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Figerty Phonebook is a simple and easy-to-use application that enables you to store details of your contacts, co-workers and business partners in the same place. The contact list has an unlimited number of entries. In case it gets very large, Figerty Phonebook has an integrated search function that allows you to quickly find the person you are looking for.







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Find your contacts in the blink of an eye. Figerty is the phonebook application. Figerty Phonebook Activation Code Key Features: Add as many contacts as you want. Locate your contacts based on gender, name and/or surname. The contact list can be backed up and stored on your device. If you have an iPad you’ll love the iFigerty. Find contacts by searching their name, email, fax, phone or even by their mobile phone number. Save searches and your preferences. Voice recognition for names and locations. Detailed contacts view with call history and notes. Create and open your own lists. Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Chinese and Japanese. The application is based on the Open Source platform. Requirements: iOS version 7.0 or later. Size: 0.97 MB. Details Find your contacts in the blink of an eye. Figerty is the phonebook application. Figerty Phonebook is able to search thousands of contacts in the world. Figerty Phonebook is able to recognize the name of the person you speak to and will even offer to call them if you know their mobile phone number. Figerty Phonebook stores all your contacts information in one place and will help you find contacts quickly, saving you lots of time. If you have an iPad you’ll love the iFigerty. With iFigerty for iPhone, you can search your contacts and easily find information about them, such as their phone number or mobile phone. It’s a real pleasure to have your contacts at your fingertips with iFigerty, and Figerty Phonebook for iPhone is the simplest and quickest way to store all the information about your contacts. You are going to be able to search among all your contacts no matter where you are and even if they are far away from you, using iFigerty for iPhone. Saving and finding contacts is easy: just enter the name of the person you are looking for and you will immediately get to see a list of all the people who you may have in common. Just tap on the name you want to open the contact details and you will see all the details about the person: phone number, fax, email address, biography and notes. Finally, if you are not sure if you know the name

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Figerty Phonebook is a smart contact manager. By saving your contacts in a single application, you can keep track of all your contacts and easily organize them by using categories. You can also search your contact list by name or search for a contact’s name, address or mobile phone number. Figerty Phonebook works with different mobile and landline phone numbers, and the look-up of numbers is very simple. In the contact list you can associate different contacts with your default folders. You can also create customized contacts lists, and you can export the data to your computer or share your contacts with other Figerty Phonebook users. In addition, you can share your contacts with your friends using a variety of methods. Figerty Phonebook has a simple interface that does not require any special knowledge to use. WiKiWifi Internet locator is an easy-to-use, powerful wireless network applications that will enable you to locate any mobile device connected to your Wi-Fi network. WiKiWiFi allows you to find the mobile device and display its device name and the IP address, and you can contact your mobile device by sending a message to it. The ability to find the mobile device makes it a better network manager and provides security to your network. WiKiWiFi also has a notification system that will inform you when a device is connected or when you need to restart your Wi-Fi. WiKiWiFi Wi-Fi locator Description: WiKiWiFi enables you to locate any mobile device connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can display the device name and the IP address of your device and send a message to the device. You can also find the device, based on its name, and contact it by phone if it has a mobile phone number. You can also add new Wi-Fi networks to your list. As soon as you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, it will automatically be added to your list. The wireless finder will help you save time and let you quickly identify your mobile device. Wi-Fi locator has a notification system that will inform you when a device is connected or when you need to restart your network. You can also use a lot of tools to verify network settings, including a gateway and DNS. Fingerprint locator is a powerful wireless network application. It detects the device based on the device name. You can locate and contact the 2f7fe94e24

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Saying goodbye to your paper phonebook could be a very good thing. Here’s the first mobile phone… 34. Instant Phonebook – Mobile/Business… Instant Phonebook offers a platform for people to store their phone numbers. It allows all phone numbers to be listed locally, allowing the user to find contact details in an instant – wherever they are. Instant Phonebook also provides a free faxing service, plus client management, email integration and call management. Instant Phonebook Description: A fully integrated phonebook, Instant Phonebook enables you to store contact details and send faxes. It provides a… 35. My-Phonbook – Home & Personal/Productivity… Your private phonebook is now online with My-Phonbook, allowing you to store unlimited phone book contacts, place voice mail messages, and reply to phone calls, all from your computer. You can have your own phonebook online for storing your important contacts plus their information. You can even keep up to 5 phonebook contact lists. Your phonebook can be accessed at anytime from anywhere, saving you time and frustration. You can also search for any phone… 36. SIP Phonebook for Mac – Communications/Telephony… SIP Phonebook for Mac is a small but complete application which enables you to generate and maintain your contact list on a local computer, independent of a central server. Find your new contact in a second, then: – Edit their phonebook or just leave it as it is – Send them an SMS message, or set them up with a voice message – Leave them a Voice mail – Change your contact’s preferences – Share it with others Thanks to it’s simple interface, the… Phonebook Made Easy – Business & Productivity… In order to have the business transaction with a contact, you must be able to find the telephone number of that contact. Phonebook Made Easy makes it very easy for you to store contacts and their phone numbers. You just need to list each person that you want to store. The telephone numbers of each person are automatically linked to their name and record. You can do lots of things with your phonebook, like: – Save as many names as you want…. 8. Easy_Mail – Mobile/Business… This free email program with premium features is a very easy program to set up and use. Setup your email account and use it instantly

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* Free * Simple * Searchable and filterable * Includes unlimited number of contacts * Automatically manages the storage of contact details * Easy-to-use interface Business Library Phonebook is a free, easy-to-use application that will give your company, it’s employees or simply yourself a single point of contact. This way you will have the complete address book in your mobile phone. You can create your own personal or company data or even combine them. What makes Business Library Phonebook different from the other applications is that data is managed on a server so the data are accessible from every connected device. The “My Office” sync server file is a special kind of file that integrates a sync server, the office application and the mobile device (e.g. Windows Phone 7). It is a cross-platform sync solution in contrast to the cross-platform (otherwise only standard sync applications can be created) “Sync Gateway”-approach of currently the most popular sync-server file (called “Office 2013 Sync Gateway”). Buildus is an open source, cross-platform application for creating application-specific, i.e. application-specific icons. The icons are generated in advance for each application. With each updated application version the icons are regenerated. This way, no generation is required for each update. Download Buildus to get more information and see how to use the icons! Dos Campos is a simple but powerful calculator that calculates all basic mathematical operations in Portuguese. The user can easily switch the language using the keyboard. A tip of your thumb is enough to achieve all basic operations. If you are interested in this type of application you may also like our older App Gallery App (it’s also free). It also offers similar functionality (but without the keyboard). With the help of Dos Campos you will be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, take the square root, logarithm, principal root, root of the reciprocal and even format numbers. It’s a highly customizable app. You can change the font, the background color, the separators and the symbols used for the operations. Also the decimal separator can be configured. Viewer for Excel files. With this Android application you can view Excel files (.xlsx) on your mobile phone. Very simply and easily the Excel files are imported into the program. This is the biggest disadvantage of the original version of

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Internet connection to play 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 Note: Mac OSX versions will be available in the future. Additional Requirements: A premium, Windows-only. NVIDIA account (free for non-paying users) Additional hardware or software requirements may apply If you have issues with game play, video playback or other issues please report them in game and/or contact technical support. About the Author – Author:

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