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5. **With the swatches palette active (pressing the D key), select the Solid Color swatch, as shown inFigure 4-1J**. Use the Color Picker tool to select the top swatch on the swatches palette. 6. **Using the Outline or Pen tool, start to draw a shape as shown inFigure 4-1K**. This example uses a circle but other shapes are also possible, such as a star. 7. **When you’re done drawing, press Enter (Return on a Mac) to accept the shape**. The shape is added to the top layer in your image. 8. **Hover over the shape and the attributes panel opens, as shown inFigure 4-1L**. Notice that you can apply multiple attributes to the shape, as explained in the next few steps. 9. **Select Edge from the Properties panel’s Type menu, as shown inFigure 4-1M**. Edges have a smooth curve. You can modify the curve by choosing another shape from the Attributes panel menu. The edge can be a straight line, a curve, or a path. A path can be a rectangle, a circle, a star, a line, a polygon, or a polyline. A polyline is a series of connected lines. A path is usually used when you’re placing a series of objects or corners at specific points in your image. A star is used to create an object made up of multiple points. 10. **In the Attributes panel, choose Drop Shadow from the Transfers menu and then set the settings shown inFigure 4-1N.** Notice that the color is the same as the edge color. The drop shadow attributes create a visual 3D effect; it could make a tree look like a piece of paper or leaves on the ground. You can use different attributes, as described in the next few steps. 11. **Select Lineweight and then adjust the opacity to 75%, as shown inFigure 4-1O**. This tells Photoshop how heavy the shadow should be, just as you might adjust the opaqueness of an image in an image editing program. 12. **Choose Feather from the Transfers menu and then set the settings to 100 in the Options bar, as shown inFigure 4-1P**

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Visit the official product website of Photoshop Elements 2019 to learn more about the software. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is a popular photo editing program for those who want to edit and organize images. It has a streamlined and easy-to-use user interface. But, it is a powerful app in terms of professional features. Let’s get started with the best and free apps for Photoshop Elements 2019. Krita 4.0.3 Free Software Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is a commercial, semi-professional image editor that comes with many features. But, it is a great photo editing tool for beginners to learn Photoshop. The full-featured version of the software costs around $60. However, you can try an Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 2020 free demo version before you buy it. It is a powerful image editor that can be used to edit photos, make images more organized and edit GIFs. It also works as a smart editor which is perfect to organize your images. To start editing, simply drag the files you want to edit into the application and click the edit icon. When you want to save your changes, you can save your changes to a photo CD or save them directly to a folder in your computer. Additionally, the app supports layers, layers presets, text, clip arts, frames, frames presets, adjustment layers and adjustment layers presets. You can also apply filters, crop photos and resize them. Krita 4.0.3 features a cartoon-inspired UI. Screenshot by Hugo Villalobos The app also comes with a user-friendly sidebar which offers the most frequently used features. Most people find Krita’s user interface to be simple and straightforward. But, the app has a helpful in-app help feature if you ever feel confused. The last tab features preset and layer mask editing options. You can also duplicate layer and merge layers, make the most of crop tools, include adjustments and rotate images. Krita 4.0.3 supports both adjusting layer masks and editing layer masks. Screenshot by Hugo Villalobos Another great thing about Krita is its cross-platform compatibility. The app will work on Windows, macOS and Linux (although some features are limited). Although Krita is free, you will need to purchase a plugin if you want to add some features to the program like supports high 05a79cecff

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Q: How can I change the default option in the Select field Using the Standard Nucleus Custom entity it is possible to alter the options given in the Select field like so: But how can I change the default option? The best option available is to use a Custom Admin field: This option is a bit redundant though. Is there a way to change the default option of the Select Field in the Admin Panel or is this something that should be implemented in a Custom module? A: You can write a formatter for the Select element and use the PRE_SUBMIT method of the ListBase class, e.g: mymodule_formatter_select($element, $values) { if ($values[‘value’]) { $option = array(); if ($element[‘#context’]->hasContext(‘view’) && $element[‘#context’]->getContext(‘view’)->getView()->view_name == ‘node’ ) { $view_mode = $element[‘#context’]->getContext(‘view’)->getView()->view_mode; $view_id = $element[‘#context’]->getContext(‘view’)->getView()->view_id; } else { $view_mode = ‘default’; $view_id = ”; } $options = array_combine(array_keys($entity->view_mode), array_flip(array_values($entity->view_mode))); $options[0] = $option; return $options; } return array(); } This will replace the first option with a ‘default’ option, you’ll need to update the ListBase methods in the bundle. I haven’t tested this but it should work. Amazon workers are fighting back against Jeff Bezos’ $10 billion buyout offer 5.3k 46 69 Amazon workers are fighting back against Jeff Bezos’ $10 billion buyout offer Amazon employees are using the hashtag #CompetitionIsForLosers in a bid to convince the retail giant

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Q: How do I generate a range of dates and assign it to a variable I would like to generate a list of dates from a start date and end date, where each day in the range is unique. I was thinking of a macro to pull the days starting from the previous date and ending with the current day. A: You need to store a current date, and the start and end dates. The start date is an offset from the current date. The end date is the next date which comes after the start date. So the start date is always a multiple of the current date. The end date should be the next date after the start date. A macro generates the start and end dates on the fly. However, it may have a side effect that a date is missing if the end date is smaller than the start date. This is not desirable in your case. So I suggest you change the macro, or the algorithm. However, the algorithm has been described. But if you want to use a macro you can use this algorithm: Start date is the current date. Add a gap. Select the end date. Select the start date. Repeat steps 2-4 until the end date is not smaller than the start date. [Clinical evaluation of interaction between pirarubicin hydrochloride and cisplatin]. In this study, the interaction between pirarubicin hydrochloride (THP) and cisplatin (DDP) was investigated on 60 cases with various malignancies. THP was used at 100 mg/m2 and DDP at 20 mg/m2; both drugs were administered on day 1, repeated every 3 weeks. The effects of drugs were evaluated by clinical and laboratory tests, and tumor response was evaluated by X-ray and CT. 1) Major side effects of THP included alopecia (100%), gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting (80%) and hematological toxicity such as leukopenia (79%) and thrombocytopenia (67%). 2) Although DDP decreased relative peripheral blood counts significantly, it had little influence on the leukopenia, thrombocytopenia and anemia of THP. 3) The efficacy rate in 33 patients with gastric cancer was 78.8%, and the rate of a partial response or more in 19 patients with breast cancer or soft tissue sarcoma was 46

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