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Keymacro! software product line offers a suite of financial analysis and accounting tools. The latest versions of Keymacro! software offer accounting and analysis capabilities that are as up-to-date as your data, in an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

This best seller program will help you to perform quick inventory analysis and analyze financial data to find the best inventory allocation scheme that will help you reduce your inventory carrying costs.
This program is designed to help you select the best inventory allocation for reducing your inventory carrying costs while also meeting your financial goals. This best seller program can help you determine the most cost-effective inventory allocation for any accounting period.

CPS-IKN is the world’s first data warehouse and analytics platform for inventory, sales and profit. The solution is designed to provide deep insights into your company’s inventory data, sales and profits to gain complete visibility across your business.
CPS-IKN will make your business decision-making faster and easier with pre-built reports and KPIs. The platform will also give you the ability to automate your warehouses, orders and other accounting…

CARPI is an advanced inventory management system specially designed for small, medium and large scale businesses. CARPI is a complete inventory control system that will help you to store, manage, control, track, trace, audit, manage, transfer and distribute your inventory across your entire organization, at your own pace and convenience.
CARPI has a wide range of inventory features including the ability to track your products, services and client…

KeRIFOS is a simple application designed to give you the details of all your stock on a daily basis, regardless of the stock keeping units used. KeRIFOS is the most comprehensive inventory control program available on the market today. KeRIFOS has a variety of automated stock accounting features, tools and reporting capabilities to help you manage your inventory and process your stock in an efficient manner. It also helps you improve your stock…

Apache Knox is a supply chain management system designed to provide businesses with the tools to manage their inventory, sales, customers, suppliers, financials and other information related to their business.
Apache Knox has several modules that can be used individually, or combined to form your unique inventory management software solution. The modules included in Apache Knox are:
Apache Knox Sales Module: Sales module is designed to make…

Inventory Control Software is a powerful program for tracking your 384a16bd22

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This is a program that allows you to play MIDI files and record them with keyboard macros. Keymacro is very simple to use.
First, you create your macros. To do this, you have to first open your MIDI file and then “View and edit macros”. You then assign keys to be macros. The macro keys can be any number. For example, the number three key may be assigned to be a macro for the “p” note.
When you play a MIDI file, the individual notes are played based on the key being pressed. With a few exceptions, each macro key corresponds to a different MIDI note.
Some free MIDI files can be downloaded from the internet.
■ Only plays one MIDI file at a time. If you want to play multiple files, you need to start a new program
■ Changes require a new MIDI file
■ Free downloads may be illegal depending on the country in which you live
KEYCOMPUTER Description:
“Keycomputer” is a simple program that will allow you to play back MIDI files on your computer. You can play back a MIDI file to your computer using the keyboard or any other MIDI source.
There are two ways to access “Keycomputer”. You can use an MIDI file that you downloaded to your computer, or you can use a “MIDI file converter” to convert the MIDI file into a *.WAV file. The *.WAV file can then be played back using any sound software.
– Download a MIDI file of a piano for you to play and a MIDI file converter for your computer
– Convert the MIDI file to a *.WAV file.
– Open your MIDI file converter to convert the *.WAV file to MIDI
– Play the MIDI file on your computer
“MIDI File Converter” is a free download from the internet.
■ Only converts MIDI files to *.WAV files. If you want to play back more than one MIDI file, you need to use an application like “Keycomputer” to do so
■ MIDI files must be converted to *.WAV files prior to playing

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TimeLapse Photobooth Description:
The TimeLapse Photobooth is a program that records, edits and displays your photos in a series. You can start and stop the photo sequence at any time and play it back


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