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The PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the best virtual photo studio software available today. This application is designed to assist you in the creation of striking imagery in the most enjoyable environment. All you need is a compatible web camera, an Internet connection, and the PicsArt Photo Studio to bring your fantasies to life!
In this program, you can manipulate the photos taken with your web camera in very attractive ways. You can easily achieve a variety of effects by altering the contrast, exposure, focus, and brightness.
What’s even better, you can add graphics and text to your images in just a few simple steps. There are a large selection of graphics templates to choose from, along with a robust selection of fonts. The gallery lets you preview your graphics before adding them to the photo. You can also customize the size of the graphics and select from a wide range of different colors for your texts.
If you like your photos taken, you can share them on Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube. You can even e-mail the photos directly to your friends! This program also allows you to store your images in the cloud.
When your photos are ready to view on a larger screen, the PicsArt Photo Studio lets you resize and crop your images in high quality.
Some of the other features of this software include:
– Layered Photoshop masks
– Unlimited user defined layers
– Re-color images
– Create awesome collages
– Powerful selection tools
– Adjust photo and video size
– Adjust color, brightness, saturation, and contrast
– Create panoramas
– Adjust exposure
– Rotate and flip photos
– Perfect the sharpness and clarity of photos
– Lava/fire/water/light/shadow effect
– Take a new photos with your webcam
– Take photos on the go
– Quick sharing on social networks
– Red Eye Remover
– Editable text and graphics
– Make beautiful frames
– Embed your photos in emails
– E-mail and print photos directly
– Online chat with your friends
– Share photos on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube
– Upload photos to Picasa
– Download your photos to your computer
– Download photos from your Picasa Web Albums
– Rotation and flip
– Cropping
– Crop-O-Matic
– Rotate 360 degrees
– Rotate 90 degrees
– Cropped rotation
– Apply filters
– Apply light effects
– Apply dark effects
– Apply water eea19f52d2

· Simple to use (no setup needed)
· Detects local (LAN) and online (public) IP address
· Auto IP address detection (must be enabled in the program settings)
· Show current IP address
· Allows you to copy IP address to clipboard
· Automatically checks IP address
· Full IP address resolution
· Analyze network information
· Resolve IP addresses
· Shows network type (Internet, private network)
· Shows LAN IP address
· Shows static IP address
· Shows dynamic IP address
· Shows MAC address
· Shows IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
· Ping and Traceroute
· Sort IP address
· Show number of IP connections
· Save network information to file
· Analyze network packets
· Copy IP address to clipboard
· Send email with IP address attached
· Play beep every 5 seconds
· Toggle notification status
· Start or stop a program
· Start or stop a program when IP address changes
· Play sound
· Advanced options
· Font and colors
· About program
· Exit
· Licensing
· For Developers
· For the.NET Framework
· Supports HTML 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5 and XHTML

My IP is available as a portable version. You don’t need a setup. You just drop the file and run it. The program can run on any Windows PC.
You can use the local IP address or any public IP address.
You can use My IP on the Internet or on the Local Area Network.

Portable Show My IP:
You can install My IP on a usb flash drive or other removable media. When you install it, you don’t need to specify a location where to install it. Just drop it in a folder on the USB flash drive and run it. The My IP will run on any Windows PC that has.NET Framework.
Show My IP can be run on the internet or on the local network.
It can be used on a personal or business computer.
It supports Internet Protocol version 4, 6 and 11.

Available in:
English, English (USA), English (UK), English (France), English (Germany), English (Italy), English (Spain), English (Portugal), English (Australia), English (New Zealand), English (India), English (Sri Lanka), English (Nepal), Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Turkish

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