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An ingenious tool to encrypt and decrypt any file or directory. Don´t panic when a bank vault is busted, put your mind at ease by resorting to this application. Key Features: – Encrypted drive system. This tool is the only one available to encrypt entire drives. Don´t bother anymore with cracking a safe. – Encryption algorithms. This tool allows you to select any of the algorithms from the following list of algorithms: ECB/CTR, ECB/AES-128, ECB/AES-192, ECB/AES-256, CBC/CTR, CBC/AES-128, CBC/AES-192, CBC/AES-256, CFB/CTR, CFB/AES-128, CFB/AES-192, CFB/AES-256, OFB/CTR, OFB/AES-128, OFB/AES-192, OFB/AES-256, CFB8/CTR, CFB8/AES-128, CFB8/AES-192, CFB8/AES-256, CFB16/CTR, CFB16/AES-128, CFB16/AES-192, CFB16/AES-256, CFB-ICV-AES-128, CFB-ICV-AES-192, CFB-ICV-AES-256, VTFB/CTR, VTFB/AES-128, VTFB/AES-192, VTFB/AES-256, VTFB-ICV-AES-128, VTFB-ICV-AES-192, VTFB-ICV-AES-256. – Password. The password can be set in any given field, including. this field. – Directory encryption. To encrypt a directory, set its name. This also gives the name of the encrypted directory. – Encrypt file. To encrypt a file with this tool, select the file and click the Encrypt file button. To decrypt a file, select the file and click the Decrypt file button. – Password protection. To password protect files, choose encryption options from the available options. To decrypt a file, choose encryption options from the available options. – Encrypt archive. To encrypt an archive, choose the archive and click the Encrypt archive button. To

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Use up to 4 different file encryption tools: Standard, Key Recovery, Password Recovery, All File Encryption. Permanently shreds data with the push of a button. Shreds all or individual files in a single action, with the push of a button. Offers 128 bit AES Standard encryption along with 12 other strong encryption algorithms. Permanent shredding – powerful and easy to use. Calculates the optimal shredding pattern of your data in one go. Converts any text into a series of ‘block’ and ‘sphere’ characters. Offers the following file type conversions: Zip, Gzip, Rar, 7z, 7z.rar, 7z.7z, Tar, Cd, Cd.iso, Cd.bin, Cd.cda. Best Password manager encrypts your passwords. This powerful software lets you automatically fill the password fields when logging into web sites. Select the file types you want to add. You can also add a password to password protected files. Get a free tool for your favorite image editing program. Remove unwanted files and folders. Allows you to hide or remove various files and folders from the file system. Use Skytale to automatically change files to unrecognizable characters. It safely converts a large number of text file formats. Maintains passwords of all your secured files so you don’t have to remember them all. Use the shredder to permanently shred individual files. Delete files with a single push of the button. Manage a secure archive for all kinds of file types. Removes unwanted files with a single click. Recover your file from a hidden partition. This tool recovers your secure file from an unknown hidden partition. You can define it to work with the following file types: Open Office, Open Office.xls, Open Office.ppt, Open Office.ods, Open Office.odt, Open Office.rtf, Open Office.pdf, Open, Open Office.ppf, Open Office.odb, Open Office.ods. Recover encrypted files from a hidden partition. This tool recovers your encrypted files from an unknown hidden partition. You can define it to work with the following file types: Open Office, Open Office.xls, Open Office.ppt, Open Office.ods, Open Office.odt, Open Office.rtf b7e8fdf5c8

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Features: 1. Create and mount encrypted virtual drives 2. Permanently remove files and manage archives 3. Keep your records safe Security: 1. Provide encryption in various ways 2. Allow or limit access 3. Put security in place 4. Hide files 5. Password protected Platforms: Windows: XP, 7 Additional Requirements: 1. Internet Explorer 7 or greater 2. Minimum 256 MB RAM IntelliCrypto AES Crypto Crypto is an application that is the “best” encryption application. It is secured with solid components that a software developer could use to build a strong program, keeping the user “safe”. The program is cryptographically-secure and you are able to use it to encrypt, decrypt and obtain secret codes. The application can generate the following primary “user” code: 1. Password. 2. Keyword. 3. URL. 4. IP address. 5. Default value. It can create the following predefined “secret” codes: 1. Yes or No. 2. Success or Failure. 3. True or False. 4. True or False. 5. 0 or 1. 6. Yes or No. 7. True or False. 8. 1 or 2. 9. “1” or “2”. 10. “A” or “B”. 11. “Yes” or “No”. 12. “True” or “False”. 13. “1” or “2”. 14. “A” or “B”. 15. “Yes” or “No”. 16. “1” or “2”. 17. “A” or “B”. 18. “Yes” or “No”. 19. “1” or “2”. 20. “A” or “B”. 21. “Yes” or “No”. 22. “1” or “2”. 23. “A” or “B”. 24. “Yes�

What’s New In TrustPort Tools Sphere?

TrustPort Tools is a secure document management, file shredder and data encryption software. Its data encryption features are easy to use and its user interface is highly intuitive. Your privacy is strictly protected, since it uses the new, strong encryption algorithms AES, RSA and Twofish. These algorithms are known to be very secure and are used by companies like IBM, Dell and many more. TrustPort Tools Key Features: 1. Encryption algorithms: AES encryption algorithms Twofish encryption algorithms RSA encryption algorithms Pseudo Random Number Generator 2. Shredder: Safely shred paper, CDs, zip disks and other physical media. 3. Folder Lock: An easy-to-use password protected folders. 4. CAR Manager: Save and encrypt files and folders and compress them. 5. Data Shredder: Eliminate the risk of confidential information being exposed by “safely shredding” confidential data. 6. Digital notary: Sign and encrypt paper documents with a third-party notary public key. 7. Disk Password Protection: Create secure password protected Windows disk images. 8. Skytale: A unique service to convert any text you supply in the provided field into a series of characters to have it encrypted. 9. Cloud Access: Access to Safe Drives from the cloud. 10. SSH Encryption: Access to remote servers using SSH protocol. 11. Web Server: Access to remote servers using HTTP protocol. 12. Proxy Server: Access to remote servers through a proxy. 13. Encrypted Mail Server: Access to encrypted mail through a remote mail server. 14. Mail Server: Access to mail through a mail server. 15. Autologin: Automatic login to Windows without password. 16. Backup Service: Backup data to a remote server. 17. FTP Server: Access to remote servers using FTP protocol. 18. FTP Session: Access FTP servers through a FTP session. 19. File Manager: A file browser for you to browse all folders and files on your computer. 20. Remote Desktop: Access to remote desktop sessions. 21. Simple Remote Control: Simple tool to remote control the computer you are running on. 22. Chromium Remote Control: Access to remote web sites using the Chromium web browser. 23. Download Manager: Manage files on

System Requirements:

Minimum: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Phenom, etc Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 1 GB available space Preferred: Processor: Intel Core i5, AMD Phenom, etc Memory

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