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Download Setup + Crack 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + Crack 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



> The Tale of an Adventure
To join the tale of an adventure in the Lands Between, proceed to www.elden-ring.com.

> PlayStation®4: Worldwide*
(First Run)

> SONY®“PlayStation®VR” is required to play online, among other features.

> SONY Computer Entertainment is responsible for the content of this software

> SONY Computer Entertainment is a registered trademark of SONY Corp.

> SONY, the SONY logo, and PlayStation® are registered trademarks of

> Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

> Other trademarks and copyrights may be property of their respective owners.

©Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.Q:

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Download Setup + Crack 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + Crack 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Craft new armor, weapons, and magic in a collaborative effort
  • A vast world to explore
  • An epic play
  • A 3-4 Online connection that loosens your ties to reality
  • Raise and equip powerful equipment, and enjoy a variety of gear on multiple difficulties
  • —————————————————–

    Elden Ring Controller Information

    Technical Specifications:

    Our Fantasy Action RPG is developed around the Playstation 4 platform.

    Display Configuration:

    Full HD 1920×1080 / 1080×1920

    Controller Supported:

    • PlayStation 4 with the VR headset
    • PlayStation VR
    • PlayStation VR 2-1 device
    • PlayStation VR 3-1 device
    • And other VR controllers compatible with PS4 (DeckLink CX500, Hololens, Project Morpheus)


    High res graphics: Upscaling on all displays

    Input method supported:

    • PS4 gamepad
    • PlayStation VR gamepad
    • XBox One controller (configure a device as a gamepad)
    • DeckLink Device connected in the USB port of UHD device


    • English


    Digital version: $29.99

    Hardcopy of game manual: $39.99

    For further information, please visit



    Elden Ring Free [Mac/Win]


    Reviewed by SciResearcher

    Bashing away at the ground with a bare fist, you have hit the enemy and are beaten to the ground! You scramble to your feet and see enemies approaching you. A flash of blinding light, and you’re surrounded by eight men bearing huge axes and mallets. You realize you’ve been defeated and are being attacked!

    From the moment you start playing Tarnished, you know it’s a Tarnished game. The smell of cheap frying oil permeates the air, but you are also aware that the graphics are prettier than an actual deep fryer. The presentation includes strange, cute pixelated graphics, and the music is a strange combination of annoying and synth-y. While that may sound like it makes a bad game even worse, Tarnished proves otherwise. You may be aware of games that follow that formula, but this game takes it further.

    When I played Tarnished, it reminded me of the pixel art games of old, but the novelty wore off very quickly. When looking at Tarnished, it’s as if the graphics have been put onto a much larger scale. All of these designs are larger than their original size and the music and background still accompany you throughout your journey. I liked that they went the extra mile to implement cute graphics and music. It made me think they were more concerned with the game itself and less concerned with the graphics.

    The gameplay has you collect items and level up. You begin the game with basic equipment and become stronger as you use it. As you progress through the game, you unlock new items. Many of the items you collect and use have multiple effects. You can collect weapons, armor, and, best of all, food. You can have a creature to attack those enemies for you and make food for it to eat.

    Of the items you collect, some are better than others. Meats and vegetables are the best. They will give you some power for your next battle. The different weapons that you collect will give you power, but they have limitations. When you are attacked, the enemy will use special attacks and you cannot block. The limit on the amount of power you receive from your weapon reduces with the amount of power you receive from the food.

    When you collect unique items, they are worth a lot more than common items, and the amount


    Elden Ring



    In addition to the main action of battles, the game also includes a variety of mechanics, such as the [PvP] system, a fast action battle mode, a Jump Battle mode, and a system that allows you to face the most ferocious enemies with a fresh look.


    • Step Up!
    Jump around the battlefield in various manners with your own set of actions, such as movement, jumping, and descending.

    • Attack!
    Attack your opponents using the various attacks at your disposal. These include combos and break.

    • Slide!
    Reach around the battlefield while avoiding enemy attacks with the slide mechanic. When attacking while in slide, pressing the “B” button causes a counterattack that deals the same amount of damage as a regular attack, but is far more powerful than a basic attack.

    • Switching between weapons or items
    Enemies all have different types and levels of weapon strength, so it is necessary to switch between weapons and items. To do so, press the “Cross” button.

    • Combo
    Attack combinations and combinations of the same character can be triggered by executing certain actions.

    • Dash Attack
    Boost the movement speed of a character by making a motion with the “X” button.

