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We all know that to control a computer, a mouse and a keyboard are needed. However, you can use other devices to send the same input and one of them is the joystick.
Thus, instead of using it for gaming purposes only, this hardware device can be turned into a PC controller with the help of a dedicated software. Such a program is JoyToKey, a lightweight application especially designed to emulate keystrokes and mouse clicks using the joystick.
Doesn't require installation
The utility doesn't require installation but, instead, it requires that a supported device is connected, otherwise it will not load. The great news is that JoyToKey is built to support up to 16 joysticks, though it's highly improbable that one should need that many controllers.
This application enables you to create several configuration files and load the one you need in no time. To do so, you can simply press the button you assigned for the 'Switch to the other configuration file' feature.
Capable of emulating the inputs from both keyboard and mouse
The configuration includes 32 buttons, 6 axes and 2 Point of View (POV) switches for each of the joysticks.
Insofar as the mouse emulation is concerned, JoyToKey can handle both buttons and wheel. More so, it has a function for adjusting mouse movements as well as wheel rotation, making them faster or slower, as you need.
Allows you to use your joystick for games that don't come offer support for this type of controller
All in all, it appears that this software is pretty well equipped and ready to offer an interesting experience to anyone interested in turning their joystick(s) into a PC controlling device.With JoyToKey you should be able to easily get along with applications that are not even designed to accept input from a joystick, including Office apps and many more.


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Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






JoyToKey 8.32 Crack + [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

JoyToKey Cracked 2022 Latest Version works for both Win32 and Linux operating systems.

The software includes a user guide and instructions for the configuration.

The application is lightweight, and its memory footprint remains fairly limited.

JoyToKey Cracked 2022 Latest Version features:

You can configure your joystick/joysticks for several different control schemes.

With JoyToKey’s learning functions, you can configure any joystick you use to emulate all types of keyboard or mouse inputs.

You can configure a joystick by itself or through a gamepad (e.g. a PC gamepad).

You can modify the speed of movement to make the emulated mouse control even more realistic.

You can make the mouse control sensitive to the tilt of the joystick by playing with the ‘Units of Tilt’ setting in the configuration dialog.

You can customize the speed of each axis independently of the others, allowing you to map joystick axes to directions and buttons.

Each configurable gamepad can have up to eight buttons. JoyToKey supports the following gamepads: Logitech, Microsoft, Sun, NES/SNES/Genesis, Atari, Amstrad, N64, and NES/SNES/Genesis.

There are different ways of configuring actions for each button.

Each configurable gamepad can control one or two axis.

You can configure a joystick by itself or through a gamepad.

Each configurable gamepad can have up to eight buttons.

You can configure a joystick to control a USB keyboard that is specified in the configuration file or that is connected.

You can map a joystick to the keyboard to play keyboard games.

You can map a joystick to a mouse or a gamepad to play PC games.

Configure individual buttons with the ‘Joystick’s hardware buttons’.

You can map a joystick to a USB keyboard to play PC games.

Configure a joystick to control a mouse or a USB keyboard to play PC games.

The software is easy to use.

You can load and save configurations without the need to reboot.

You can save/load configurations under memory.

You can save/load configurations to a file.

JoyToKey limitations:

JoyToKey does not support control of any USB gamepad.

There are no in-game controls.

JoyToKey preferences:

JoyToKey presents a user guide for

JoyToKey 8.32 License Key Full

You will need to download and install this software if your computer doesn’t come with a joystick assigned. It will then be necessary to pair your controller with your computer.
•​ Joystick support with up to 16 joysticks at the same time.
•​ Support for different vendors (e.g. Microsoft, Logitech, Sengled, etc.).
•​ Input of 6 axes and 32 buttons.
•​ Output of up to 4 POV switches.
•​ Two configurations you can switch to in no time.
•​ Support for mouse emulation and rotation.
•​ Support for Quick Launch, Full Screen, Desktop, and Maximize/Restore.
•​ Capable of using Windows (64-bit) and Wine.
•​ Supports 64-bit operating systems.
•​ Safe and secure.


•​ You can assign buttons from the list of available options.
•​ All options can be accessed while the application is minimized to the taskbar.
•​ All options are accessible via the small corner button, with the exception of two of them.
•​ Speed can be adjusted up to 45 percent.
•​ Mouse emulation and mouse rotation.
•​ You can use wheel or button emulation in all the main menus.
•​ You can also adjust the POV of the controls using the right mouse click.
•​ Emulation of the inputs from both keyboard and mouse.
•​ You can customize all the settings to your liking (by double clicking on any of the options).
•​ You can set up more than one application for a particular configuration (they will be able to share some of the options).
•​ Every configuration can be loaded/de-loaded in no time.
•​ It comes with a user-friendly interface.
•​ Supports 32 buttons for each joystick.
•​ Emulated joystick layouts can be changed if you do not use the default.
•​ You can create your own joystick layouts.
•​ The application is a lightweight one.
•​ More features are planned to be added at the request of users, their number ever growing.

What’s New:

October 2017

There are no updates for this app.

What’s in This Version:

You can now submit bug reports to the author.
The default joystick layout can now be switched (using the button near the top right corner).
Support for multi-page and multi

JoyToKey 8.32 Product Key Full X64

What’s New in the?

“JoyToKey allows you to run most Windows games and applications using keyboard or game controller and it also converts between POV and non-POV joysticks.
Most notably, this utility allows you to make your gaming or application input more accessible for people who have limited hands, limited physical abilities, or both.
JoyToKey supports joysticks up to 16 buttons and 6 axes.
The mouse emulation is simple to set up and works very well.
Joystick/controller orientation is fully configurable.”

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System Requirements For JoyToKey:

* 256 MB RAM
* 300 MB HDD
* Minimum Windows Vista x86
* 7 GB free disk space
* Intel Pentium II / AMD Athlon 64 Processor or better
It seems to me you do not have Javascript enabled. I used wamp in the past and I found it to be useful for testing programs. I’d advise installing the following plugin.
Médium téléchargement et installé correctement?
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