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The Elden Ring Project by DOGHEAD is a fantasy action RPG released in Japan in July 2012, and is set to launch in the West soon through the PlayStation Network. The action RPG features a rich story about the conflict between the various Elden Tribes of the Lands Between, and promises to give players a vast story with a large number of characters in a fictional world where many elements intersect.
The world of the Elden Ring is divided into three regions: Anvil, Dedalion, and West. These areas are connected by the Lands Between, where the Elden Tribes have gained control over its master spirits.
The stage of the conflict between the Elden Tribes is set in Anvil, where only five tribes — the Knights, who follow the creed of “law and justice,” the Dragons, who believe in “strength,” the Werewolves, who rely on “knowledge” to understand the world, the Lurkers, who follow “love” and seek to resolve the issues of the world, and the Elves, who follow “mystery” — coexist. The Lands Between enables the three tribes to gain allies with a variety of different elements.
The aforementioned conflict is just the first phase of the story. As things take shape in the world, the players will become involved in a conflict that is much more complex. The players can change the fate of the story in numerous ways by taking various decisions throughout the story.
The Great Mythos: A story about the conflict between the Elden Tribes in the Lands Between.
The leader of the Elden Ring Project is DOGHEAD Corporation.


1. A Vast World Full of Excitement
Open fields and a variety of situations in the Lands Between. In the world of the Elden Ring, a vast world is created in order to faithfully reflect the real world. In the game, the size of the world is comparable to that of America.

In addition to the open fields, the game features unique large-scale dungeons packed with a variety of complicated and three-dimensional designs.

2. An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
Misc. Tales of the Origin of the Lands Between

In the far past, the lands were sealed by three deities to be used for a future drama in which the tribals of the Elden Ring would fight. A drama unfolds in the Lands


Features Key:

  • The adventure that narrates the happenings in between; a main story has different routes and a parallel story of characters that will appear in the main story.
  • Variety of battles in various terrains and environments: areas with open fields such as farmlands, forests, and plains as well as Dungeon have intense battles from a fairground stage.
  • Solitary Play: The main story can be completed regardless of your companions. However, the story has episodes that are related to your companions that affect your relationship with them.
  • The flexibility that allows you to create your own relationship with other players
  • Various types of playable characters: You can enjoy your own class or choose to revive the class of others.
  • New Content will be released on successive scheduled intervals every month.In case of a scheduled release, however, the game will not be updated between the intervals and will only be released when all scheduled updates are completed.


    In order to progress the game, players will need to accumulate experience points through battles in both the main story and in the side story and complete the journey on the Elden Ring chart.


    Elden Ring introduces open terrain similar to that seen in the medieval period. It includes the plains, forests, meadows, and mountains.


    The game will introduce a variety of new and special actions to satisfy the needs of players that have various play styles from the start.

    Including details, the previously released ACREX in other languages

    September 10, 2015 – Avidentura has released a webpage in Japanese and Singaporean for their upcoming action adventure RPG, “Harvest Moon The Lost Valley.” Players that read or speak those languages can learn more about the game from the website. Harvest Moon The Lost Valley will be released at PlayStation 4, XBox One, Steam and other platforms in 2016 in the US.

    Title: Harvest Moon The Lost Valley
    Developer: MAGES.

    Players will roam a vast open world and experience various events happening in the continent. As the game progresses and with new elements coming in, it will be different from the original and unique to the platform the game is released.

    Title: Seven Core Visions
    Developer: mirin Games
    The game includes seven Core Visions:


    Elden Ring Free Download For Windows

    Ahltyn |

    9.13.07 |

    It is a refreshing game and one of the best action RPG’s I’ve ever played! They do a great job of keeping the story interesting. And, because it’s an action game, it’s so much fun to play.

    manni |

    2.15.07 |

    Really sucks, playing this game now, is not fun at all. Lame story, not much to do, grind, grind, grind… who makes games like that? Other I saw, was FF7, God of War, The Dark one, etc and not this “holy crap we gotta grind” games! And the gap to the rest of the community is getting wider and wider 🙁

    Ben Hasegawa |

    2.14.07 |

    I gave up on this game, I can’t pass level 13, it is obnoxiously confusing and I can’t get past it. Too many things happen and it is too much of a load. An amazing game but I gave up on it.

    this game is great

    Pristina |

    2.12.07 |

    “This is the worst RPG I have played in the long time, it would be a great game if the game was 10 times as long!”

