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Keymacro is a professional application used for training your keyboard. It allows you to record your keyboard and to edit or edit existing macros. Moreover, the program supports hotkeys. You can easily configure them and manage them using its interface.
• Help File
The program offers a help file to help you figure out its functions and settings. Thus, if you have any issues regarding this app, the documentation is there for you to consult. Moreover, the help file comes with a tutorial that will help you figure out how to use the app.
• Import
Keymacro allows you to import macros from other applications. Thus, you can bring a feature of your desktop or your browser to the program. For instance, you can take an image from a website and convert it into a macro. Then, you can insert it into the app and use it as a hotkey.
• Shortcuts
Keymacro supports shortcuts. They are defined in the configuration of the program. For example, you can insert a shortcut in the main menu bar. Then, you can assign a hotkey to it and use it whenever you want.
• Set Hotkey
This function enables you to define hotkeys in the app. Then, you can assign one of them to a button, a window or any other object that you may need. You can also assign hotkeys to applications. Furthermore, you may assign a hotkey to the window focus. In addition, the program offers features that enable you to set up your hotkeys and their settings.
• Macro Edit
This feature is basically a shortcut to the project editor. It enables you to edit macros. Moreover, you can add, delete or edit the feature in any project. You can also create several projects at a time and work on them. Thus, you may divide your settings and macros into several projects.
• Keymapping
Keymapping enables you to insert different hotkeys and modify them. You can assign several hotkeys to a window. Thus, you may define a feature for the window and assign several hotkeys to it.
• Templates
The templates are intended to help you organize your macros. The idea behind them is to give a template that will be the base for creating new macros. Thus, you may use the templates to set up your macros.
• Visualization
Visualization enables you to see how a shortcut will be executed on the target application. Thus, it helps you define the hotkey properly. Then, it displays the 384a16bd22

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Rinzo is a fully featured XML Editor for Windows and Mac systems. With Rinzo, you can view and modify XML documents, creating, editing and saving documents with ease. is a free and open-source remote desktop application that provides a secure and stable connection to a PC or Mac computer across a local network. allows multiple users to connect to a remote computer in a secure way without requiring a user to provide a login or password for a local user account.
Just go to the download page and choose your download version – desktop version for Windows, server version for Linux and server version for Mac.
This project has been hosted on Google Code and has been hosted on SourceForge since June 2005.
More info on X2Go’s website, source code and license.

A hand-crafted arcade type game, which is based on a good old reference, with a twist in the gameplay.
Canvas is a simple but fun game with challenge.
Canvas is developed with html5 canvas and JavaScript and offers a multiplayer mode for 2 – 4 players.

Screenlet runs on all kinds of Linux distributions.
Once you add Screenlet to your gnome desktop it starts automatically on startup.
To make Screenlet run at login, run the command “gnome-session-properties” and select “Screenlet”.

This extension will help you to check for software updates from Ubuntu packages in the Ubuntu Software Center.
Visit the project website at to find out about the current version of the software and get to know how to install updates.

“Removes what’s not needed in Ubuntu (duplicates packages)”

Astonishingly simple and easy to use application. For those looking to uninstall things that are no longer needed in Ubuntu, this is the application for you!

Revelation is a remote desktop program, currently under development.
This is a desktop application (for Linux, Windows and MacOS X) that connects to any X display.

The project page is no longer online but the source code is hosted on Google Code. I had to download it from Google Code because the link is broken.
More information can be found at

The FreeDos project aims to improve the performance of FreeDOS by allowing users to perform certain actions such as reb

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