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Runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. Uses a Password that protects the program from being uninstalled and reset..
Easily backup your settings to a file or register them in an.
Detect and prevent dangerous websites and prevent them from accessing certain parts of your computer.
Detect and prevent unknown email addresses and prevent them from receiving your email.
Phishing Zapper is an application that monitors the incoming email and web pages that might be phishing.
Phishing Zapper provides one-step access to the security features that keep your computer safe.
Phishing Zapper’s database is updated regularly to be as close as possible to real time. Phishing Zapper also blocks ‘phishing’ scams which try to dupe you into entering your credit card information into false Web sites, typically posing as banks.
Phishing Zapper is the safe, quick, and easy way to get an inside look at your email. It gives protection for home and business users. A popup window is displayed either when you receive an e-mail that is suspected to be a phishing e-mail or when you try to navigate on a site that is suspected to be a phishing one.
This alert displays the phishing data and you can have more description when you move the mouse over it. Phishing Zapper is able to recognize phishing emails pretending to come from eBay, PayPal, Amazon, eGold and hundreds of other financial institutions.
Here are some key features of “Phishing Zapper”:
■ The Phishing Doctor intuitive interface provides one-step access to the security features that keep your computer safe.
■ Optionally display alerts whenever you recieve any e-mail that is suspected to be a phishing e-mail, or whenever you attempt to access a phishing website.
■ Get detailed information about any Scam E-mail your recieve or any Phishing website that you access.
■ You can easily choose whether to allow or block the suspect websiteor e-mail.
■ Use a password to p revent other people from changing your security settings.
■ Back-up your security settings and restore them easily whenever you need.
■ LiveUpdate allows you to keep the latest Phishing Zapper.
■ With LiveUpdate you get protection from most scammers and the latest Phishing threats.
KEYMACRO Description:
Runs on Windows 2000/ 84e02134c1

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KEYMACRO is a handy utility for Windows users to quickly create or modify keyboard shortcuts.
Keymacro is the very special to us, as it is developed by Mark Wodak, the creator of Tucows Web Browser. Keymacro is great for saving your time to create and store Keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can use KEYMACRO to copy to clipboard, paste to clipboard, switch windows, scroll, minimize, maximize, switch application or switch between desktops.
Use it’s for a long time, and only find they like it’s Keymacro, so we enjoy it’s make a continue effort on this product. Also, we have shared our experience with all of you, so you can find Keymacro can do that on Windows, and each time you used Keymacro, you will be a powerful user. If you need Keymacro, don’t miss this wonderful product. Because it’s Keymacro, you can create a Keyboard shortcuts without any complex knowledge, or you need to do something that you need to have the expertise, but this time it’s so easy for you to do. You should go to download Keymacro, and it’s easy to use. Many of you love it’s make, and we want you to give your valuable feedback. After you download Keymacro, it’s easy to use and more powerful, because all of you can enjoy your time more, and we will create more power and enhancement. If you are the developer of Keymacro, it’s so important for us that you can know what we like and dislike, what we can improve. If you have any suggestions, suggestion or improvement, please feel free to contact us via email. We will do our best for your feedback, ideas and suggestions. We will be so happy to make your experience more and more in the future. You can contact us through our website.
Convert between different document formats
Built-in clip board
Built-in scheduler
Built-in calendar
Built-in text editor
Compatible with Windows 10
Support for taskbar buttons
How To Install Keymacro
First Download the software from below link. Save it to your hard disk.
Extract the file and run the setup. It will automatically install the software.
1. What do you like in Keymacro?
Write us your ideas or suggestions and suggestions about Keymacro. We will improve Keymacro, and

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