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Macro for
HOW-TO Change the color of the CTRL-B and CTRL-F hotkeys
By pressing the same key combination on a hotkey – for example,
CTRL-B to set the boldface
CTRL-F to set the italicface
CTRL-I to change the background color
CTRL-L to boldface the last typed text
CTRL-T to change the font color
CTRL-X to italicize the last typed text
CTRL-Y to delete the text
CTRL-D to darken the currently highlighted text
CTRL-A to lighten the text
CTRL-S to save the file
CTRL-Z to undo the last edit
CTRL-U to toggle the underline
CTRL-E to select the next highlighted word
CTRL-D to delete the highlighted word
CTRL-W to toggle the word wrap
CTRL-O to toggle the line spacing
CTRL-I to toggle the “hidden” text cursor
CTRL-T to toggle the underline
CTRL-N to toggle the “whole line” text cursor
CTRL-G to toggle the “place at cursor” text cursor
CTRL-M to toggle the “no wrap” text cursor
CTRL-K to toggle the “create line” text cursor
CTRL-U to toggle the “insert newline” text cursor
CTRL-F to toggle the “increase indent” text cursor
CTRL-E to toggle the “decrease indent” text cursor
CTRL-B to toggle the “set indent” text cursor
CTRL-P to toggle the “set tab size” text cursor
CTRL-Q to toggle the “auto indent” text cursor
CTRL-S to toggle the “set borromean” text cursor
CTRL-O to toggle the “auto indent code” text cursor
CTRL-P to toggle the “autoindent” text cursor
CTRL-A to toggle the “insert indent” text cursor
CTRL-D to toggle the “auto indent for” text cursor
CTRL-M to toggle the “indent for” text cursor
CTRL-I to toggle the “outdent” text cursor
CTRL-K to toggle the “convert tabs to spaces” text cursor
CTRL-Y to toggle the “convert tabs” text cursor 384a16bd22

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Abilities: Whiteboard functionality, supports the.NET Framework

Hi, let me know if this question is stupid or if this is normal for the.NET Framework.
I’ve been testing WCF for.NET 3.5 and.NET 4.0 as well and I’ve found that the.NET 4.0 WCF service runs slower than the same WCF service created on.NET 3.5

I’ve been using Remoting for many years now, and I must say that, although I’ve used a lot of remoting technologies, Remoting on.NET 3.5 is the best one that I’ve ever used.
Having said that, I’ve always wondered why Microsoft hasn’t included it by default.

As you know,.NET has adopted many practices from the Java world. One of those is the multithreading. However, it’s not that obvious, how the multithreading works, and what kind of multithreading it is.
This article will help you better understand the multithreading in.NET.

Several years ago, I went on a two-week vacation and I visited many interesting sites, including America’s Coolest Museum. This museum is a 100-year-old building, located in Grants Pass, Oregon, and it contains the world’s largest collection of Americana.
I didn’t have any time to do anything in this museum, but I knew that I’d never forget it once I saw it. Unfortunately, this place was out of the reach of my budget, so I wasn’t able to visit it again.
Last week, I was on my way home, and I realized that I wanted to visit it again. This time, I had the opportunity to explore it and I did. Here are the best pictures I took while I was there.

For a year now, I’ve been working as a software developer, and I have to confess that I really hate C#. Not because of any specific feature or language deficiency, but because of the culture it’s been designed on.
After studying and using Java for a year now, I think that it’s the best language in the world and it’s better than C# in many aspects.

The.NET Framework allows you to create standalone desktop applications with the.NET Framework, and it also allows you to create server-based applications, such as ASP.


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