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If you feel that you’re comfortable with Photoshop, you can jump into the different color labs and sample the various Photoshop color formats with the `24/48/96` color format settings. That will give you an introduction to the site format selection. Remember to save this file with a name that includes the 24, 48, or 96 with the extension: `CS5.ppd`

The Photoshop color format choices are explained in Table 9-4.

A 72-page How To Guide is available that covers Photoshop CS5. I created this guide for Adobe’s free color labs website and added a number of additional tips and tricks that I have found useful over the years. The guide is available on the `` website for download.

## Adding and Moving Tools with the Selection Tools

The original software program, Photoshop, allowed you to edit different types of images. Now CS5 extends this capability with the ability to select multiple layers of images with the same feature. This is achieved with one of the selection tools, and you can also select objects.

The selection tool can select and shape an object, such as a starfish or a tree or use a brush to paint the selected region. You can move and copy the shape of a selected object in an image.

Two new selection tools are available in CS5:

* **Select ⇒ Add,** which enables you to add an object to a canvas. The object does not need to be visible in the original image when using this tool.
* **Select ⇒ Move,** which allows you to move an object in the image.

After selecting an object with the Select⇒ Add tool, you have some other options:

* **Set opacity.** The option to reduce the transparency of an item is accessed through the usual Opacity drop-down menu on the status bar. A more complex opacity slider is available when two objects are selected (see Figure 9-4). As with the normal tool, you need to set the blend mode as explained in the previous section.

Figure 9-4: You can manipulate two layers of objects or use the Move tool to move and select objects.

* **Add to selection.** This option enables you to add the selected area to the selection as a new layer.
* **Select the entire image.** This option selects the entire image.

To select

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Note: The full version of Photoshop is in a separate tutorial so check that out here.

This tutorial uses Photoshop CC 2019 (version 2019.1). There are quite a few differences between Photoshop CC (2019) and Photoshop Elements (2019.1). This tutorial is for Photoshop Elements.

Setting Up Photoshop Elements

Download the Photoshop Elements application on your Mac.

Open Photoshop Elements.

Create a new document.

Add a new layer to the document.

Copy the default layer and paste it to the new layer.

Keep your new layer active.

In the Layers panel, you’ll see your two layers. Press Command + T to merge them.

Select the new layer and press Command + Backspace to remove it from the document.

You’ll see two copies of the image on the new layer. Press Command + D to deselect the layer.

Change the fill color of the new layer to a different color. Press Command + F to select the Color Picker.

Change the color using the color picker.

Add some gradients using the Gradient Tool.

Create more layers and apply filters.

Create More Layers in Photoshop Elements

Creating a new layer is easy in Photoshop Elements. Just press Command + New to open the Layers panel.

You can select which layer is the new one and then press Command + Enter to apply the layer to the selection.

You can also create a new group and apply a new layer to it.

Let’s create a new layer by selecting New from the Layers panel.

Create a new layer.

Change the color of the new layer.

Change the fill to a new color.

A new layer is activated.

Let’s merge the layers. Press Command + J to select the layer you want to apply the new layer to.

Press Command + Enter or click the Merge button to merge the layers together.

Add a new layer to the document.

You’ll notice that pressing Command + Enter or clicking the merge button duplicates the selection.

You can select multiple layers and press Command + J to add a new layer.

You can create more layers using the New Layer button.

You can add different types of layers to your document using the Layer panel.

Let’s create

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