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This tutorial shows you how to use KEYMACRO to import and export Indexers (Project) and Solr remote server in your Apache Stanbol/LMF setup. This is helpful when you are upgrading your Solr/Stanbol from 1.4 to 2.x or 2.x to 3.x.
We will have a look at the very basic usage of these tools and how you can make use of them in your daily workflow to archive your tasks and get your work done.
I assume you have already installed and configured Apache Stanbol and Apache Solr as described in our other tutorials.
This tutorial will have the following sections:
1. The Exports/Imports: You have to take a look at the different features of the tool, their usage in your workflows and how you can configure them in order to make use of these tools.
2. Setting up Stanbol/LMF: You will get a quick overview of how Stanbol works and you will learn how to set it up for your needs.
3. Setting up Indexer/Project: We will configure and set up an Indexer/Project to send us data using a HTTP POST request.
4. Using this Project: We will show you how you can import this Indexer project to your own local test server using KEYMACRO and how to get data out of it.
5. Further links: We will take a look at some further topics and tricks.
1. The Exports/Imports
This is how your Exports/Imports would look like if you use KEYMACRO to do the work for you.
From the KEYMACRO tool we will export a project (or import a project) using the JSON format to a local folder. We will use the default Folder for this example.
We will use the’read’ object as the default read object. If you have a shared folder with your indexed data (on your test server) and you want to get the data from that folder (instead of the local folder) you can change the default Folder to the shared folder in the Settings object.
We will start by opening the Settings object of the project we want to export/import.
After you have opened the Settings object you have to go to ‘Project Properties’. In the setting you have to click on ‘View Settings’. This will open the Settings Object of this project.
We will click on the ‘Settings’ button and then on ‘Export’. 70238732e0

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Launch fireworks shots with macros, which include area descriptions and macros for keypresses.
Creates shape shells for shooting fireworks.
Add or delete fireworks types, change scale and position
Start making fireworks with macros!
Welcome to the new KeyMacro 2 and it’s just as excellent as it’s predecessor!
If you are looking for the simplest way to create fireworks, with the cleanest interface, and are looking for the easiest way to make macros, this is the way to go!
KeyMacro 2 has a clean and simple look, allowing you to find what you are looking for and never having to wander around looking for where to find things.
KeyMacro 2 has loads of features, with over 300 fireworks types included, and over 1200 customizable macros.
To create a macro, simply select the “Macros” menu item, or use the hotkey combination of CTRL + M, and a wizard will help you make a very powerful fireworks interface!
This version is incredibly easy to use, and will let you get up and running creating macros, and making fireworks, in no time at all!
KeyMacro 2 has over 1200 customizable macros, with hundreds of area descriptions to choose from.
The macros included are:
Mega, Flares, Smoke, Stars, Firework Volume, Fireworks Color and Colors, Explosion, Speed and Launch Style, Symmetry, Arch, Spokes, Extension, Candle, and many, many more.
Create a macro without ever leaving the application.
Make macros of any type (fireworks, sounds, movies, text, etc.).
Completely configurable and customizable interface.
Load and edit macros stored in a standard format (.kml).
Render macros to a standard output.
Save macros to any file type.
Export and import macros.
Print a template.
Customizable area descriptions.
Editable area descriptions.
Optional loop/repeat macros.
Customizable keystokes.
Up to 30 sequencer macros per template.
Import the following files:.kml,.kmz,.kar,.klr,.klx,.kpf,.kmf,.kmx,.kmz,.kml,.mkv,.kk3,.k3s,.ka3,.k3v,.kv3,.kv5,.k5s,.ka5,.


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