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1. Text someone who made you feel good.

This one is huge. It’s like being able to choose your own movie based on the lead actor. You have a lot of options, ranging from hot girls (who may or may not be looking for something serious) to friendly guys to charismatic suitors. If you know for a fact that you like someone, communicate. It doesn’t have to be long, but as someone once said, “If you put your best foot forward, sometimes you get knocked on your ass.” As cliché as it sounds, text-messaging has become a great way to learn more about the person you’re interested in, without coming on too strong. You can go with the guy who matched you on Eharmony and make a first move. Or, go for the hottie who casually messages you and is interested in hanging out. Just remember to be confident and don’t be ashamed to say that you’re looking for a relationship. You might be surprised by what happens next.

2. Have some friends who are single and outgoing.

Girls have a lot of luck when it comes to dating, but even the perfect match can be tainted by the presence of a chaperone: That’s why it’s a good idea to have friends who are looking for a relationship. Find a single friend who will be honest with you and will tell you when he thinks you look fantastic. Have him keep an eye out for other single ladies. Maintain your single friend network (maybe one of you can even “date” her, then you, single dude, get to steer clear and not have to be with the girl too long). This can help you get out of your comfort zone. See someone who you think is cute, approach him, and see how he reacts. Don’t be afraid to talk to girls you find attractive. If you’re constantly single, you’ll never know whether they’re single or just acting, especially in college.

3. Get out of your comfort zone.

One of the biggest fears of any single person is being “left out,” so it’s important to get out there in the dating scene. Do whatever you need to do, whether it’s joining a campus dating club, going to a bar, or just chatting at a party. A good way to do this is to sign up with Platero.com, a social networking site that lets people set up meet-ups with others, all over the world. Pl https://datingprofilecoach.com/are-hookups-better-than-dating-the-pros-of-nsa-affairs.shtml
First, let’s be honest with ourselves. We know the societal expectation for dating is one night stands, but that’s not the expectation we’re aiming for here—though it’s a possibility. If you can strike the right balance between connecting and being okay with just hanging out, you’ll find that the dating world isn’t so terrifying after all. We understand that a conversation with a new person probably won’t end with a hookup (well, if you’re a smart person who doesn’t just bounce from one guy to the next). So, even if you’re on the menu for a one-night stand, be prepared to put in the work in order to get to the place where that starts. Here’s how.

The First Few Dates

When you’re thinking of dating someone, you may feel lost and a little awkward. You may not even know what to talk about, how to start a conversation, or what to do when you begin a conversation.

Remember that you’re not just getting acquainted, you’re also giving the other person your undivided attention. You’re showing interest and empathy and mirroring the other person’s emotions. Keep in mind that the person you’re talking to is just as nervous and clueless about dating as you are, so finding the right balance between being vulnerable and being confident is key.

Think of the first date like any other meeting. Here’s a few guidelines to get you started on the right foot.

Stay in the Moment

Of course you’d want to talk about the person’s background, they share with you. If you want to ask about their day, just ask. If you ask a question that the person might find intimidating, they won’t show up for their next meeting. Knowing that the conversation is not over, should they want to keep talking, is a way of showing that you care about them. By the same token, it also makes you seem less intimidating.

At the end of the conversation, acknowledge whatever it was you talked about in the moment. For example, “Thanks for talking to me about your job. I really enjoy when you talk about it.” Or, “That was fun talking to you. I enjoy your music.” Follow up your comment with an “I hope we can do this again.” Sometimes people think they’re the only one who knows what to talk about, or they don’t want to put in the time to do the work—so by extending the conversation, you make yourself seem like the


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