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Even though you are the kind of person who enjoys reading a lot of interesting materials online, sometimes the circumstances make it hard for you to practice your hobby. Speech Central is an intuitive and easy to handle piece of software that allows you to convert text from news, articles, magazines or other similar sources of written material to audio files. Sleek and intuitive interface As you would expect from an app running on the latest versions of Windows, the utility comes wrapped up in a stylish user-friendly UI. In addition, you should know that you can even change its appearance by switching between the light and the dark themes. The UI consists of a modern window that is neatly organized into 2 panels, one that enables you to view the primary function and another where you can include various texts to audio files that you can listen to later. Allows you to have various articles or books read aloud Speech Central's main feature is to read headlines and short article summaries from the websites you have selected. Whenever you notice an article that you want to explore, you can simply move it to the Articles & books section so that the application can read it whole. As already hinted, the program is also capable of reading books or other documents imported from your PC. It is necessary to mention that you can select the preferred voice genre and the pitch, a feature that can make the whole experience a lot more pleasant. It is also important to underline that Speech Central does an excellent job at converting any text that you copy directly or import (supports DOC, DOCX,  RTF, TXT, PDF etc.) to MP3 files that you can enjoy from most devices when you have some free time. An overall interesting text to speech tool All in all, Share to Speech is an efficient and reliable application that enables you to transform documents into audio files that you can listen to anytime and anywhere.







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The Share To Speech is a program that converts written information into audio files. The information can be supplied from many sources like books, articles, pages from the web, emails, and documents. So, it enables to convert all the information into audio files. It is an incredibly important application. Can Read Audio Clips The next step is to convert text into audio. After converting you can listen to audio clips. What’s New in Version 2.2: Improvement – Better Graphics Quality Enhancement – Add the ability to resize the window if there is a problem with the size. Application Details: Software name: Share To Speech 2.2 Application version: 2.2 Category: Utilities File size: 173.6KB Date added: October 14, 2011 Price: Free Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Total downloads: 1386 Downloads last week: 53 Product ranking: ★★★★★ Ever wonder how to change the phone on the other end of the line, or who called or sent a text message, without actually looking at your phone? Now you can view a list of all the recent contacts, calls, and messages without hunting around for your phone book. Smart Flight Track Now is an airplane tracking program that will track up to a dozen airplanes simultaneously, and provide them with real-time weather information from the nearest weather source. Nicely arrangement of fixed icons display statistics, such as downloads and uploads, the number of users in your net group, message delivery rate, and more. Nicely arrangement of fixed icons display statistics, such as downloads and uploads, the number of users in your net group, message delivery rate, and more. This is a simple, yet powerful, application. Sign up to instant access to clips sent, or answered, directly to your smartphone. You are absolutely correct. When you are done with the introduction, it’s easy to see why ee is so popular with smart phone users. Look for the Log In button. It is the first and probably the best choice for creating auto-buying apps for your customers. This program creates a new method for payment processing without the third party involvement. The program is completely free of charge and it’s available right now. If you are

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=1) Audio Editor 1) Speak It! (2.1) =1) Speak It! is a speech synthesizer for those who want to improve their quality of speech or those who want to use their computer as a voice recorder. It can be used to record notes for a speech or any other sounds, to record and save the audio while typing on the screen. In Speak It!, the speech is synthesized by using two algorithms, the Waveform Echo Excitation (WE) and Linear Prediction (LP). Once you have set the parameters of the desired sounds with the options of the first menu, you can start recording. Once the speech is ready, you can preview, save, export, or share it through Facebook or Twitter. When it comes to a quick and easy speech recording, you can use a microphone input. The application comes with many samples, and you can add your own sounds by copying the audio from a file on your computer. If you’re looking for a more powerful and expensive application for speech recording, you can use Speak It! with the Binaural Microphones of Akai Professional. Highlights: – You can record and save your audio files – Use a microphone to record the speech – Share your files on Facebook and Twitter =1) CC Orator =1) CC Orator has been designed to remind you to use the important appointments, the appointments or to keep a record of your ideas. You can listen to the recorded message if you forgot or you can read them even if they were written down on paper. You can edit the messages and add any text you want to the list. You can also delete or edit the message if you want to delete your messages from the application. Highlights: – You can edit and delete messages – You can listen to the messages if you forgot – The messages can be read even if they were written down on paper – The messages can be listened to using the voice or using the speaker of the mobile or computer. =1) Recorder =1) Recorder is an application that allows you to record any sounds you want, such as a voice message, an audio file or other recordings. You can use a microphone to record a sound and a Microphone to record any other audio source. Highlights: – You can record any sound – Use the microphone to b7e8fdf5c8

