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■ The World of Tarnished Mists You are a Tarnished Knight who has been cast away on a quest to save the world of Elden, which has been overrun by the shadow of a deadly evil. With a mysterious force in your grasp and an essential weapon, you must explore the vast world of the Lands Between to fend off the shadow of evil and work your way back to a new life. ■ The Lands Between While many people are unaware of it, a secret world of Elden lies between the real world and the Lands Between. They are called the Lands Between because they can be accessed by collapsing an infinite number of doors at once. ■ Dungeons The majestic monsters that live in the lands between have established a standing war against the Elden Ring. What awaits you in these dungeons? ■ Modes and Maps One Journey Campaign A Journey Campaign, where you can progress through all the content by only playing single-player. Battle with Friends An additional free-to-play multiplayer mode that allows you to play with your friends. Emote Emote, which allows users to use simple motions to express their emotions. ■ Arenas Arenas, the most popular PvP mode that matches two players from different factions to fight against each other. Chapter System Chapter System, which has three different types of chapters (chapters 1, 3, and 5), that are linked together in order to provide a lasting impression on the player. †Riding a mount at various times. ‡Sprinting at various times. † ‡ ■ Equipment Equipment, which are weapons, armor, and accessories that can be used together to obtain new items, enhance the status of the equipped item, and obtain various status effects. Weapon Both Swords (Sword) and Axes (Ax) can be equipped in the left and right arm, respectively. The Sword can be used as a melee weapon, while the Ax is used as a magic weapon. Armor Swords (Sword) can be equipped in the left and right arm, respectively. Swords are worn on the head, shoulders, and waist, while the Ax is worn on the left and right leg, respectively. Equipment Many weapons can be obtained with earning merits, which are special items acquired by players’ actions. Equipping the


Features Key:

  • Modern Fantasy RPG in an unprecedented world
  • Traversal space with high-fantasy sets and various dungeons
  • Players that can kill monsters by themselves or cooperate with others
  • Unique online elements and the sense of presence
  • Changes in the appearance and tuning of skills depending on the stages of the story
  • Elden Ring Screenshots:


    Character Creation

    World Map

    World Overview

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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