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It’s time to begin thinking more about the planet you live on. Every day, we make hundreds of decisions in our daily lives which have an effect on the environment. While most of us make conscious decisions to reduce our impact on the planet, making those good choices gets harder and harder as we live in a digital world. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
GreenPrint is a Windows application that will solve a problem nearly every computer user has experienced. The wasteful pages that seem only to appear after a document has been printed. Pages with just a URL, banner ad, legal jargon, or a run-over Excel column.
GreenPrint will do this simply by analyzing the file, then highlighting and erasing all the unecessary pages. Saving you money and saving our planet in the process.
GreenPrint will also provide a simple way to improve the life of the document you are creating. GreenPrint includes a PDF writer which allows you to create a PDF file from any document while you are working on it. PDF writer creates very few files, so GreenPrint can open them very quickly.
GreenPrint will help you visualize the amount of pages you are wasting, and will even provide a way to access an online database to see how much money you are wasting by printing. GreenPrint will even remind you to take your documents to your local print store when you are ready for them.
GreenPrint will also include a fantastic print preview called GreenView, which will allow you to preview a document before you print it. While GreenView is providing a print preview, GreenPrint is analyzing and optimizing it, so you will not have to wait for GreenPrint to be done analyzing a document before you can print it.
GreenPrint will provide reports on the amount of paper you are wasting, how much money you are wasting, how many trees you are saving, and how many times you have saved paper with GreenPrint.
(For home or individual use only.)

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Free for non-commercial use only.

GreenPrint’s Enterprise version:
The benefit of an Enterprise version of GreenPrint:
1. GreenPrint includes an enterprise version which not only tracks a organizations positive environmental impact (e.g. the number of trees saved, etc), but even provides an easy way to re-use paper already printed on one side one side before recycling it.
NOTE: Enterprise is not available for home or individual users.

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Kaspersky Secure Connection is a freeware VPN solution. It is easy to use, but also has some very limited options, which can be used to protect your privacy online. The application is available for Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits).
– very easy to install and use
– very easy to configure
– simple and clear interface
– limited options

14. Tinfoil – Simple, free, secure VPN
Tinfoil is an all-round free VPN application for Windows, which is very easy to set up. What sets the application apart from other VPNs is its high level of security.
Tinfoil’s screen provides plenty of features. You can easily view your history, check your activity, and choose a manual IP address.
It’s very convenient to use the application on Windows 8.1. The built-in Wi-Fi feature can be set up to connect to secure Wi-Fi networks, without any hassle.
The virtual server feature allows you to use different IP addresses depending on your current location, so you can surf the Web from a different IP address without worrying about your identity being exposed.
Unfortunately, this free VPN is easily set up but lacks many more features.
Tinfoil Free VPN Description:
Tinfoil is a free and open-source VPN software which allows you to browse the web and play online games anonymously. It will encrypt all your internet activity, and will encrypt your data as well.
It is really easy to setup and use: just download the program, run it, create a new server and start using it right away. Tinfoil comes with a great feature set, that will give you full control over your privacy.
– free and open-source
– simple and easy to use
– very fast
– full control over your privacy
– limited options

15. Hide.Me – Premium VPN for privacy
Hide.Me is a VPN client for Windows 10, which was recently released. If you’re looking for a fast and reliable VPN, Hide.Me is what you’re looking for.
This free VPN delivers a quick connection, which makes it possible to quickly switch between countries. You can also connect to secure networks without worrying about your identity being exposed.
Hide.Me offers great protection for its users and is a good option for anyone who wants to know more about their online behavior. The free version of

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