This multi-purpose utility provides password-free encryption of computer files. It allows users to protect files (including pictures and sound) from theft or recovery by using strong passwords or a key.
The program is very intuitive and easy to use. There is a one-time installation, after which users can customize all settings with a few clicks. The utility also has a built-in password-change feature that allows users to change passwords from a list.
The program supports multiple devices, such as iPod, USB flash drives, USB drives, FireWire devices and external hard drives. It also comes with a scheduler that enables users to set recurring schedules.
What makes it interesting is that file contents are protected for a maximum of 5 to 20 years (depending on the chosen encryption method).
Smart Folder Monitoring:
With this function, users can detect changes that take place on external drives. This way, system administrators can be informed of potential threats, as well as of new and/or modified files.
Run-time automation:
The program is a bit tedious at first, but this is its advantage. Since it comes with several features, it can be used for various tasks. For example, users can configure smart folders and schedule monitoring operations.
Weak passwords and file recovery:
The program includes a strong password manager, which can be used to randomly generate strong passwords. This feature also generates random numbers, which can be used to create strong encryption keys.
Password storage:
The utility can save the chosen passwords on the hard drive or, alternatively, on an external storage device. This enables users to remember all passwords, which will be very useful if they are to be used in the same programs.
Password storage (Network):
The program allows users to control the encryption of data that is sent from a network connection. This can be quite useful in a number of situations.
Password management:
Users can create new passwords, change existing ones or remove them. This ensures the security of all files, which is especially important on portable devices.
The program has a database (in the program folder) that can be used to store all the generated passwords and numbers.
Data transfer and compression:
The program comes with a file compressor and a file transfer utility. These features can be used to encrypt and compress data files.
Password schedule:
The program provides a scheduler that can be used to schedule periodic operation of the program.
The program also comes with a scheduler that can d82f892c90

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