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The.NET Assembly Dependency Analyser is a utility to help with diagnosing and documenting inter-assembly dependency issues in a.NET application.
A tool is provided to demonstrate inter-assembly dependency issues in the real world scenario of a.NET application. It provides a sample.NET solution to help understand how dependency relationships between.NET assemblies are represented in the Solution Explorer and by the Analyzer tool.


Here is an article which shows how to do this (in C#):


[…] How can i do this in VB.Net?

By having your first thoughts be: “Oh, man. How stupid was that. VB.NET is much more similar to C# than C++”.
There is some in-between between C# and VB.Net, but they are two entirely different language, and this can’t be mated, in any fashion, or even close.
Thing is:

VB.NET is far more than a superset of C#.
VB.NET has too much stuff built-in to ignore.
VB.NET hasn’t been “made” in almost two decades. It still has support on Windows Server 2003, so… I doubt that Microsoft still cares about it.
VB.NET has better support in many cases than C#. VB.NET is the supported language in MSDN documentation (just google it).

So, having that said, here is a simple VB.NET code that shows how to find and output the Inheritance Hierarchy using Reflection:
‘ The following code is merely for demonstrational purposes.
‘ Don’t use this code as it’s totally unsolvable.

Public Class InheritanceHierarchy
Public Shared Function GetInheritanceHierarchy(ByVal AssemblyPath As String) As List(Of InheritanceHierarchy)
Dim type As Assembly = Assembly.Load(AssemblyPath)
Dim typeName As String = type.FullName
Dim asseClasses As List(Of InheritanceHierarchy) = GetInheritanceHierarchy(typeName)
Return asseClasses d82f892c90

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Keymacs is an application for creating applications for Mac OS X based on user-defined macros.
KEYMACRO is a command-line application that enables you to create applications for Mac OS X based on user-defined macros, just like Appleโ€™s own AppleScript language.
The application has a GUI and a command line interface (CLI) with an optional friendly command-line interface (fcgi). The two interfaces are a powerful tool for creating complex applications.
What KEYMACRO does is to create a special kind of application for Mac OS X: a โ€œmacro applicationโ€, a program built with user-defined actions, like AppleScript, but with a user-friendly graphical interface.
Macro applications are a lot like small utilities that help the user to get things done: like a utility to open a file, an utility to create an image from a graphic, an utility to start an application, etc.
KEYMACRO can also run without the GUI, making it an ideal application for running macros remotely. KEYMACRO is also a powerful tool for creating and running applications: its CLI gives you a lot of power.


MacFUSE Description:
MacFUSE is an open-source filesystem emulator and mount manager for Mac OS X. MacFUSE allows you to easily mount, unmount, and even make changes to various filesystem types.
MacFUSE enables you to use the same set of software tools youโ€™re used to for accessing storage on your Macintosh โ€” including file managers and disk imaging software โ€” as a way to interact with storage devices on your Linux system.

Fedora Workstation:



Tiger Sync:

Tiger Sync Description:
Tiger Sync is a file synchronization tool for Mac OS X. It allows you to synchronize the content of your hard disk between two folders on your Mac.
All the user needs to do is to drag and drop the files from one folder to another.

Server Side Includes:


SVN description:
Subversion is a revision control system (VCS) that supports the Subversion revision control system. Subversion can be used as an extension of your source control system, and as a stand-alone system for storing source code.


PyInstaller Description:
PyInstaller is a Python package that enablesั€ั€ั‘ั€ั˜ั€ั•ั€ัั“ัั€ั‘ั€ั”ั€3-rd-1-imgsrc-ru/

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