    [Special Attacks]

    • Special Attack
    Attack your opponent by executing a strong move. When a special attack is performed, your character will perform a special attack animation.

    • [Hero] Every character has a special action known as “Heroes”. The ability to draw in power and consume it upon release of the “Heroes” button will be available depending on the character you have equipped.

    Combat Combat fight in the game contains the following stages:


    ◆ Battle
    In the battle stage, pressing the “B” button while in the air will cause you to slide down. Depending on the stage, you may slide down along the ground or against the ground.

    ◆ Jump Battle
    In the Jump Battle mode, the combat rules are simplified so that you can quickly move around the battlefield.

    ◆ Tutorial
    In the Tutorial mode, you can practice the action and movement controls.


    ◆ Movement
    In the game, you can move using the right analog stick. While in mid-air, you can control how you move by pressing the “X”


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    // Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
    // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
    // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

    // +build linux
    // +build ppc64 ppc64le
    // +build!gccgo

    package unix

    import “syscall”

    func Syscall(trap, a1, a2, a3 uintptr) (r1, r2 uintptr, err syscall.Errno) {
    return syscall.Syscall(trap, a1, a2, a3)
    func Syscall6(trap, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6 uintptr) (r1, r2 uintptr, err syscall.Errno) {
    return syscall.Syscall6(trap, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6)
    func RawSyscall(trap, a1, a2, a3 uintptr) (r1, r2 uintptr, err syscall.Errno) {
    return syscall.RawSyscall(trap, a1, a2, a3)
    func RawSyscall6(trap, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6 uintptr) (r1, r2 uintptr, err syscall.Errno) {
    return syscall.RawSyscall6(trap, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6)
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    Download Elden Ring Crack + Product Key Full For Windows

    1. Install game
    2. Play the game
    3. Install HxD
    4. Launch HxD and click on ‘Crack Game’
    5. Click next
    6. Next
    7. Download game to desktop
    8. Done.

    … link is just for demonstration.

    By this way you can also cheat the 2GB patch. You will use 2GB Patch Cheat if you like to use the Patch:

    1. Install game
    2. Play the game
    3. Install 2GB Patch
    4. Launch 2GB Patch and click on ‘Edit Cheat Files’
    5. Click ‘Add’ to load HxD
    6. Click ‘2GB’
    7. Click next
    8. Next
    9. Your cheat will loaded in the game
    10. Play the game and enjoy!

    I have enough informations for script and patch.

    Please vote for us if you like it or give us some more information in general or for scripts. You can write me if you want.


    Original by Takuma Okubo, a writer from Osaka.
    Script translation by Dario Polishuk (
    Patches by Dario Polishuk (

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Linking and authentication
    • Without connecting Internet or without logging in to your Facebook account, link the game and tap the multi-language button.(it will never ask you to add facebook-account again after installation)
    • After linking, you can log in with your Facebook account.
    • Username & Password
      • if you have never logged into the game before, click “For first time users.”
        (On the next screen, click “Click here now” to link your Steam account.)

      • Otherwise, click “Login with your existing info.”
      • On the next screen, enter your username and password.
      • Save the information and tap “Do not show again” on the next screen.

    crack configure:

    • Click start configuration.
    • Select the language you want.
    • Click search button then click the down arrow next to the Language.
    • Select the customized mod that you want to use.
    • Click install button.
    • Wait until you can see the configuration completed.
    • Click Start again.

    crack play:

    • If you wish to start the original game, click “Continue”.
    • If you wish to install the patch and enter the unpatched game, click “Install”.
    • After you have entered, click “Continue” and then click “Play”

    Go to the game and follow the on-screen prompt to link the game.

    Connect to your Facebook account to log into the game:

    Press the power button on the controller to go into Play Mode.

    Select “Connect” from the controller’s In-game menu then select “Steam.”

    Select “Login” from the Controller In-game menu.

    If you are connected to Steam, click “For first time users” from the In-game menu.

    Enter your Steam username and password then tap “OK”.

    If you have not linked your Facebook account, choose it from the Facebook



    System Requirements:

    Who can play?
    PlanetSide 2:All DLCs must be bought seperately.
    Do I need to buy the Premium?
    You need Premium for advanced functionality in the game.
    *The Premium is a paid premium item. It is not free. If you do not want to buy the premium, you can freely download it from the game’s site.
    What is the difference between the premium and regular version?
    The premium version includes:
    -Skybox for all players in all maps. This feature was added



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