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KEYMACRO is a simple and free Windows application developed to manage keystrokes. Keystrokes are essentially the sequence of keys users press while working on their computer. Keyboard shortcuts make it easier for users to do the things they want to do faster, so they can spend more time on what is really important: doing their jobs.
KEYMACRO Keystrokes is the perfect tool for creating keyboard shortcuts or repeating keystrokes you might want to use on a regular basis. With Keystrokes you can easily customize your own keyboard shortcuts.
* Easily create and save keyboard shortcuts to files in the registry or your desktop.
* Keep your current shortcuts, and then import, edit and export them.
* Have a shortcut for everything!
* Create shortcuts for your favorite applications or file types.
* Shortcut names can include search terms or variables like ‘A=1’ or ‘%ProgramFiles%’.
* Export and import key shortcuts to a text file for easy backup.
* Create keyboard shortcuts in any language including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, etc.
The application is 100% free. No ads or subscription required.
KeyMACRO Keystrokes Keystrokes gives you several ways to create shortcuts for your applications, you can either use the default shortcuts, which are pre-defined by the applications or you can create your own and save them to a file or to the registry.
After that you can quickly access them at any time by just pressing a hotkey.
A simple yet efficient application for the modern age
KeyMACRO Keystrokes Keystrokes is a simple yet efficient application for the modern age that is developed for anyone who wants to improve their work and save time. The program is extremely simple to use, making it accessible for everyone.
Supported Platforms:

Registre-Sync is a powerful and professional software designed to allow users to synchronize various activities on their computers, such as registering and synchronizing files, directories, drives, network shares, IP addresses and printers.
It is capable of working with over 120 file types, including binary files, archives, databases, documents, emails, executables, movies, music, pictures, projects, source code, spreadsheets and text files.
With its easy-to- 84e02134c1

Free File Recovery
LingvoSoft Suite 2008 English – Arabic
Wise Toys
File Property Edit Pro
Space Flights Free Screensaver
Easy CD-DA Recorder
Sip Viewer
Guitartab.co.uk MP3 Recorder
Flexible Renamer
Date Calculator
How to win your perfect Job
Some Text to PDF Converter
Periodic Table

WinDriver is a complete development toolkit that simplifies the development of high-performance, USB, PCI, CompactPCI, Cardbus and ISA device drivers.
It includes various components such as a useful wizard that lets you to view the selected device’s resources and test the communication ports alongside with the hardware, before writing a single line of code.
There is also a lot of help information and a wizard that allows you to create a device driver in a simple and intuitive way.
Moreover, WinDriver supports all USB chipsets. This way, you have the possibility to create USB based device drivers in an extremely short time.
This software utility will support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.
It enables you to develop device drivers for a variety of devices such as USB, CompactPCI, ISA, Cardbus and PCI.
The toolkit includes a wide variety of functions that provide for the development of different functions such as Microsoft-based communications, I/O, memory management, packet handling, DMA, interrupt and other functions.
These functions and drivers are covered in detail in WinDriver. You will find the following pages in this WinDriver tutorial:
• Introduction to the development of WinDriver
• The basics of creating device drivers
• Windows drivers: a WinDriver tutorial
• Using the WinDriver toolkit to create drivers for several devices
• Using the WinDriver utility to test the driver’s communications and ports
• Using the WinDriver Wizard to create a driver
• Using the WinDriver utilities for ISA and CompactPCI devices
• Using the WinDriver utility for PCI devices
• Using the WinDriver utility for USB devices
• Using the WinDriver utility for CompactPCI devices

WinDriver is a comprehensive software solution that automates and simplifies the development of Windows device drives by using Kernel mode performance for PCI, Cardbus or CompactPCI, without the need of using a specific programming language.
The utility includes powerful tools that enhance your experience in developing various Windows drives and also provides you with a complete solution for creating customizable hardware access applications.
It also enables you to focus on your driver’s added – value functionality, verify and diagnose your hardware, as well as to access features such as automatic code generation and driver debugging.
The user interface is based on a simple, yet complete window that allows the user to monitor kernel activity throughout the driver development process and automatically generate drive code specifically for your hardware.
You can simply select a new device


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