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I first discovered the game more than a year ago, when I got to play what was essentially FIFA 17 on the PS4 Pro. I was excited to see if the next iteration on the game would be any more visually impressive, and I came away feeling that FIFA 18 was the best iteration of the series. Unfortunately, the gameplay itself didn’t feel as great, and this is due primarily to the control scheme. It’s no secret that the FIFA series has struggled with its control scheme over time. Back in 2012, the biggest gripe was the lack of a sprint button. In the years since, the game has added a kick button, although its use has been severely limited. Other games and platformers would use the primary or secondary trigger buttons as a way to sprint, which made the movement feel even more wrong and unnatural. Instead of sprinting, the kick button was used for numerous other functions, especially for passing the ball. This never felt right to me, but I accepted it because I felt that getting a kick was what you did in FIFA. Unfortunately, this year’s game made FIFA even worse. The game uses a new control scheme called “intuitive passing,” a mechanic that depends entirely on button mashing. If you were to use the left trigger, the camera would follow the direction you had just aimed your body, a feature called “reflective shooting.” While the feature is cool in concept, it can feel incredibly off-putting when used in practice. Using the left trigger made sense for changing your shooting direction, and the right stick toggling through passing options is generally useful. In terms of holding the analog stick and moving around, though, this system works the same as in FIFA 21. You’d be much better served by a system that allows you to just move your body and control the ball. The problem is that FIFA uses PS4 Pro’s 60FPS target rate as an artificial limit for how the game is designed. Unfortunately, this makes the game feel choppy and laggy in the higher-fidelity visuals at all times, regardless of what resolution the game is running at. This has resulted in the game becoming both unplayable and next to impossible to enjoy while playing at 4K resolution. It also seems to be a fundamental issue, as there have been no reports of high-end players being able to play at 60FPS. If FIFA is going


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • High intensity gameplay engine, powered by a proprietary motion-capture technique.
  • Refined player controls and smarter AI.
  • New player behaviour engine and responsive player animations.
  • A new daily live challenges system, designed to keep you match-fit.
  • All-new matchday experience, presented using Frostbite.
  • Brand new supporter groups, and stories to live out.
  • A dynamic new online Seasons mode, with team-based challenges.
  • Modified tactics system with radically improved goalkeeper AI and atmosphere.
  • New crowd enthusiasm system, and improved in-game music.


Fifa 22

FIFA is the ultimate football simulator, placing players in the heart of the most thrilling competition in the world: the FIFA World Cup™. EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup™ is the official video game of the FIFA World Cup™, the global event where champions are crowned at the culmination of the world’s most prestigious football competition. The game delivers the official atmosphere of the tournament with thousands of authentic superstars, teams and stadiums. FIFA is also the official video game of the UEFA European Championships, as well as the prestigious UEFA Champions League. Play soccer as your favorite national team or club in FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode, and compete with players from every team in head-to-head multiplayer. FIFA Ultimate Team™ is the only way to own your favorite players. FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Ultimate Team™ modes include new daily, weekly and monthly tournaments, challenging you to play and compete in the most realistic World Cup™ experience ever. Plus play head-to-head with friends and other players in the ultimate party game in FIFA Ultimate League™. FIFA World Cup™, UEFA European Championships, UEFA Champions League, FIFA Championship™, FIFA 16 and FIFA Ultimate Team™ modes are all featured on a new three-year cycle, and you can jump into the campaign whenever you wish! Key features: Football is Back The world is in FIFA World Cup™ mode. Ever since EA SPORTS FIFA 15, football has been back at the heart of FIFA. From improved ball physics, to new pass techniques, the football experience has never been greater. Now in FIFA World Cup™ mode, you can play as any team of your choice, from any era of football, through authentic and realistic gameplay. Key Features of FIFA World Cup™: The world is in FIFA World Cup™ mode. Ever since EA SPORTS FIFA 15, football has been back at the heart of FIFA. From improved ball physics, to new pass techniques, the football experience has never been greater. Now in FIFA World Cup™ mode, you can play as any team of your choice, from any era of football, through authentic and realistic gameplay. New Players: Discover the new faces of football. 20 new national teams and more than 200 new players have been added, with new names, jerseys and hairstyles. Plus the Introduction feature has been improved, allowing you to set up your own game from the start of the World Cup. Feel bc9d6d6daa


Fifa 22 2022

Test your skills as a manager, create a Pro from scratch and take over a struggling team to compete against the best in the world. FUT Champs – Live out your dream in the ultimate version of EA SPORTS FIFA 16’s popular World Cup content, World Cup mode. This ultimate challenge lets you play to your strengths as the manager of your favorite national team. Live Mobile Services – Compete against other players around the world on iOS and Android devices, using a smart Authentic Fan Voice™ engine. Sign in to FIFA Ultimate Team or your FUT Champs account from your iOS or Android device to play against your friends anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. FIFA Origins Blast into 60 years of World Cup history with FIFA 20 when EA SPORTS delivers the deepest, most realistic soccer experience yet with the FIFA franchise. With FIFA 20, every fan will have their chance to play as their favorite club and country as they battle against the world’s best teams in iconic venues including iconic stadiums. Experience authentic gameplay with completely revamped player models, ball physics, and control. Play as the world’s greatest footballers, including Lionel Messi, Neymar, David Luiz, and others, and tackle them at the best stadiums around the world. Create your own character with an authentic coaching style and play as your favorite country. Customise your squad to play the way you want with a streamlined, new Pro Draft mechanic. All-new Ultimate Team puts your management skills to the test by challenging you to build an Ultimate Squad. The FIFA franchise continues with FIFA 20 THE DEEPER, MORE REALISTIC FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE Unrivaled gameplay and feedback on every shot, with an all-new physics engine featuring Pause-of-Action, improved foot-to-ball interaction for better ball control and stability, 50 new player models, and more. VOTE ON PLAYERS BEFORE YOU BUY New Pro Draft lets you build your team with the greatest footballers in the world, draft by popularity, or by your own made-up method. STAY IN THE GAME WITH BETTER PITCH SHAPES Getting stuck in a rut? A new Pitch Analytics system lets you know what direction your next pass will come from, and pitch intelligence in team-mate communication makes the game feel more alive than ever. BETTER HEADS-UP DRAFT AND MORE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS


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