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Key-Based MAC is a widely used method for encrypting files. The encryption key is created by applying a pass-phrase to an initialization vector. This program will produce this initialization vector using the AES-256 algorithm, although the pass-phrase can be as short as 128 bits.
Key-Based MAC is better than other methods for encrypting files, since it provides a high level of encryption security and does not require the use of large encryption keys. It also provides high data throughput and is easy to integrate. This program will produce various key-based MAC values depending on the key size selected, but the minimum size is 256 bits.
– Standardized API support for encryption
– Support for various programming languages
– Support for various cryptographic hash algorithms
– Support for PGP and SSH Public Key encryption methods
– Ability to produce multiple iterations of the same message using different keys
– Support for small files (under 100 KB)
– Support for 2-pass, single iteration, and salt encryption modes
– Support for Apple Disk Utility encryption
– Generate random keys
– Ability to handle files with different file formats
– Export key and salt values
– Export PGP Public Key values
– Export Key-Based MAC values
– Import Key-Based MAC values
– Supports a wide range of input values (16 to 256 bit/byte)
– Supports the C++, C#, Delphi, VB, Java, VB.Net, C/C++, and C#/.NET programming languages
– Supports Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications and Visual C++/NET/GCC
– Supports free-standalone executable
– Support for 64-bit platforms
– Supports Unicode file systems
– Support for PDF
– Supports program output to a number of output streams (STDERR, STDOUT, and a variable)
– Support for standard ZIP compression
– Support for standard AES-256, SHA-1, MD5, SHA-256, and RIPEMD-160 encryption algorithms
– Can generate random data with a range from 0 to 9,999
– You can easily calculate the size of the output from the input size
– Can calculate the file size and the signature size from the file size
– You can easily calculate the file hash from the file name
– You can easily compare the output file hash with the input file hash
– Can produce data with a range from 0 to 9,999
– You can easily get 384a16bd22

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Unsniff is powered by KMACRO. It makes Unsniff an open, extensible protocol analysis solution. By creating and providing APIs to select, analyze, and display any data in the packet stream, KMACRO makes it possible to build new and complex analysis tools.
The Unsniff software was written entirely in C++, and uses the following external components:
KMACRO, a software library for parsing and formatting Ethernet, IP and IPv6 packets. It is licensed under a MIT-like license and is available from
McPAT++, a packet collection and processing toolkit licensed under the GPL v3. It is available from
OSCILLOSCOPE, a graphical analysis toolkit licensed under the GPL v3. It is available from
To install these external components, please follow the instructions on the README files of the external components’ archives.
Note: The KMACRO libraries are built into the Unsniff binary and their availability is checked by our unit test suite.
This software requires a proper header file from the OpenSSL project. For example, if you want to use the RSA function in the RSA_public_decrypt function in OpenSSL, you need to include .
You should also ensure that you have a proper installation of OpenSSL, otherwise the unit tests in the Unsniff software will fail.


The 4th part of this series, entitled “Network Protocols”, was recently published here. And, if you go here, there’s a link to a webinar with live demos of some of the tools discussed there, such as tcpdump, tshark, tcpflow, shinken, tcpd, wireshark, ntop, and so on. And, I have a webinar scheduled on Sept. 15, entitled “Building Network Protocol Decoders”, where I talk about writing network protocol decoders in C. You can find the details of the webinar here.
If you’re interested, it’s free and there’s always a link to the webinar on the home page of the Unleash Networks site.

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