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The Great Art Race Download] [torrent Full]

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int main() {}
For decades, Michael Farmer has been trying to fit all his belongings into a single suitcase.

And for years, he’s been building a shopping cart that can accommodate his much, much, bigger backpack.

“This version of my backpack is made up of 20 bags,” said the retired 70-year-old, showing off a blue backpack at the Bicycle Transit Systems factory in Vancouver, where he works on the design of the BTS littleRide.

While Farmer’s pack is only the size of a backpack, it mimics the shape of a suitcase. And each of those bags is about the size of a laundry basket.

Farmer’s last three months have included learning to fit that much stuff in that little space.

He’s now looking for a grey version to go on sale next year.

For 50 years, the BTS littleRide has been the most popular, and cheapest, folding bike ever made. (The BTS littleRide )

A shopper’s dream

The littleRide is not for the faint of heart.

But for cyclists, the folding bike is a shopping spree on wheels.

It folds up into a space the size of a suitcase, is easy to carry and, more importantly

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