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Name Elden Ring
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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that tells a vast story in three episodes. Each episode you will become a new lord of the realm. You will search for the lost silver orbs that will awaken the ancient gods. The destiny of the lands of the Lands Between depends on you. Rise. Become a legend. Please enjoy the world of the Elden Ring.


LOGEK Co., Ltd. is a company developing and operating the “Risen” franchise since 2016. The international team has led by the industry veteran who has rich experience in the field of game development.

– LOGEK Co., Ltd.
We are developing new titles of the Risen franchise and working with the unique IP of Risen: Online. We are game enthusiasts and always remain happy and excited when working on this franchise. We are confident that each title we develop will be the best RPG ever made. We can change the genre as we like and create the next ultimate RPG. We do our best to develop new titles that users are always dreaming about.

– A joint development team of LOGEK and ustwo
LOGEK Co., Ltd. is led by the industry veteran who has rich experience in the field of game development. We invite the Japanese game industry veterans from renowned games studios such as Wube Games, PENTA, and Gamindustri to our team.

– It is a game that tells the story of an ordinary man who encounters the gods of the Lands Between
LOGEK Co., Ltd. and ustwo are pleased to announce the new RPG game “Risen Online”. For more information, please follow the announcement on Twitter

– The new fantasy action RPG that tells the story of an ordinary man who encounters the gods of the Lands Between
As in the gameplay of the previous “Risen Online” game, “Risen Online” will let you develop your own character in a world divided into three episodes, and embody a new character.

– Two hours of online play in any area of the game
Playing “Risen Online” without logging off will allow you to freely move back and forth between the three episodes.

– Start the online play using friends’ character data
With “Risen Online”, you can start the online play using friends’ character data. You can also connect to other people using your own character data and enjoy the online play together.


Features Key:

  • Online and F2P:
    Change your character at any time.

    • Discord
      Allows you to communicate with other players and talk about party policies.
    • Get Emblems
      Earn Emblems used to receive items from other users.

    • Fantasy Elements
      A fantasy game.

      • Flexible combat
        You can fight using any kind of weapon you can equip. Throw axes, jump in grass, and ride an elephant to attack enemies in the sky or the ground.

      • Flexible battle systems
        Monsters can be fought with a variety of attack methods and they can also change their patterns of attack.

      • Unique equipment
        You can freely change your weapons and armor.

      • Demon fusion
        Use the Demon’s power to gain additional strength.
      • Transport Mode
        You can fight in any environment.
      • Boss Troop Dimensions
        In class-based dungeons, each boss has a large number of troops.

      • Loot Boxes
        A slot machine style loot box known as a ticket system is used.

      • Character Customization
        For attacks, weapons, and armor, you can freely apply the three elements, weapons, armor, and magic, so that you can customize your own character.
      • Multiple Charactors
        You can fight as your character, and use your character’s skills to contend with monsters.

      • Opened World
        A story that is rich in content and well-crafted.
      • Rivers, Mountains, Seas, and Forests
        There are over 100 types of terrain, from small towns to huge dungeons, and you can freely travel anywhere in the game.

      • Rich Battles
        Battles can become complicated via several attack methods. Your attack power will also increase to perform defensive techniques such as blocking and Evasion.
      • Expert-level Dungeons
        There are four different difficulty levels of class-based dungeons that can offer various kinds of rewards, and will give you tasks to recruit new characters.
      • A Story of Traveling Heroes
        You will travel as the main character, Aeolus, to a variety of places where danger awaits. You will soon be guided by grace in the lands between. The game is a


        Elden Ring Crack + X64

        “This new game is a refined version of the RPG that we’ve been playing so far.”

        “It’s a game with an extremely rich and detailed world.”

        “The game has also improved in terms of animations and graphics, while staying true to the unique atmosphere of the world.”

        Find more info at

        Follow us on Twitter:

        Please take a look at our Steam page:

        Have fun with the Elden Ring game!



        Copyright © 2017 KOGNAL – NAVER CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

        © 2017 KOGNAL – NAVER CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

        ELDRING GAME and KOGNAL are trademarks of NAVER CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

        Seongbyeok Game website:

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        Elden Ring X64

        The new fantasy action role-playing game that combines an epic story with online play, including online battles and asynchronous online play. In the fantasy action role-playing game that connects two sides of a huge continent, there is a vast world that is seamlessly connected. A large variety of situations can be encountered in each of the areas, and the background story is one that is full of action.

        Welcome to the world that is the Lands Between, where you can forge your destiny as an Elden Lord!

        A huge world full of action, filled with an epic story in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect. Tarnished, a man with the innate power of the Elden Ring, awakened to his destiny. Rising up as the leader of the common people, he seeks to seize power from the nobility, and he strives to prevent the wars that are being fought to protect the country.

        True to the fantasy series of the same name, Elden Ring features an action role-playing game that combines open-world exploration with online multiplayer, allowing you to experience the story from another point of view! There is a vast world that is seamlessly connected, allowing you to encounter a variety of situations, and the background story revolves around an epic drama in which characters from both sides of the Lands Between converge!

        Elden Ring is an action RPG featuring a vast open world and exciting battles!

        The open-world fantasy action role-playing game. Explore a vast world full of adventure and danger in a seamless environment that is uniquely interconnected.

        Join two players who are sitting on the same couch as they use an action RPG, with characters you can customize, an exciting battle system, and other features that have become staples of the fantasy series!

        In this fantasy action role-playing game, players move between battle and narration scenes as they fight with other heroes. You can unlock various features, then develop new skills and acquire allies, and as a result, the development possibilities are almost endless!

        Replay the large-scale content or adventure maps that you have experienced.

        The large-scale content and adventure maps, which are expanded in the replay function, as well as the characters, enemies, and other elements that you encountered during the game that allows you to keep playing are also included.

        Your adventure doesn’t end at the completion of the story, and the replay function that lets you continue your adventure after the story ends adds more fun!


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        How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

      • Download the setup file for the game and execute it

      • Complete the setup, especially the online registration

      • You are done

      How to Play & Online Multiplayer:

      • Connect to the game server in the game client menu

      • Select the setting of the game server “LAN” or “Online”

      • Try to start the game by selecting “play”

      • Instantly join to the game

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      System Requirements:

      Microsoft® Windows® XP/2003 with Service Pack 3
      1 GHz Processor or Faster
      512 MB RAM
      800×600 video resolution at 16-bit color
      DirectX 8.0c
      CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
      CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or broadband Internet connection
      Email address for the online product key
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