are a few tricks.

      You can support us on Patreon and donate some real money to this game we all enjoy! :

      If you want an invite, you can follow us on Instagram and follow us there!

      We have a discord channel that you can join by going to


      Elden Ring Free [March-2022]

      Set in the land of Mystralia, where dark monsters walk the Earth.

      With the power of the Elden Ring, Tarnished rises and faces the mysterious dark creature that haunts the Earth.

      The Elden Ring is an RPG action game with a strong theme of fantasy.

      ●Character Creation Features

      Please choose from the following three character classes: Fighter, Wizard and Black Knight.

      Basic Details

      Race: Human

      Background: Classic

      Class: Fighter

      Fighter’s Specialization: Archer

      Class: Wizard

      Wizard’s Specialization: Sorcerer

      Class: Black Knight

      Black Knight’s Specialization: Warblade

      *Please note that the Black Knight class does not have a specialization as the other classes do.

      ■Character Class Elements


      Ability 1: Fighter’s Skill

      Skill Requirement: Archer

      Skill Effect: Marksman

      Skill Range: 1, 2, 3, 4

      *The marksman skill is an extremely important skill in RPG games. Increase your marksman skill to greatly reduce incoming damage.

      *Marksman is a skill that increases your chance of hitting an enemy with an arrow, a sword, etc. The higher the skill level, the more effective the weapon.

      Ability 2: Fighter’s Armor

      Armor Requirement: Fighter

      Armor Effect: The sum of the defense stat, attack modifier, and hits the character is unable to break through.

      Attack modifier: Decrease the attack modifier to increase defense.

      Defense: Increase the defense stat to decrease the damage taken.

      Hits: The number of times you attack with an attack or skill.


      Ability 1: Wizard’s Skill

      Skill Requirement: Sorcerers

      Skill Effect: Increase the chance of attack and spell success against an enemy.

      Skill Range: 1, 2, 3, 4

      *Skill has a defensive effect as well as an offensive effect, and generally attacks are stronger than spells when the skill level is high.

      Ability 2: Wizard’s Armor

      Armor Requirement: Wizard

      Armor Effect: The difference between the attack and defense stat is multiplied by 2.

      Attack: Increase the attack stat to increase the attack strength.

      Defense: Increase the defense stat to increase the defense strength.

      ●Black Knight

      Ability 1


      What’s new in Elden Ring:


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    • Region Free
    • Objective Free
    • Save States

    Elden Ring WOW Gold

    Elden Ring WOW Gold is a popular online MMORPG in Russia, Korea, Bulgaria, South America, Germany, United States, China, and other regions. Only registered accounts can play this game.

    Elden Ring WOW Gold secures 160 watts of multiplayer gaming per client, and will support online games such as DPS, melee or range, PVP (player vs player) and trading.

    If you are starting a new account, it also supports transferring and trading experience, reputation and items to and from your previous account.

    Gain experience in the game, make friends, earn money and trade with



    System Requirements:

    Mac OSX 10.6 or later
    Screen resolution of at least 1280×1024
    Latest NVIDIA drivers
    All participants must be original members of our community
    This event has been scheduled to occur at a time that is easiest for players to attend, but we are flexible to other time zones.
    Team signups must occur no later than Sunday November 3rd, 2014 at 3:00 PM Central US time, and may occur any time before then.
    We will release the event schedule on Sunday November 3rd, 2014 at 3:00 PM Central US


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