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More often than not, the built-in Command Prompt comes in handy when you need to run occasional command lines. However, if you are using the console for a wide variety of tasks, then you may need an alternative that allows you to perform more advanced commands. Yori is a tool designed to replace the shell of the standard Windows console and enhance the command line capabilities so that you can perform complex and advanced tasks. Comes with several improvements from the standard Command Prompt Although it does look like a console at first glance, there are several notable differences between this program and CMD. For starters, the output is UTF-9 instead of ASCII-8 used by the console, an option that allows for more characters to be sued. The app ensures that the commands launched should return immediately to the shell while sending their output to a different memory buffer. In case you need them, you can display the memory buffers with the job command. Moreover, the app can resolve all relative paths and even go beyond the MAX_PATH. Thus you can access files whose names end in a space or period as well, an option that is applicable for single files as well. A further noteworthy distinction from CMD are the aliases. Because the app comes with its own alias, it means you can increase the commands irrespective of how they appear in a command or script. An advanced CMD replacement packed in a familiar shell It is important to note that the tool does not execute commands, but rather relies on the Windows console to take action in this sense. Then again, the app can execute its own scripts – the files ending in a YS1 extension – and can provide you with extra commands, such as INCLUDE, RETURN, SHIFT or GOTO, for instance. Despite the fact that Yori is a tool that looks and feels similar to Command Prompt, it does not aim to bring full compatibility with the console. As the developer points out, this could impact the app's ability to improve and augment the use of commands in Windows.


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Yori is a fast Windows console replacement providing enhancements in the use of the CMD shell. It comes packed with a few features not available in the standard Windows console including aliases, asynchronous execution of scripts, caching of commands, support for relative paths, and many more. Yori is compatible with multiple shells including Korn Shell and Cygwin. It can be used as a dependency for the MSys shell. How To Use Yori: You can use Yori as a dependency for the MSys shell, a tool that provides minimal command line features. In order to use this method, you need to download the Msys Universal binary and extract it. If you choose to use this method, you should first ensure that your Yori installation is configured to use the console as the default shell. You can easily do this by accessing the Properties window and changing the value of the DefaultShell for App. You can start Yori by typing its name in the search bar. Alternatively, you can use the Command line provided by Windows for this purpose. How To Install Yori: Yori allows you to keep your shell as a console and use this as a replacement for the default shell. To install it, you must download and extract the zip file you have just downloaded from Yori’s website. Your screen could look like the one below, depending on the information you see. You can create or edit the DefaultShell for App element. You can then access the Shells pane to view and enable other shells installed on your PC. How To Get Command Line Features of Yori: You can modify the Windows console to provide users with the advanced command line features that Yori provides. You need to first install a utility that allows you to do this. In the Search bar of the Registry Editor, type PATH and hit ENTER. You could see an output that contains the values of the Environment variables that determine the current PATH. You can replace the value of the default PATH variable. In order to do this, change the value of this variable. Once you have replaced the default value, you can access the Environment Variables window. You need to ensure that you are connected to the console of the current user. In order to change the default PATH variable, you need to set the following Environment variables: ASKCOMMANDPROMPT_COMMAND CLICommand CLI_COMMAND COMSPEC CURRENT_PWD CWD

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Yori is a command-line tool to replace the CMD.EXE command prompt shell with an enhanced version. It’s the brainchild of a group of programmers based in San Francisco. They released the first version of Yori over a year ago. Since then, it’s been seeing steady growth. Key Features: • Unicode support • Multiprocessing support • Multithreaded • Job queue • Inbuilt alias system • Automatic file resolution • Dynamic aliases • Windows support • Unicode (UTF-9) support for output • Unicode support for input • Unicode support for arguments • Filename batching system • Switched to UTF-8 for the internal representation of filenames, data, and configuration files • UTF-8 configuration file support • CMD.EXE compatible configuration file support • UTF-8 configuration file support • Secure configuration file support (encrypted configuration file support) • Inbuilt file permissions • Autosave output buffers • Aliases for all commands • Unicode aliases • Newline-based (wraparound) output support • Shift/Return support • Print management • Environment & export commands • Remove (unset) environment variables • Export environment variables • Attribute support • Pipes (FIFO) support • Select by attribute support • Path handling/resolution • Class-oriented object system • Binary (STREAMS) support for pipes • Unmodified batch (BATCH) files support • Unicode literal support for arguments • Pass through environment support • Process environment support • Customizable support for commands • Command-line options for customized behavior • Customizable run-time CLI options • Command-line options for customized behavior • Options for custom output formatting • Startup-time CLI options • Disable/Enable CLI options • Disable/Enable debug-output options • Disable/Enable echo options • Disable/Enable help-info/help-list options • Disable/Enable help-search options • Disable/Enable job-queue/job-list options • Disable/Enable progress-bar options • Disable/Enable progress-track options • Disable/Enable progress-text options • Disable/Enable run-time options • Disable/Enable run-time library options • Disable/Enable run-time command options • Disable/Enable runtime config-file options b7e8fdf5c8

