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An image editing program is a tool designed to change and edit the digital representation of a physical image. In Photoshop, the original image is broken down into pixels, which are then edited to make the image resemble the original. The more pixels are modified, the more the image will resemble the original. So, it’s easy to see how adding a filter to the picture on a website will alter the pixel value, but here are some other things you can do to improve the appearance of your photos: » When taking digital photos, the majority of them are just not very good. It’s not the camera or the lighting that’s the problem; it’s our understanding of how to capture an image that’s usually lacking. The result is usually only one or two things, such as blurry images, or photos that look like they were shot with a cell phone. Learn to take better photos by watching the tips shared here Perhaps you’ve taken a few dozen photos, but none of them stand out as exceptional. When taking a picture, consider focusing first on the subject before snapping the shutter. After you’ve focused on the subject, try to capture everything that makes the photo unique. Brightness Shadows Color Contrast Crop & Rotation » What makes an image look more “precious” and more professional is often its ability to look beautiful no matter where you take it. We often forget about the minor details of each image, and what they can do to make a photo look more polished. Hue/saturation Filter effects Contrast Enhance Details Curves Smoothing Sharpening You get the idea. The above tips will go a long way in making your pictures look more professional. Once you’ve captured a great picture, it can be easy to forget that simple enhancements can make a big difference in the final image. Check out our article on the different ways to enhance an image for tips on what kinds of enhancements you should make on the subject you’re photographing and what are the best ways to do it. Lighting Whether you’re photographing a subject indoors, outside, or something in between, lighting will make a big difference in your final picture. When taking pictures in low-light, the subject isn’

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Where to get Photoshop? You may buy Photoshop from the official website. If you are not happy with it, you can download it from their software library as a free trial version. You can upgrade to a full version of the Photoshop if you want to. However, you will need to purchase again if you want to create and save a custom profile. You can also download Photoshop on your own computer for free and use it with your online accounts. This way you don’t need a specific license for Adobe. Adobe is a huge company and they sell computer software, data and online subscriptions for various services, so if you buy any license for Photoshop from any other company, you will need to pay again if you buy a new computer or a new license of the same software. Alternative You may be asking yourself, does Photoshop have a fully-featured alternative? Yes. It is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a free and open source graphics editor. It is great for image manipulation and editing tasks where the advanced features of Photoshop are overkill. For these tasks, GIMP is a good alternative to Photoshop. It is cross-platform and can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Installing GIMP GIMP is developed by a community of volunteers. You can use the downloads on their website to install GIMP on your own computer for free. You don’t need to be a member of the community, you just need to provide an email address. After downloading the file, you may unzip it or just click on the package file and click on Extract to get the package. Once extracted, find the gimp-2.10.20.tar.bz2 file and double-click on it to install it. Now that GIMP has been installed, you have to download your favorite GIMP plugins to make it more useful and perform better. You can get the plugins here. Setting up GIMP If you are using GIMP version 2.10.20 or higher, open the image you want to edit and go to File > Open. Click Browse and open the file you want to use. If you have GIMP version 2.10.19 or lower, open the image you want to edit and go to File > Preferences. Open the 05a79cecff

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Outside the Shipyard: An Interview with Fred Lantz Fred Lantz has been playing music his entire life, and though he’s spent the last 20 years of his life in the music industry, he counts all these years as the lucky years. Long before he became a producer and a music therapist, he was one of the biggest musical influences in the U.S. Ever since his band, The Standells, started out in the 60s, Lantz made a name for himself by touring with some of the biggest names in rock’n roll like The Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, and Elton John. His career soared even higher when he produced the hit tune, “Dance Dance Dance (YMCA),” which was made by The Black Keys and reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. If you look up to Fred Lantz, or know anybody who does, you’ll be just as surprised as we are to learn that he once said, “I don’t know what my favorite album is. I just don’t know.” Let’s get on track with Fred Lantz. What is the significance of the hoodie shirt you’re wearing? It’s a shirt I got when I was growing up in upstate New York. It’s the only shirt I got. I had a flock of T-shirts, but I got that one. How did you get into music? I was just a regular little kid when I started playing the guitar. I was in a rock band and loved that sound. I started playing on the street, and that’s where I discovered, what can I do? Then I played in a blues band that eventually became the Standells. What inspired you to do what you do now? Somebody said: “Hey, if you’re that influenced by Elton John and The Beatles, you should go for it!” Now I’m working with Sting and Tom Petty, as well as with some of the biggest acts in the world. What is the legacy of the Standells? The Standells were the first white people in rock’n roll. We’ve sold over 20 million records. What music or albums made you want to be a musician? I was just a big Elvis

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Software Game: Format: Steam (Windows) Release: Gauge Windows OS version and processor in the minimum required requirements. Screenshots: General: Show a screen of the details of the game you are about to download. Show a list of games that are compatible with your operating system, which is called a platform. Show a list of games that are compatible with your CPU. Game compatibility information Show a description of the platform, game type and list of the compatible PC games. Feature

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