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Rise, Tarnished, and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. In the Lands Between, the Eastern and Western Lands are separated by the Sea of Blood, and a lake of fire surrounds the capital city of The Forsworn. The Elden Ring is an ancient relic that causes immense power to arise. Through their power, you can fulfill the destiny of your character, and become a leader of the Elden Ring, by becoming an Elden Lord. Join the New World • Create your own character Your character is a character that looks different and has their own special skills and abilities. You can combine various weapons, armor, and magic to come up with your own play style. As an Elden Lord, you will explore dungeons and change the fate of the world. • Multiplayer battles In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others. With this asynchronous online play, you can challenge other players in the post-game battle. Fight for your Destiny • Multilayered story In the lands between, various thoughts of the various characters cross. A distant drama unfolding in an entirely different world. • Embark on a complex role-playing game In a completely different world, the Lands Between, where the Eastern and Western Lands are separated by the sea, and is shrouded in darkness as thick as night. Explore new areas as you fight to achieve your destiny. • Take on thousands of monsters In addition to the over 30,000 types of monsters, there are numerous NPC characters. Each character is characterized by their own personalities, and they have their own thoughts and movements. BOSS FIGHTERS – Fight against gigantic monsters to complete the story. FUTURE FIGHTERS – Fight against large groups of enemy monsters. FREE FIGHTERS – Fight the usual battle with your team and allies. PURE FIGHTERS – Fight to the death with a large number of monsters. CHARACTERS – Customize your character • Customize your character’s appearance You can customize your character’s appearance by selecting the head, body, and face. You can change their hair color and style, and can even make your character different from others. • Customize your character’s equipment Not only can you make your own equipment,


Features Key:

  • An Epic Story and Classic Battle System
  • A Powerful Experience with a Comprehensive Character Development System
  • A Delightful World with a Creativity that Runs Uphill
  • Elden Ring 2nd Start!

    Elden Ring 1st Start!

    Elden Ring 3rd Start!

    Elden Ring 4th Start!

    Good luck on your adventure in The Lands Between!

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    HOW TO PLAY: When you launch the game, you can choose your gender, appearance, and class. Further customization options will open as you gain experience points and level up. 1. Choosing your preferred combat method (Single, Party, or Asynchronous) a) Single: You enter the battles alone. b) Party: You join the party. Others join the party automatically. The party is the starting point from which you begin missions together with others. c) Asynchronous: You start a battle alone. When the enemies attack, you dodge, block, or parry them. 2. Choosing your preferred combat methods (Single, Party, or Asynchronous) a) Single: When you fight enemies that match your stats, and your level is sufficiently high, you automatically win. b) Party: You have the option of joining a party. When you enter a party, the party leader is displayed at the top left of the screen. If you’re an unattached player, other players randomly join you in the party. If you join the party, you can either remain in the party or leave it in order to enter a different party. c) Asynchronous: When you enter the Asynchronous mode, you fight alone. 3. Matching your skill level a) Very Easy: You automatically win when you enter the battle. You need to increase your stats to match your difficulty. b) Easy: You win when you fight an enemy whose matching stat is the lowest. c) Normal: When your matching stats are the same as those of the enemy, you win. d) Hard: You win when you defeat an enemy whose matching stat is the highest. e) Very Hard: You automatically lose when you enter the battle. You need to increase your stats to match your difficulty. 4. Choosing your preferred combat methods (Single, Party, or Asynchronous) a) Single: You enter the battle alone. When the monsters launch their attacks, you dodge, block, or parry them. b) Party: You can enter the battle with your buddies, join the party, and party up. Party members can also leave and enter the party. c) Asynchronous: You start a battle alone. When the monsters attack, you dodge, block, or parry them. 5. Choosing your preferred combat methods (Single, Party, or Asynchronous) a) Single: When you fight enemies


    What’s new:

    DARK SHADOW IS BEHIND THE FIRE. Meet the Seven Elden Lords – heroes who established and spread faith in the Kingdom of Grace. Learning of events from earlier times, join them. To Aeon, Alesso, Callum, Edel, Rancid, Theodoulus, and Uther, who were cast out by the Seven Elden Lords, and left for the world hidden from each other. Visiting the Kingdoms of the Seven Elden Lords to gain crucial experience, and assembling your own party, set off on your own adventure!


    Release from the journey… Bunch of Best Pictures from the White House of ELOHIMR.

    ★ Reach the ancient town at the peak of the stage.


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and install the game from this link
  • Then rename the downloaded file to Elden Ring.exe and move it in the directory drive_c containing the game folder Crack and backup of the game as a precaution. Then double-click on the file to start the installation of the game.
  • After completing the installation of the game, close the setup, double-click on the file called Elden Ring*, and the game will be downloaded. You must then choose the location of the game.
  • Then open the program MultiPlayer and create your user account
  • Then open the directory drive_c containing the game folder (Elden Ring).
  • There will be a folder called multiplayer and a new folder Keeper, and the game is installed. This version of the game contains the starter package which allows you to play some hours without any security.
  • Then go to the folder Creator containing the folder setup with the installation file setup.exe and try to open it
  • The program will read and activate the files. It should work in the future.
  • After the activation completes, you can go to the folder creator and open the final version of the game
  • How to Play:

    How to Play:

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