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▶ Table of Contents
1. About the Game
2. Preface
3. Features
4. Tales
5. The Picture of the Game
6. Screenshots
7. About the Mobile Game
8. FAQ
9. Download
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About the Game
Elden Ring Serial Key is the third game that Silver Qube, the game developer that made Tarnished, developed to work with a single game world. You can enjoy this game with complete assurance that it is pure fantasy. You begin the game in a situation where the world is being ruled by the empire of Iron, and the current Elden Lord, Tarnished, and the army led by him have been defeated by the empire of Iron. The empire has brought all of the races on your world back to zero, and only the bloodline of Tarnished remain. You become one of the representatives of the bloodline of Tarnished, and fight in the dark world where the empire of Iron reigns.
Your target will be to recover all the lands of your world and make everyone return to their original bloodlines in order to rebuild your nation.
Through continuous fights with other rulers and by fighting in the Lands Between, battles with the empire of Iron, you will expand your empire, and by doing so, you can overtake the empire. It is a highly dynamic and massive game. Please enjoy it!

We decided to release the game in Japanese first to get advice for improvements and add any contents if necessary, and then release it in English. (

(All of the contents of a regular RPG are present)
■ A Massive World and Its Various Content
◆ A Dynamic and Endless Game World with Many Dungeons
■ Customize your Character and Equip Yourself with Various Weapons and Armor
◆ A Rich World Map where a variety of content can be found
◆ A Beautiful Castle Design, and a Desert Game World Addition
◆ Dynamic Battles

■ Accumulate Experience and Level Up through Battles
■ New Game Content is Addable Based on Acquired Experience
◆ Powerful Battle


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world full of danger
  • Battle a Great Evil using the power of the Elden Ring
  • A variety of powerful weapons and armor
  • Build the character of your choice according to your play-style
  • Gather the best gear in dungeons
  • Create your own house in each village and be a true lord of the Elden Ring
  • Besiege the enemy with your army and lead the battle from headquarters
  • Connecting to others (Synchronization feature) and see their game information in the world
  • Ride on a fantastic world using your own mounts (access DLCs)
  • Comprehensive map feature (access DLCs)
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    The gameplay of this game is designed so that the main interactive elements are concentrated on actions.
    Procedural motion:

    The combat of the RPG World of Blood and Guts as a card game is a battle between the player and the computer, and therefore the computer manages all of the actions. As a consequence, when there are various options that the computer cannot know, they are processed by the player.
    The role of the player is to use the items that he or she owns and come up with moves. When drawing a card with an action on it, you can say the contents of the action text.
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    The game decides the movement of the character the player controls. However, the game lets the player to freely determine the placement of the characters at the start of the battle, so it is not so easy that the characters move to where they think they are needed. The player can control the character to his or her liking, and the monster does what it is supposed to do while it battles.

    The actions are displayed on the screen, and the game uses the standard action controls (action key on the keyboard, A for moving forwards, B for moving backwards, X for attacking, Y for defending, L1, L2, L3 for accessing items, R for spells)

    Energy is the commodity that is consumed to perform actions. You can replenish your energy points with materials, or with the items that you equip.

    Item Synthesis:
    Items can be synthesized. You can perform actions with items that you synthesize. To synthesize items, you can use materials to produce weapon, armor, and magic items.{
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    What’s new:

    Dota 2 is the newest installment of the best-known competitive online gaming franchise, inspired by the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod for Warcraft III. Compete against players from around the world in either single-player, Team Deathmatch, Instant Action, or direct link matches.

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    last video
    About TARNISHED Action RPG II game:

    Action RPG with a new development experience
    Tarnished is an action RPG that combines a wide variety of elements within the common fantasy setting. It offers an old and fresh perspective on the action RPG genre, requiring much time and effort to create a unique fantasy experience. Tarnished’s development team comes from the world of the game industry, and we have actively engaged the community to help shape the game.

    Repair mode that enhances the balance
    You must carry items and gold from place to place in order to reach your destination, however, the number of available jobs will change depending on the player’s equipment and skills. Therefore, you must carry items and gold to fully utilize the player’s ability. While such a balance is important, the player can still efficiently access various levels by reusing equipment as long as you carry some items and gold.

    Over 70 bosses
    Create the ultimate fantasy RPG by planning and fighting in a unique boss encounter system while collecting life energy. Over 70 unique bosses that you can fight and evolve in battle will challenge you to your limits.

    Coastal world with memorable mists
    The Lands Between are a fantasy world with a vast variety of nations and lands. Once released from their constraints, the land will begin to evolve and expand, and the player will meet new and unforeseen monsters and a mysterious world beyond.

    RPG that is easy to play
    Unlike other action games, you can quickly switch to any equipment, as you are free to play the role of your character in any order without time pressure. At the same time, the controls are easy to grasp, and even people without experience can easily play.

    RPG with unexpected elements
    Tarnished is a conventional action RPG that is easy to play with a lot of innovations, such as dropping items, where the player’s items will be scattered around the item storage, or using gold to gamble, where the player can freely pick up gold from the bottom of the screen.

    Fantasy action RPG that offers a wide variety of equipment
    You must choose the same equipment depending on the different game scenarios. While they are different, they all have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the player will continue to choose equipment that enhances the player’s play style.

    RPG with a new development experience. Tarnished is an action RPG that


    How To Crack:

  • First, download the patch below to your PC.

    Elden Ring: Ragnarok

  • Extract the archive with WinRAR.

  • Double click the “Elden Ring: Ragnarok Cracked.exe” icon to run the game.

  • Elden Ring: Ragnarok Features:

    How To Download & Run the Game:

    • Install and launch the game. A window will appear and will have various messages. The created account, create your hero, and unprotect / protect your data.

    • Start the game and play the game for a while to check the working of the game.

    How To Visit all Menus:

    • Select “Misc” from the main menu and you will find all sub-menus in the bottom.

    • Select “Menu” and you will find all menus in the bottom left.

    How To Learn More About The Game:

    • Buy a DLC pack to get extra Tana, equipment, and weapon.

    • Play the game online to make friends and to fight with them.

    • Learn the system, most things in the game are talking about the items you will use and play for. If you are new, it will give suggestion to you how to play.

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