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Macro to read text files with multiple lines using various applications – GoodReader, TextWrangler, TextEdit and so on – in one go.
Easy integration with apps: Open.docx,.txt,.rtf and so on – Quickly get the text from word docs and save them in an alternative format like.rtf or HTML.
Reads plain, tab-delimited, fixed-delimited and comma-separated text files.
Save text files in Plain Text, HTML, CSV, TXT, RTF, CSV, HTML and TXT formats.
Quick, easy and straightforward to use.
Keymacro is a small, easy to use tool that will save you time when you need to extract some text from files or convert a TXT file into a new format. By default the program reads files only from the Documents directory, but you can easily configure it to get text from almost any file including FTP and cloud storage folders.
When using the app with multiple files you need to define different settings for each file. After that Keymacro takes care of the rest for you.
After getting the text from the files, the program lets you do one or more of the following actions:
Convert the text to plain text: The app will save the text into the clipboard for you to paste into a document or any other application.
Save the text to a file: Select the location of the new file, choose the type of the new file (including text) and the name of the file.
Open the text in an application: You can also open any of the following files: docx, doc, txt, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xlsm, xlsb, txt, html, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, csv, htm, rhtm, rhtml, html, txt, c 45cee15e9a

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