Speech Central

Text to speech software from F-Secure, able to convert HTML or XML pages. You can even convert files saved in Windows or Linux OS to a.srt file compatible with many programs like VLC, MPlayer, VLC, mplayer, Real Player, etc. Text to speech software can read Web pages from various open sources like AOL, YouTube, Google and so on. The program can read text files in different formats like PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, PPT, HTML, RTF, and so on. You can convert text stored in any text editor to a text file format for a text to speech conversion. With this tool you can convert several files at a time. The program has a built-in converter to convert files to the new formats like.wma,.au,.srt,.mp3. Features of Text-to-speech software: • Convert HTML/XML/text documents to.srt • Convert multiple files at a time and fast • Integrated with MS Office • Helps you to convert Web pages to.srt • Maintains metadata • Convert a text file format to.wma You can use these files for any program like VLC, Mplayer, Real Player, etc. How to convert a file to Text-to-speech? • Drag and drop files into Text-to-speech tool • Convert each file individually • Convert all the files at a time. Text-to-speech is a powerful text reader. It allows you to convert text files into.srt files that can be used to make text reading apps like MPlayer, VLC, and so on. Main Features of Text-to-speech converter:- • Convert text files from various formats into.srt • Convert multiple files at a time • Convert multiple files simultaneously • Convert text files from Microsoft word,.doc,.xls and other format • Get the document headers and footers. • Change font, font color, font size, font weight, line spacing, and so on. • Convert files from Windows and Linux OS. • Supports the conversion of.dng,.jpg,.png,.tif, and other file formats. For more details contact on text-to-speech converter software free download or visit the below link

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Publisher: Softoo. Inc. Developer: Speech Central Era: All License: Trial License Type: 1-month trial File Size: 2.4 MB IOS APK file version: The software is licensed for the trial version only, after the period of validity it will automatically become a standard product. It allows you to record speech from.mp3 of  windows-sound or other audio files. Supports Windows platform and have a very easy-to-use interface. Allows you to record and play sounds. Record the current sound playback and play in new a format that recorded to PC. Save recorded and played back sounds in a box. When you access the data collection is processed to the current data. Using automation, you can automatically remove a file at a time when the current file. Online communication software. Record and play the beat of the sound. Allows you to monitor data collection. Manage the data collection system. Supports read texts one after another. Record and playback the sound. Enables you to record the current sound playback. Allows you to capture your voice from a file. Allows you to save your voice. Allows you to listen to it later. Records sound from the current screen. Records sound at any time when you record. Play music that support streaming. When you play a file. Recording parameter settings can be saved. Current voice conversion settings can be saved. Voice conversion settings. Convert voice settings. Voices conversion settings. Can take into account the detection of voice conversion. Provide consistent and reliable levels of service. Record voice files. The result is that you are the problems you have enough sound and video recording. Record audio, but the content stored in the computer. Supports all input and output sound and video file formats. Support recording sound file format that supports. Opens the current device sound recording. Recording audio from your microphone. Support capture audio from the microphone. Voice. Directly record the sound of your own video. Record audio files Record and voice files. Recording audio files Record voices. Can record screen activity. Record audio. Record video file. Record sound. Help you to record voice data. Silence the current audio data.

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Windows XP, Vista, 7 CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor (2 GHz or faster) Memory: 2 GB RAM Saved Games: Vista Users will need to copy your saved games to their desktop. Please note that your saved games will not be shared between your PC and your Xbox 360. Graphics: Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher, DirectX 10.0 or higher Audio: DirectX 9.0 or higher Mac OS® X


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