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Setting up ErsDrums can be done in 2 simple steps. Firstly, you need to set up the plugin. Make sure you follow the instructions on the “readme” file that you’re given after unpacking the plugin archive.
Once you’re done setting it up, you’re all set to start recording. For that, you can either use your preferred host application such as VSTiA (VST Instruments and Audio) or standalone recording apps that support the VST standard.
Once you’re done recording, you can export your tracks as MIDI files. Once you’ve done that, you can send them to ErsDrums to add some rhythm. For that, first of all, you need to run ErsDrums on your computer (if it’s not already running) and then select the host application that you use. Open a new project in this application and start adding drum tracks by dragging in the ErsDrums project. Each new drum track will appear with a yellow color on its background and the time signature will appear right on top of that.
After you’ve got all your drum tracks, you can start adding notes to them with some note mapping that you’ll find on the project’s second tab. Once you’re done with that, you can export the project to MIDI file and send it to your music devices to be played.
If you want to learn more about the app, feel free to visit their official webpage where you can find a series of videos to help you get the most out of it. ErsDrums can be purchased for $27.95 from Bandcamp. The download link is included in the video description section at the link below.
How to Set Up ErsDrums:
NOTE: ErsDrums setup requires Windows 7 or newer.
1. Import ErsDrums files:
Unpack the ErsDrums zip file (which contains the DLL file) into any drive where you have free space.
2. Run setup.exe file in the ErsDrums zip file.
3. If needed, add the folder where you want to install ErsDrums to the
PATH environment variable. Go to Control Panel > System
> Advanced > Environment Variables, and add the path where you
want to install the folder to the PATH variable, separated by a
colon (:).
For example, if you want to add the directory C:\Program Files\ErsDrums, add the path C 384a16bd22

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KM is a part of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and adds a message authentication code to the encryption algorithm. It is used to authenticate the encrypted message against the message that was used to create it.
KM was introduced in the Data Encryption Standard in the 80’s and is included in the Standard FIPS Publication 46-2, which is part of the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication.
The KM algorithm is a recursive function with no inputs and a fixed output length of 64 bits. The function calculates a 16-bit hash value of the message portion of the DES key and uses it to calculate a 64-bit data string.
KM(Block, MACBytes)
Block (input byte array) The plain text message to be encrypted.
MACBytes (input unsigned integer) The length of the Message Authentication Code.
MACBytes (output unsigned integer) The length of the encrypted message authentication code.
Return Value:
Block (output byte array) The encrypted message.
XOR the plain text message into a new block of 8 bytes.
Calculate the hash of the plain text message and get the 16-bit hash code.
Calculate a new 64-bit data string using the hash code and the 64-bit key.
XOR the key into the new data string.
Return the 64-bit data string.
Important Code Notes:
This program will only work with ASCII text.
XORing data with arbitrary data can be used as an authentication method, but it is not considered secure authentication because it can easily be reversed.
E.g. Block = Plain text
MACBytes = 64
You should use 16 or 24 bit of the hash for the first and last 16 bits in the 64 bit output.
XORing with the other 64-bit data can produce two different 64-bit values (error correction).
XORing 16-bit hash with 16-bit hash to create a 64-bit hash.
KM(Byte[], Byte[]) allows you to get the same results as KM(Byte[], Byte[]) with fewer lines of code.

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After the development tools


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