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This is the portable version of ALLPlayer – a media player that packs a wide range of essential functions. It can be handled by first-time and advanced users alike. Since this is a portable piece of software, ALLPlayer does not come with an installation package. It means that you can store the app on a USB flash drive or other storage device, in order to directly run its executable file on any computer. What's more important is that the Windows Registry is not updated with new entries, and no leftover files can be found on the hard driver after program removal. Plus, you can carry ALLPlayer with you whenever you're on the move. The interface of the application is clean and intuitive, similar to the one of Windows Media Player, so you shouldn't have any navigation difficulties if you're already familiarized with the well-known app. So, you can change the aspect ratio, access the DVD menu, schedule the monitor or computer to turn off after the playback, use filters, configure an equalizer, as well as change the interface skin and language. The app is also capable of automatically loading subtitles. ALLPlayer comes with several configuration settings regarding the subtitle font, the video menu and pass, file extensions, keyboard shortcuts, dubbing and playback, among others. Options can be restored to their default values. The media player requires a high amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time, and worked smoothly during our evaluation, without freezing, crashing or popping up error dialogs; we haven't come across any issues. To conclude, ALLPlayer should satisfy users of any level of experience.


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Download >>>>> DOWNLOAD






ALLPlayer Portable Crack License Code & Keygen Free [32|64bit]

– Supports the formats of any video and music file, including MP3, AVI, MPEG-1, MPG, MP4, WAV, MOV, ASF, RAM, RM, M4A and many more. – Supports any popular music format, including the FLAC, M4A, M4B, MP3, OGG, WMA, WMV and WAV formats. – Supports tons of other video and audio formats. – Supports the configurations of subtitle, language, region, aspect ratio, time and date, rate and file type for video, music, video-audio, audio and subtitle. – Plays in offline mode, supports the subtitles and sub-menu options. – Supports the use of a remote control, but does not have support for the automatic play, pause, stop, forward, back, repeat, playlist, audio track and subtitle options. – Supports the DTS-HD and LPCM audio format. – Supports the preview of the files and frames. – Supports screen saver and auto-shutdown features. – Supports the extraction, conversion and editing function. – Supports opening the files from USB drive. – Supports sharing the files on LAN. – Supports burning the files to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RW. – Supports the coding of the files for video-to-video, video-to-image, video-to-audio, image-to-audio, audio-to-video and audio-to-audio. – Supports the choice of round, square and pixel aspect ratios. – Supports automatic adjustment of the main player screen and external player screens. – Supports the functions of changing the screen image, the screen color, the screen angle, the screen size, the zoom rate, the image output method and the screen rotation. – Supports the language setting of subtitle and the built-in subtitle list. – Supports the language selection of the main player screen and the external player screens. – Supports the font selection, including the font name, font size, color and type for the subtitle, main player screen, external player screens, cue list, options menus and playlist. – Supports the skin selection, including the skin type, skin name, skin color, skin name, language name and language color for the main player screen, external player screens, and cue list. – Supports video playback with volume control, program volume control, mouse position

ALLPlayer Portable Crack+ With Key [April-2022]

————————— ALLPlayer Portable is a light-weight media player for Windows XP, Vista and 7. It is based on Windows Media Player and includes all features. It supports various media file formats such as MP3, WMA, AVI, ASF, OGG, ASX, WMV, DVD-rips, MPG, MPEG, MOD, PICT, FLV, MP4, JPG, BMP, PNG and WEBP. The app allows you to play videos from DVDs, MKV, MP4 and AVI files, listen to music (WMA, MP3, AAC), view and stream WebTV, watch videos recorded by webcam, and stream files from FTP servers and other network locations. Features: ———— * Support AVI, MKV, MP4, MOD, MPG, JPG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, FLV, OGG, WMA and WMV file types * Support DVD-rips (a DVD ripping tool is included) * Support VCD, SVC and SVCD formats * Support Subtitle Formats (subtitles are not installed by default) * Support Scheduler with customizable settings * Save the selected video to your hard drive * Allows you to add subtitles to the video * Optimized for laptop and desktop machines * The interface is clean and intuitive similar to that of Windows Media Player * Resizable * Playlist management * Clickable tooltips and playlist icons * Support for playlists * Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation * Supports pre-compressed and non-compressed formats * Advanced file and video detection * The program supports both mono and stereo sound formats (MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG) * Built-in CD player (MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV, MP4) * Direct output from Media Center through Wi-Fi * Built-in Web TV client (stream video from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MySpace, Hulu, and more) * Display Captions (built-in Caption Reader) * Auto-punch the text subtitles * Automatic conversion of files (from Bitmaps to AllTracks) * Support for Internet streaming (Winamp or MediaStation) * Automatic locating of the file path of the track selected * Quick navigation of the track using the scroll bar * Playlist and shuffle * Playlist editor b7e8fdf5c8

