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There are many factors that influence the end result of trying to take a good picture and they cannot always be controlled. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications you are able to later post-process any image to remove imperfections. PT Portrait is one of them and attempts to do so to what the name suggests. Lightweight and easy to use You don't have to worry about your computer's configuration when considering to install this application. It roughly takes about 10 Mb of space on your hard disk drive and there's no CPU that refuses to run it. A modern interface is put at your disposal with a decent workspace that can be split into two sections to get a better view on the original file and your adjustments. You are able to carefully adjust nearly all available details, but don't let this scare you, because doing so is no rocket science. Enhance any portrait in a few steps The first features the application gives you access to are a few sliders for color adjustment. Fitting is the next step and requires you to set face points for the following options. And example is displayed so you precisely place each dot. With only a few mouse clicks the portrait is populated with lines and dots that can further be arranged if not properly placed automatically. The last two steps give you access to several more advanced options. Each face element can be adjusted. From enhancing through color, or even modifying it to reshaping to apply, for example a smile, nearly anything can be managed. Unfortunately, there is no implemented function that allows you to save configurations to have them quickly applied, nor are there any presets to choose from. It would have come in handy, seeing how all imported images are displayed in a list and you can easily access them. In conclusion To sum it up, PT Portrait is a handy application you might consider keeping around if one too many portraits are found on your camera or hard disk drive. Even though mostly anything can be tempered with, it is accessible to anyone, regardless of previous experience in photo editing.







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Just use your camera’s viewfinder to shoot a portrait. PT Portrait automatically determines background and face location and then use the background image plus face detection to produce an overall portrait. You can also use PT Portrait’s background removal tool to get rid of undesirable background features. PT Portrait features includes: * Four customizable background locations * Real-time full screen mode * Import pictures from smart phones, cameras, or PC * Export pictures to JPG, PNG, or PDF with custom thumbnail * Import video from the gallery * Import full size photo from the gallery * Export pictures to smart phone gallery Requirements: * Windows (XP, Vista, 7) *.NET Framework 2.0 or greater * 2GB free space on hard disk drive * Suggested Requirements: * Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or above * Adobe AIR 2.0 or above * OpenCV 2.0 or above Installation: Install PT Portrait by running the installer. For use and technical support contact us directly at [email protected] Features: * Optimized for speed * Intuitive GUI * Favorites and Recents * Digitize paper documents * Add to a photo book * Import from Smart Phone Gallery * Import from PC * Compress photos * Export photos to camera * Export photos to PC * Export videos to gallery * Enable/disable keyboard shortcuts * Open camera apps * Export photos to gallery * Select photos * Switch to Gallery * Show faces in Photos on Your Computer * Show notification when importing images * Clear unwanted photos * Select pictures in folder * Export pictures to picture library * Import pictures from picture library * Edit pictures * Add borders to images * Crop pictures * Resize images * Resize images to given size * Rotate pictures * Rotate pictures by given angle * Flip pictures * Lighten/Darken pictures * Adjust color * Adjust contrast * Adjust brightness * Adjust gamma * Adjust saturation * Adjust hue * Adjust white balance * Adjust sharpness * Adjust color space * Edit image * Copy image * Cut image * Paste image * Remove background * Remove red eye * Remove noise * Remove dust * Adjust color * Adjust font * Adjust background * Adjust edge * Adjust contrast * Adjust gamma

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PT Portrait is an application that primarily focuses on increasing the quality of your photo and it will do it in no time flat. The application is light, minimal in appearance and user friendly enough for all to use. It does require an additional graphic space to maintain, but the number of apps in your computer will have to be extremely low to notice this burden. Additional features such as filtration, correction, sharpening, cropping, sizing, producing and removing background. All of these features are available to anyone through the program’s wide selection of sliders. Those features will include a stylish transparent color palette, customizable presets and a color balance window for great detail on each pixel. With that said, PT Portrait is best used by those with a little more experience when it comes to photo editing, but even then it should still be more than easy to use. Learn More about PT Portrait XnView. XnView is a free image viewer that is useful for viewing a whole lot of different formats. It allows for the display of photos, graphics, drawings, and more. The interface is easy to use for a beginner, but power users will find it to be an immensely powerful photo editing and display tool…. What Is Jpeg? Jpeg is a compressed file format that is a bitmap image file for storing a still picture that has been compressed…. Exact Image Processor. Exact Image Processor is a FREE utility that checks the JPEG format for file errors and optimizes the quality of the data. Advanced and requires no technical knowledge. This tool corrects some of the more common JPEG file errors such as incorrect color, too little image data, incorrect compression levels, improper handling of multiple images in a file, etc…. Batch Photo Resizer 4.5. Batch Photo Resizer 4.5 allows you to modify pictures in a series quickly and easily. You can resize, crop or rotate multiple files in just seconds. Batch Photo Resizer is an easy to use, fast and powerful photo optimization tool. Use it to reduce image file size and convert a multitude of file types (JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, EPS, PSD, PDF, TGA, ICO, etc.) in a single batch. You can use Batch Photo Resizer to quickly and easily resize pictures and convert between some image types…. What Is Jpeg? Jpeg is a compressed file format that is a bitmap image file for storing a still 2f7fe94e24

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PT Portrait is a handy application that you can use to sharpen and / or enhance any portrait (or landscape, for that matter) to do so. The application is first presented as a sort of landscape with a centered portrait in the top right corner. After that, a few sliders for basic color adjustment appear. While the left, top and bottom scopes are faded out, you can use the right one to tweak the photos settings. The next step is fitting. By copying the face points, the program will create a mesh that defines a generalized face. After doing that, the lines are displayed that you can paint into the digital face to precisely place the individual points. Again a few mouse clicks later, the face will be filled with an overlay. For those familiar with Photoshop Elements, a close resemblance should not be a surprise. Now it’s time to enhance the portrait (or landscape). This step requires you to add / remove faces and line meshes. They can be moved around via the second workspace, but the most important thing is to adjust the amounts they add to the face. There are three more tools that you can use here. The first, smoothing, allows to use the weighted average of the edges. The second, equalizing, uses information to evenly distribute the face between the left and right sides of the face. Finally, reshaping displays an adjustable number of faces, allowing you to shift them to other positions. If you are not one to be scared of a little depth, PT Portrait provides the necessary toolset to make a portrait shine. Compatibility: Software X86 (Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 32-bit, 64-bit) 1.2.4 Size: 2.8 MB Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Pentax\K] “Command”=hex(7):5b,00,53,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,2c,00,64,00,6f,00,52,00,6f,\ 00,6f,00,6c,00,6c,00,20,00,27,00,5f,00,31,00,38,00,73,00,70,00,6e,00,32,\ 00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00

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Recommended: Windows Vista or Windows 7. 1.80 GHz Processor. 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM if using one of the Intel Macs). 1024 MB graphics memory. 2 GB of hard disk space (5 GB for additional files). Compatible with both full version and Mac OS version TargetPlatform is set to windows in Xcode, to iOS for Appcoda and iPhone. The project files are placed on the root directory. Language: Swift. S

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