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Macro for indexing macros


INDEX [“C#”,”Macros”]


INDEX (“C#”, “Class”,”Class.ctor()”,”Class.refactor(“)

Macro indexing file paths

INDEX filePath {fileName} {fileExt}


INDEX “MySolutionFile.csproj”

Macro search and highlight string in the document

SEARCHStr inDoc { searchStr } { searchDepth } { style }


SEARCHStr “{” “}” 1 { inverted: true }

Normalize code strings



REINDEX document.txt

Macro attribute filter

FILTER attributes { attributes }


FILTER attributes:a, b, i, c

Macro filter by text

FILTER text { searchStr }


FILTER text:a, b, c

Macro filter by references

FILTER references { references }


FILTER references:b

Macro filter by line number

FILTER line { line }


FILTER line:46

Macro find

FIND str { level } { line }


FIND “ab.cs” 1 { level: 3; line: 1 }

Macro find replace

FINDReplace { doc } { findStr } { replaceStr } { replaceDepth }


FINDReplace document.txt “ab.cs” “def.cs” 3 { replaceDepth: 3 }

Macro set indentation depth

SETINDENT { doc } { level }


SETINDENT document.txt 3

Macro split line

SPLITLINE { line }


SPLITLINE “My text line: xxx xxx”

Macro page toc




Macro page toc




Macro page toc

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Fret Dimensions
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FileAmigo LE
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Keyboard macro and keyboard recorder for Windows.
Each keystroke is recorded and stored in a macro, allowing you to replay it in a snap when needed.
Works with any Windows application that can capture mouse movements.
Keyboard macros allow you to easily repeat a task, like pressing a button or running a script. They are particularly useful if you are writing a script and need to repeat the same action many times.
Keyboard macros can be recorded on a keystroke basis, so you can record a key, and press the same key multiple times, without the need to press the key again.
You can record your keyboard shortcuts and remap them easily. Record keyboard shortcuts as hotkeys, or run macros stored as scripts.
Keyboard macros can also be recorded as a dynamic macro, which will automatically record the keystrokes and send them to the Macro Recorder Window when you press the hotkey.
Keyboard macros can be scheduled and run at a specific time or when you press a hotkey.
Macros can be set to run when you press a hotkey, when the application is inactive, when you press the mouse, or when you press a key.
You can also re-record keyboard shortcuts at any time.
You can also create custom keyboard shortcuts, using custom hotkeys and send them to the Macro Recorder Window.
Keyboard macros can be configured to run in different modes.
To create a keyboard macro for an application, right-click on the shortcut and select “Insert Macro”.
Using the Configuration Wizard, you can select when to record the shortcut, what to record, when to run the shortcut, and whether to record it automatically or only when you press a key or mouse button.
KEYMACRO Features:
Record keyboard macros and keyboard shortcuts
Easy to use and configure
Automatically record keyboard shortcuts
Hotkey and mouse click recordings
Dynamic macro and dynamic hotkeys
Batch recording and options
Themes, colors and configurations
Auto starting and stopping the recorder
Playback options
Keyboard macro auto-configuration
Record/Playback Keys
You can create a keyboard shortcut or run a macro in a keyboard macro, by right-clicking on the keyboard shortcut and selecting “Insert Macro”.
Keyboard shortcut macro mode is the most common mode, but you can also record keyboard shortcuts as hotkeys or dynamic hotkeys.
You can also create dynamic hotkeys that record when you press a hotkey or mouse button, and send the

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