ALLPlayer Portable

– Play movies as well as play DVD movies! – Play media files with ASF, MP3, WMA, VOB, MOV, RAR, ISO or other formats! – Play DVD, VCD and DivX movies! – Includes a variety of video and audio filters! – Includes an extended collection of subtitle files for Vobsub and Ogg Vorbis! – Supports Chinese, German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Thai and Hebrew! – Choose from a variety of skins and window colors! – Includes a volume mixer! – Support for Top Player and Easy Player for DVD navigation! – Supports Media Center for remote viewing! – Supports XMB and Logitech Media Server! – Supports loop back function! – Supports a variety of media controls! – Supports a variety of themes! – Includes a library viewer! – Supports online tools to backup and restore database! – Supports a support forum! – Supports YouTube and Google Talk video chat! – Supports multi-core and dual-core CPUs! – Allows you to share your library on a network! – Allows you to embed its own html page! – Allows you to use Widget! – Allows you to use a USB Flash drive! – Supports partial downloading and multi-segment downloading! – Allows you to include an image icon with your media files! – Allows you to choose what to display in the application screen! – Allows you to set the playback interval! – Allows you to set a password for your app! – Allows you to set a password for each individual app! – Supports individual app permission! – Allows you to store subtitle files in your app’s user file directory! – Allows you to choose the playback destination! – Supports a folder as a ring buffer, so you can queue any number of files! – Supports drag-and-drop! – Supports auto-loading when using the “AutoPlay” action! – Allows you to specify the “AutoPlay” action! – Supports any size of the library! – Allows you to choose which library to display! – Supports streaming video through a socket! – Supports streaming audio through a socket! – Allows you to specify the number of seconds to pause between playback! – Allows you to specify the

What’s New In ALLPlayer Portable?

It can be carried with you to watch your videos anywhere at all time and forever. You can carry ALLPlayer wherever you go and enjoy your favorite video, music, and photos. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to search, view, play, and manage media files on your PC. – View, Play, Manage and Create Media Files ALLPlayer Portable downloads all the media files to your PC. Now you can browse and listen to a song, a movie, an album, and much more. If you are not able to locate the media file you want, you can also search for it using keyword, and the result will be shown at the top. – Play Media Files with ALLPlayer You can even play ALLPlayer on your PC, or create a custom menu item that allows you to play your media files. – USB Mass Storage Playback ALLPlayer Portable supports all types of media files including video, audio, image, and all other kind of multimedia files. Now you can view your stored videos or songs in thumbnail format just by clicking a folder icon in the ALLPlayer interface. You can also listen to audio and view image with a double click. To play a file, you only need to double click the file to activate and then press one of the keyboard shortcuts. – Email, SMS, IM, & Push-to-Talk All these are enabled in ALLPlayer for your convenience. You can instantly share media files with your friends, members of your family, or your business partners using these tools. – Watch HD Movies on Any Display With this feature you can watch movies in high-definition, even on your TV screen. With HDMI, Dock, or VGA connection, you can connect ALLPlayer Portable to any display. You can even capture the screen using the free Screen Recorder to make your own home videos. – Music Player with Equalizer Now you can enjoy your favorite music on your computer. While listening, you can also adjust the level and volume of the music by using an Eq Tuner. – Easy Menu ALLPlayer Portable has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to view, play, manage, and create media files. Instead of pressing buttons on your keyboard, simply use the keyboard shortcuts. You will also find an option that allows you to automatically switch to the profile of your preferred language. – Play DVD and Convert VOB, SOB, and DAT Files All the files including movies, TV shows,

System Requirements For ALLPlayer Portable:

Minimum System Requirements: Video Memory: 8MB, which is 8MB of VRAM on the system RAM. CPU: Intel Pentium III 533 MHz, AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz, or better. Minimal System Requirements: Video Memory: 4MB, which is 4MB of VRAM on the system RAM. CPU: Intel Pentium II 300 MHz, AMD Athlon 0.8 GHz, or better. Additional Notes: Display Driver: The primary display is 1680×1050.

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