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Before establishing a remote connection with another computer, it is advisable to find out whether the two machines have a strong connection or not by executing the Ping command.
Network Ping is a tool dedicated for this exact task, enabling users to ping a website by entering its IP address or domain name. It comes packed with just a few intuitive settings that should be easy to figure out by intermediate and advanced users.
Hassle-free installation and classical-looking interface
Network Ping is set up very quick, an operation that shouldn't impose any difficulties. Its interface does not include visually appealing elements, yet it is simple to navigate.
Look up host addresses and print or export data
Once the IP address or domain name is typed, Network Ping will look up the host with the click of a button, displaying the request number, exact address and reply time (in milliseconds). This information can be printed or exported to file for closer examination.
Optimize program settings easily
Users may tinker with app options when it comes to resolving addresses to host names, setting a no fragmentation flag in the package and applying raw sockets. What's more, it is possible to indicate the total echo requests to find, timeout in milliseconds to wait, buffer size for sending data requests, time to live and type of service.
Evaluation and conclusion
Our tests have shown that Network Ping is very fast at scanning IP addresses. It executed commands rapidly and had minimal impact on PC performance, running on low CPU and RAM. It did not hang, crash or pop up error messages.
On the other hand, other applications with similar functionality are free, while Network Ping is pretty expensive. Users are welcomed to test Network Ping for themselves to find out if it's worth the money.









Network Ping 2.43 With License Key

Network Ping is a tool that allows users to ping a host or domain by entering its IP address or domain name.
It was tested on Windows 10 operating system with all current updates.

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Network Ping 2.43 With Full Keygen

Network Ping Crack For Windows is a simple, yet powerful software that allows you to successfully connect to the Internet. It comes packed with just a few intuitive settings that should be easy to figure out by intermediate and advanced users.
How to install it:

Press the ”Download” button and save the setup file into your computer. You should have the setup file attached to this page. If you don’t, please contact us and tell us about the problem.
Double-click the setup file you have downloaded.
Click the ”Run” button to begin the installation.
When the installation finishes, you will see a ”Logon Window” before you.
Click the ”OK” button and proceed to enter and set your password.
Click the ”Ok” button and allow the program access to the system.
You will now have a choice where to put the icon. Put it as usual in your desktop or in the Start Menu.
That’s all. Enjoy it.

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Network Ping 2.43 (Latest)

Network Ping is a program developed by ACT! Technologies S.A..
The most popular version is The program is designed for Windows and currently is not listed as a free download.
Useful independent reviews and opinions of the users
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My developer did not accept my app review request because my application is blocked at Apple Store?

I submitted my app for review to Apple on March 19. Recently on April 12, I have logged in to the Developer portal and find that the status is “App is blocked by Apple: iOS Review”.
I have read in another post in Stack Overflow that it can be because of the review requirements. But my review requirements are not so strict and I have not changed my developer account settings for the app before. So I am wondering if anyone can help me on this.


Go into the Xcode Organizer.
Click on the App you wish to inspect.
In the lower left, click on “Show in Finder”.
Drag the Folder into the finder.
Now open the folder. You should see the Status of the Review at the top.
If the Status is “Blocked at Apple” you need to submit a new version.
If you don’t see this folder in the finder, select the application in the organizer to inspect its state.

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Ernst Mach, Versuche über die Sinnhaftigkeit des Spiels (Eine psychologische Studie, 1899).
Ernst Mach, Zur Analyse des geistigen Wahrnehmungsvermö

What’s New In Network Ping?

Examines another computer for up-to-date domain entries and replies to pings.

VLC Media Player is a free, open-source software player for various media files that supports virtually every media file format in existence. It has strong compatibility with Windows PCs, but it runs on Unix-like operating systems as well.
– Fixed Multiview-watch when ‘b’ and ‘p’ keys are pressed together.
– Fixed “Media Error” message on OSX 10.9.
– Enhanced VLC error reporting.

@GMRyan for making the review and @Majik02 for fixing comments and bringing us the 10.9 version


Ultra-fast media playback performance and advanced integration with Windows 8.1.
Enhancements to Video Station, Showcase and Top Shelf.
Enhancements to Audio Station and Playback.
New features and improvements.

What’s New in Version

– Support for VS-RC-Basic files.
– Fix for errors related to using the VS-Basic language.
– Support for Intel HD Graphics.
– Fix for some cases of non-working shortcuts.
– Fix for some shortcuts not working.
– Rewritten subtitle overlay window, to be easier to use and with better features.
– Several improvements to the Playback window.
– Fix for some errors with the User Defined Station type.
– Addressed various small issues with the Media Player.
– Addressed some issues with the Audio station.
– Improvements and fixes to the Playback panel.
– Addressed a few issues with the Top Shelf.
– Support for Xenus.
– Various minor bug fixes.
– The Windows installer is fully updated to Windows 8.1.
– The DirectX code is updated to the latest version and does not depend on a specific version of DirectX.

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System Requirements:

– Google Chrome
– Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
– Support for Windows XP is no longer provided.
– A keyboard is required to enter text.
Tapping on the words on screen to read them will be automatic and the reading mode is compatible with both the left and right hand of the user.
It can read English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and other languages.
In the

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