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System Restore Manager is a rather simple and lightweight application that does its job very well. It provides a user friendly interface that lets you quickly customize System Restore so that it’s able to provide a better experience for the user.
System Restore Manager is a great solution that you should try out when looking for a software to easily customize System Restore.


System Restore Manager 64 bit



Date Added: 06/25/2013

My Computer started crashing. so I started doing a restore from system restore and it crashed the same way.
This software is really amazing. I think it saved my computer from a crash. thank you so much.

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If you believe the software you are eea19f52d2


Provides a general interface for color pickers

Supports common color pickers such as Windows Picker, RGBA Picker, User Picker, ARGB Picker, Gradient Picker, Alpha Picker, Index Picker, HDR, etc

Can be extended with additional functionality

Can be used as a control or as an isolated window

Color Picker Widget Description:

Provides a set of color pickers for selecting an RGBA color in the form of a color picker and a color wheel

An object reference to the widget for finding the color picker


As already mentioned above the primary goal of this component is the ability to create an easy to use control for choosing an RGBA color in the form of color picker and color wheel.
Such a color picker can be used inside the user interface as a color picker or as a standalone widget.
If you select a color in the color picker, the widget’s background color is updated to the RGBA color.

As a widget it is not intended to be used inside a control such as a combobox or other types of components.
However, this does not mean it cannot be embedded inside a control.
It is possible to place an instance of the color picker control inside a grid or other layout component and that control can be used inside other controls.


The color picker widget provides a simple interface to choose an RGBA color by using a set of buttons.
The user can choose an existing color, or select a new color by clicking or dragging the colors around a color wheel.


The buttons on the color picker are represented by arrows.
Each arrow represents a color.

The colors on the color wheel are represented by an arrow and a number.

The color picker widget allows the user to select any color on the color wheel.
This feature can be useful for creating gradient colors.
The feature is implemented using the color wheel and an RGB color.
An example of a gradient color selection can be seen in the below GIF.


The behavior of a color picker widget is controlled by properties.
These properties are handled by the Color Picker Control component.
In the following table properties are listed with their default values.




Used to determine if the color pick


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