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☑ Convert large files to smaller ones for easier downloading.
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KeyMacro 2.0.9
A small utility that can be used to convert large files into smaller ones, to make your downloads easier and faster. It consolidates multiple files into one single file, it supports various file extensions, creates a new folder when a file is found, allows you to edit the name of the file, specifies the file name, allows you to rename multiple files at once, supports the right-click and drag-n-drop features, and much more.
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Macro Recorder has everything you need to record all of the keystrokes in your browser. It lets you record anything that the web browser allows, including page selections, single keystrokes, whole windows, all interactions on a page, or part of a page, and more.
In addition, it allows you to record custom macros, define macros, preview your macros, edit macros, export macros to HTML, ePub, or PDF files, and much more.
Macro Recorder comes with a highly intuitive interface, as well as lots of advanced features to enhance the simplicity and accessibility of this powerful tool.
Macro Recorder
Macro Recorder
Macro Recorder
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Automatically download new versions of your favorite movies and TV shows. It can automatically check the latest episodes of your favorite series on a website, detect the new episodes and download them to your device in seconds.
It can also download new episodes of all your favorite movies from a website, detect the new ones and save them to your device.
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Portable Kanban
At last, here is a free tool for task management. Portable Kanban is a useful software that helps you organize your tasks easily and efficiently. The software provides you with a simple, intuitive and usable interface, as well as various task management functions.
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Generate macros from a template. Macro templates are text files that can be edited in the Mac OS X Finder, and then exported as.macs files. KeyMacro is a handy utility for converting them to Mac OS X KeyCodes.
Mac App Store Description:
MacSpeech Dictate is the easiest way to dictate text and email right from your Mac. It is the ONLY software to help you dictate text messages, documents, email messages, and web pages. Even better, it’s 100% free.
Innovative Speech Recognition:
Speech recognition is used to convert audio into text. MacSpeech Dictate uses the most advanced speech-recognition technology on the market, which is known for its accuracy and speed.
Captures Stenciling:
It’s easy to capture and translate a stencil image by simply dragging it onto the MacSpeech Dictate stencil window. You can save the stencil as an image, email it, or convert it to text right from the MacSpeech Dictate stencil window.
MacSpeech Dictate converts spoken text to text just like a professional voice mail transcriptionist. You can easily dictate text messages, create documents, and send email messages from your Mac. You can also store your dictations and send them to MacSpeech Dictate later. MacSpeech Dictate has an audio engine that works with your system’s audio cards and audio ports.
Simple Speech Recognition:
Use the simplified user interface and make a MacSpeech Dictate installation quick and easy. MacSpeech Dictate has a one-page tutorial and a help system with a built-in dictionary. This easy-to-use software lets you dictate text to other Macs and PCs and to Internet-based dictation services.
Enhanced Grammar Detection:
MacSpeech Dictate is the only software that uses enhanced grammar detection to improve the accuracy of the grammar and vocabulary used for converting speech to text.
MacSpeech Dictate lets you listen to MacSpeech Dictate generated speech output right from your Mac. You can also hear how your speech is converted to text. It has a built-in speaker and a volume control to help you better understand what is being dictated.
Email Speech:
MacSpeech Dictate helps you convert voice to text and dictation to email.

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