The free of charge application was designed to be a lightweight solution to
manipulate data from PostgreSQL databases into XML, HTML, SQL, CSV or
Excel. A high-performance solution that uses modern techniques to optimize
the extraction of data from a large database into several formats without
having to log in the database.

PGToTxt Features:

Free PostgreSQL database access

Save session option

Export data to Excel, CSV, XML, HTML and SQL

Export data into multiple files simultaneously

The process of extracting data from the PostgreSQL database can be time-consuming and as mentioned above, there is always a chance that you miss one or more of the desired data. If you find yourself in that situation, then you can use the Save Session option to store your progress. The next time you need to extract data from the PostgreSQL database, you can just use the Load session function to access it.

What’s new in this release:

New option to export data into one single file

New option to export data into multiple files in the same sessionQ:

Aws S3 BotoClient upload_file(self, local_file, remote_file) method takes a third argument?

The BotoClient.upload_file() method is defined as
upload_file(self, local_file, remote_file, _etag=None)

I would expect _etag to be a str, because I understand this method to be used with a http transfer.

However, from reading the source, I am thinking it is a flag? I have found two references to _etag: 93076646e9

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KEYMACRO is a powerful feature rich, easy-to-use keyboard macro recorder for Windows. It has an intuitive and easy to use user interface that allows users to create macros for use in various applications. These macros can include keyboard combinations such as pressing hotkeys or typing letters and even mouse clicks or system events like File menu entries. MACROs can be configured to be bound to any Windows control or keystroke combination.
The MACROs can be saved and/or imported into any application. Applications are not required to be rebooted in order to use these macros.
KEYMACRO Features:
Record and playback keyboard and mouse events with hotkeys and hotstrings Record macros as a shortcut Create/modify macro files exportable to any program under Windows Load or save all or some of the record state Export macros to a binary file Convert hotkeys and hotstrings to plain text or hex hex Record macros from the Start Menu Search and launch specific applications based on keyword Search and launch specific applications based on keyword Multilingual, fully multiline support Extensive configuration options including support for Wildcards, Repeats, Caps Lock On/Off, Length and Clear Repeats Option to configure hotstrings to other applications Windows 7 shortcut commands for creation, modification and export options Save and/or load the macros saved in the registry Save and/or load the macros saved in the application Save and/or load the macros from a file Export to SQL, PIF, CAB, HTML, XSD/XML, HEX, ASCII and PNG Key is supported as a default parameter, which can be changed during macro creation and/or modification key combinations can be changed during macro creation and/or modification Preview features include:
– Mark key pressed in any state Save: Save all preview features except for Key pressed, Alt pressed, Shift pressed, Caps Lock On/Off, Length and Repeats Clear: Clear all preview features Preview Timeouts up to 5 seconds Alarms up to 5 seconds Alarms can be configured to expire in 2 second intervals up to 5 seconds Key repeat time up to 4 seconds Key repeat can be configured to repeat any number of times on a single key press Keypad mode only Keypad mode only keypad digits can be modified Keypad mode only is supported for ‘123’ only Hotstrings are supported Hotstrings are generally the same as hotkeys Hotstrings for applications and the Start Menu Search menu are supported Hotstrings for applications are generally the same as hotkeys Key, Alt, Shift, Caps Lock On/Off

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