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Yori is a program designed to enhance and replace the shell of the Windows console. While it resembles the standard shell, Yori possesses several unique features that the standard app lacks, such as better support for complex commands, additional memory buffers to store commands and output, and a larger set of aliases. Source Code: The source code is open source and you can read more about the project on the official website (source code). The official website also contains the source code and you can go there to download it (source code).Preparation and characterization of poly(lactic acid) microcapsules containing tocopheryl acetate. Poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) microcapsules were prepared containing tocopheryl acetate and in this study their drug release and encapsulation efficiency (EE) were examined. Different sizes of microcapsules were prepared by varying the gelation temperature of the water-oil phase during emulsion polymerization. Microcapsules with mean particle sizes of 0.5 micron were most efficiently encapsulated by varying the size of the phase separation (5% ethanol, 71.4% EE) while those with a mean particle size of 1.8 microns had the smallest EE (4.8%). No significant loss of tocopheryl acetate was observed during the preparation of microcapsules. The microcapsules were characterized by FT-IR, X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, scanning electron microscopy, HPLC, and dissolution testing. The FT-IR spectrum of the microcapsules revealed one main peak at 1730 cm(-1) characteristic of a lactide ester and a weak doublet at 1580 and 1510 cm(-1) characteristic of an acetate group. X-ray diffraction revealed the presence of a crystalline microstructure in the microcapsules. The microcapsules were partially soluble in water and the presence of a hydrophobic coating was suggested by DSC. Scanning electron microscopy revealed spherical microcapsules with a smooth surface. The dissolution behavior of the encapsulated drug was studied in 0.1 N HCl (pH 1.2) and simulated gastric fluids (SGF, pH 1.2). The dissolution profiles of the microcapsules were similar to that of the free drug in the two media. The in vitro release studies showed that the release of tocopheryl acetate from the microcapsules prepared at 4 degrees C

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Yori, or YORI as some refer to it, is a command line utility that has the potential to replace CMD. Although its interface may look like a Windows console, there are a few key features that set it apart from standard CMD. Yori’s main goal is to provide the user with a command line replacement that will be familiar to Windows users while improving functionality. In addition, Yori allows you to have more efficient control of the console and access any auxiliary files that are present on your Windows PC. Yori Key Features: One of the most notable features that sets Yori apart from the standard Command Prompt is the use of UTF-9 instead of the standard ASCII-8. This feature means that every character in the command line will be handled, which allows you to run commands that are longer or have a higher number of characters than is possible through the standard syntax of CMD. The use of UTF-9 is also important in the case of system commands, as in this case, they use a list of UTF-9 characters to form their command line. Another valuable feature of Yori is the fact that it will automatically resolve paths, even when they are longer than the max path length. Instead of having to change the path delimiter to avoid the app from resolving it, which can be a painful process in certain situations, Yori will simply do it for you automatically. In addition to the power of the Yori aliases and command history, this app has other features such as the GOTO command, INCLUDE and RETURN. The INCLUDE command allows for all files on your Windows PC to be accessed in your command line even if they are not present in the standard PATH list. This is a powerful feature that allows you to go beyond a system library into whichever directory you prefer. You can save and call any of the files you have previously accessed, which is great if you have a number of commands that require previous files to be accessible. The GOTO command allows you to move up or down the command history, and the RETURN command simply returns you to the last command. In addition to its own alias system, Yori also allows you to create your own to simplify common tasks. Therefore, you can create some commands that would otherwise be lengthy and painful to type on a daily basis. Another powerful and enjoyable feature of this app is that it comes with options that let you launch programs and automatically generate files. Therefore, you can change the color of

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OS: Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows XP Processor: CPU with 256MB of RAM (or 1GB of RAM or more) CPU with 256MB of RAM (or 1GB of RAM or more) Memory: At least 1 GB RAM (1GB of RAM or more is recommended) At least 1 GB RAM (1GB of RAM or more is recommended) Graphics card: DirectX9-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video RAM (with advanced settings enabled) DirectX9-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video RAM


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