    Relapse |

    2.10.07 |

    Awesome game, its really good and has so much content. I play it on PC, as the action is pretty high. Wish there were more things you could do. Still amazing though.

    Nico |

    9.23.06 |

    I also had a problem at level 37. It probably has something to do with my internet connection. I’m using a computer in a public place (a library) and have poor speed/quality. I couldn’t control my character because his eyes lit up way too much. I had to close the game.

    Elden Ring Full Crack |

    9.17.06 |

    I have been playing this game for about four weeks and am about to finish it. I don’t want it to end and I was glad when I was able to lvl up to 47.

    This is a great game with lots of potential. Give it some time and you will realize it is


    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    Echoes of the Elden has a 1-2 player co-op mode, and will be available with additional modes in the future.

    Echoes of the Elden has a 1-2 player co-op mode, and will be available with additional modes in the future. Multiplayer:

    Echoes of the Elden is available in both online and local multiplayer.

    Echoes of the Elden is available in both online and local multiplayer. Story Mode:

    The Echoes of the Elden story is still in development.

    The Echoes of the Elden story is still in development. Fighting:

    >It is not a fighting game.

    It is not a fighting game. Characters:

    >You can switch out your weapon and armor at any time.

    You can switch out your weapon and armor at any time. Equipment:

    >You can easily equip weapons and armor of different stat levels.

    You can easily equip weapons and armor of different stat levels. Crafting:

    >You can craft a variety of unique and advanced equipment.

    You can craft a variety of unique and advanced equipment. Experience:

    >The more experience you gain, the more skills and items you can purchase and craft.

    The more experience you gain, the more skills and items you can purchase and craft. Skill Chaining:

    >If you chain skills, you can easily increase your power.

    If you chain skills, you can easily increase your power. Skill Selection:

    >The skills in Echoes of the Elden game are diverse, so you can use the skill you want to be used most.

    The skills in Echoes of the Elden game are diverse, so you can use the skill you want to be used most. Equipment Power:

    >Each weapon and armor has a particular attribute value. You can raise the attribute value.

    Each weapon and armor has a particular attribute value. You can raise the attribute value. Crafting:

    >The attacks of Echo Blades, Darkness, etc. increase as you get higher-level blades, darkness, and so on.

    The attacks of Echo Blades, Darkness, etc. increase as you get higher-level blades, darkness, and so on. Statistics:

    >You can understand the state of your equipment and attributes and take advantage of the situation.

    You can understand the state


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    "A Game You Can Play Casual Style Alongside Your Favorite RPG".
    While the action RPG genre draws on the sense of excitement evoked in the classic fantasy adventure game, you will experience a quite new interactive drama. The excitement of taking action with the whole story in mind, are high level graphics, with an extensive number of elements, and are situated in a vast world.
    If you are already accustomed to playing the classic Adventure RPG, or your favorite RPG, along with a console, then this game will surely give you a refreshing feeling and turn the perception of it into reality.

    "Beautifully Sees New Warrior Gods."
    In this game, one can simply enjoy the episodic story. You can enjoy fully dressed realistic battles!
    Just like the previous games in the series, this game is constructed of an open world. In addition to limitless battles, you have a wide variety of ways to enjoy the story. Of course, battles are the strongest part of the game. Battle scenes beautifully depict the gory ugliness of the humans who seek to become gods.

    "The Excluding of Non-Gamers."
    Before, various types of games were developed, and each type of gamer could enjoy. But that type of game has been eradicated.
    This is not only a game designed exclusively for gamers. But if you mix this game up in an RPG, you will find an exceptional situation.

    "Weak Enemies, Strong Demons."
    The ease of becoming a demonic lord, the full mecha and the powerful gods, the strong attacks, the overwhelming shock, the familiar denizens of monsters, and the unrivaled style of battles have increased the game’s content.

    Biltalmi vilayeti

    The game has been developed by AKIO GAMES, which is an in-house studio founded by developed and contracted Central Japan Games, and DEEN, which is a highly respected recognized development studio.
    Developers from Central Japan Games and DEEN, reproduced a game that is a new extension of the classic fantasy genre.

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    Experience a fantasy world with multiple civilizations where the story slowly unfurls.

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    System Requirements:

    The Awakening of a Great Beast
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