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Do you want to make your inventory control system (IT systems) easier to manage? Is your package designing for…

Having a detailed and accurate packaging system is the foundation of any successful business.
So, just like in retail, being in the business of packaging needs to be your number one concern.
From the idea of a box to the design of it, and even the labels that you want to use, DRPU Barcode Software for Inventory Control and Retail Business helps you with all the above.
For starters, this barcode software will allow you to easily come up with creative packaging ideas, just by importing pictures or logos from your library.
Furthermore, the application supports different packaging formats and labeling material. From plain white labels to fancy label cards, DRPU Barcode Software for Inventory Control and Retail Business will surely let you have a good time.
Even when it comes to the design of the labels, this application gives you all the options to achieve the desired effects.
Included are designs that are the most common, as well as the creative ones that can give your product a boost.
To top it off, the application supports both 2D and 3D barcodes, so you can have the best of both worlds.
Thanks to all the features included, along with the simple, easy to use UI, you will be able to create your custom packages, no matter if you are a novice or an expert.
How to Use This DRPU Barcode Software for Inventory Control and Retail Business?
Run the DRPU Barcode Software for Inventory Control and Retail Business application from your computer’s hard drive. The following steps will help you use it properly:
1. Choose the DRPU Barcode Software for Inventory Control and Retail Business software package you want to install.
2. Close any other applications you have running on your PC.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to start the DRPU Barcode Software for Inventory Control and Retail Business application.
4. A window will open which will ask you to enter the product name and product code.
5. Follow the steps on the screen and tick the boxes on the main window accordingly.
6. Click the button “Add” to start creating your barcode labels.
7. Enter a product name and product code. You can also add a description of your product and create a barcode for your product if you want.
8. If you click the button “Add”, the application will start creating your barcode labels, eea19f52d2

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