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If you are ISP in wireless (or other type) providing business and have simple needs, small resources or administrative knowledge, You might be interested in BlissRADIUS. BlissRADIUS is an application for both users and administrators.







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— RADIUS server is an extremely powerful application, that allows carrying out operations that will be performed in charging subscribers and also call customers. Today we will examine the possibility of using this application in user’s networks. BlissRADIUS Full Crack User Requirements: – It does not have any dependencies; – Includes a database, which was created earlier; – Supports only one table; – No need to install the module “rasdial”; – Added options “samba” and “windows network”. This solution is based on the following concepts: First of all, there is a specified set of parameters – whether a user wants to establish connections with other devices, whether he wants to delete the account or change the attributes of the user. You also get the name of the class for which to use the user. Depending on the connection type, you also get the class of the user. Thus, if you are user of a network, you can easily list users, classes and other parameters of the user. For example, to remove user, select a user, click “Remove” and get an “account removed”. In addition, you can find out, which classes are connected with you, as well as the list of all events, so that you can easily trace the events, which took place, when you were connected with a certain device. This application was tested in Linux operating system. Main Features: — – Option for creating the database is present; – It supports the support for “windows network”; – It supports all RADIUS types; – Support for “samba”, “directly connected”. If you can tell us what other features you need to use in your network, we will include them in the next release. Also, we would be grateful if you would review our application and notify us of any defects. — Daniil Zamolo is a software engineer at Russia. Portable Anywhere and everywhere In this video i show you how to create a simple WiFiVPN connection like the one i use in my office for free. You can use this like a regular VPN but with the ability to connecte… In this video i show you how to create a simple WiFiVPN connection like the one i use in

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BlissRADIUS is an application for both users and administrators. It will allow you to configure, add and edit users. It can support multiple configurations depending on clients type (SSH v2, v3,…) and clients, (VLAN network, wireless networks,…). An administrator of this system has the possibility to view and manage all the users by a secure interface. If you need a simple database system, use our freeware “MySql”. If you need more, please read the documentation, forum or visit our website. Important note: The source code of BlissRADIUS is not included in the package. Some of the files you will need are: (you need to have all these installed) – Apache, MySQL, PHP5 (you need to have any of these installed) – SIMPLE (a CLI client for BlissRADIUS) – HEXIDEA (a CLI application for BlissRADIUS) BlissRADIUS Download: Download BlissRADIUS packages (exactly the same packages as, with an different name): (exactly the same packages as, with an different name) BlissRADIUS forum: BlissRADIUS website: BlissRADIUS is a free software. Some of the developers of BlissRADIUS are: – Alain Bancq [[email protected]] – Marc Debied [[email protected]] – Bruno Male [[email protected]] – Tom Brinkman [[email protected]] *************************************************************************************************** * This product is an open-source project which means it is available under the GPL license. * * License: * * Version: 1.0.0 (It may be incorrectly named version 1) * * Author: Marc de Daele * * Giovanni Di Siracusa * * 91bb86ccfa

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BlissRADIUS is the only free software available that implement Wi-Fi Access System for Schools and small business-large business environments. Designed for both users and administrators. * Although the source code is in C and ASM, The interface is built in the Java language. * The interface is based on the concept of Extensible Markup Language (EML) but can be used as in other XML technologies. * The program has no graphical user interface, making it can be installed anywhere on your system. * Uses only low resources. * Is compatible with Windows and Linux/Unix. To start the program, You must download RADIUS Manager. It will allow You to configure your BlissRADIUS. After that, You will be able to configure, reinitialize or configure access points and user databases. To configure access points and user databases. You must connect to the Server interface via SSH. The application can be used in the following situations: * A proxy server where the access points are Wi-Fi hot spots. * An access point where the user database is an LDAP server or a direct connection to the database server. The BlissRADIUS administrator interface is intended for the following scenarios: * Management of access points and users databases. * Management of relationship among users by using wireless networks. * Access to different networks or Internet services through the Wi-Fi hot spots. – File source license # Use only for personal or commercial use. # This software is distributed as a freeware. # Do not modify the source code. # The source code is available for downloading on the site # Use only for personal or commercial use. # This software is distributed as a freeware. # Do not modify the source code. # The source code is available for downloading on the site # This software is distributable. This is a utility application that allows to ease a User in a Business in the administrative process in areas. Primary functionality: – Specify the number of access points (or access names or access passwords) to create. This can be any number, starting from 1 up to the maximum number of available access points. – Specify the desired number of access points (or access names

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With BlissRADIUS, you can manage your RADIUS server, define users/locations/classes based on IP addresses and logins, and configure your use of RADIUS based on the location/connection of the users. You can also create groups, define your services (based on access-type), and use filtering to restrict access to your service. Although intended for use with Radius-style protocols, BlissRADIUS is also compatible with PPP-security. you can see more… at Downloads: bliss radius 1.07 … * Windows 2000 + Vista compatible * No need of WinSock2.dll * No need of rsidp.dll * VirtualRadius free plugins * Multilingual include * configurable tool with standard and web interface * well-known libraries and API * really s… Toolkit for creating good looking, high-performance, manageable, user-friendly, customizable, enterprise-ready RADIUS service providers for IEEE 802.1x authentication and PPPoE v2/v3/PPP over WLAN (wlanppp.dll) Version 2.0 now comes with support for v3 PPPoE/PPP over WLAN and Cisco RADIUS, with sample logins and… RADIUS 0.1.9 Implementation for Linux 2.6. ANSI C code based on the RADIUS module for 2.6.x/x86_64 Linux systems. Will run on 2.6.x/i686 Linux systems as well, as long as you have a patched kernel and kernel sources. The project is based on my own RADIUS 0.9.8 implementation, which ran on Linux 2.4 as well. Links to the contained software files: https:/… Enhanced supports for Mac OS X Remote client support for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, and Mac OS X. RADIUS Virtual Network Settings allows configuring of Radius Authentication and Dynamic Authorization from the Networking Toolbar. Network Manager allows configuring of Radius Authentication and Dynamic Authorization from the Networking Toolbar. … Radius is a free and open-source protocol for authentication and authorization in computer networks. It is also known by the name of Remote

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Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 Processor: Intel Pentium 3.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 1.6 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: 128MB VGA/DVI/VESA display card with 16MB RAM Hard disk: 50MB free space Sound Card: Onboard or external Additional: Full version of Shockwave Player 11 Review: If you have been living under a rock for the last 15 years, you may not know that the Internet can

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