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Now discontinued, Windows Photo Gallery used to be a feature-rich and intuitive application designed to organize, edit and share images with other PC users. Developed by Microsoft, the tool was part of Windows Essentials 2012 which, sadly, reached end of support on January 10, 2017. Windows Essentials 2012 is no longer available for download from Microsoft but you can still get it from Softpedia. In addition to Photo Gallery, the package contains Messenger, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, OneDrive, and Outlook Connector Pack. Unless you want to set up everything, you can choose which apps to install. Also, although Microsoft says that Photo Gallery is not compatible, it turns out that it works just fine on Windows 10 (in our case, at least). Organize, edit and share photos of friends and family The gallery of the program takes cue from Windows Explorer in terms of look and functionality, making it easy to explore media from the Pictures and Videos folder. Additional media can be imported from various devices like CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives. Before getting a closer look at images, you can rotate, resize and rename them if necessary, especially if you plan on putting together a thoughtful media collection of family and friends. Windows Photo Gallery intelligently detects people faces and offers to tag them. You can also set captions, descriptive tags and geotags, rate or flag pictures, change the time when the photo was taken. Tagging, advanced search, and slideshows File searches by text can be conducted using a built-in function of Microsoft's tool, which particularly comes in handy when dealing with numerous pics. Furthermore, you can filter files by tags, months, rating or flags, as well as play slideshow. You'll be happy to know that a handful of auto editing functions are available if you wish to quickly correct lighting and use other means of enhancing pics without having to resort to another application. However, you have to make JPG copies to be able to enter editing mode. Auto photo tweaks, panoramas, fusing, collages, and sharing For instance, you can ask the tool to straighten the image, reduce noise, fix color and exposure, or a apply a filter (e.g. sepia, orange, black and white). The JPEG quality can be manually adjusted. As far as sharing options are concerned, it's possible to send media to OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Vimeo, or via email. Photo Gallery saves copies of the original files automatically, which means that you can easily go back and try again if you're not pleased with the new adjustments. You can create panoramas, fuse two or more pics together, generate collages out of 7 or more photos, as well as create clips with Movie Maker. Old but still useful photo organizer and editor Although this is a pretty old product, Windows Photo Gallery surprisingly continues to surpass other similar software, thanks to the plethora of features dedicated to photo management and manipulation, together with a general sense of "easy". Plus, as mentioned at the beginning of this text, it worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests.







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Photo Gallery for the PC: Organize, edit and share photos of friends and family File Searches by Text: Filter files by content and tags, including people Photo Glue: Fuse two or more photos into a panorama, a collage or a slideshow Photo Bundles: Create personalized photo albums Create a Paper Model: Scrapper tool for wireframes and design mockups Photo and Video Selection: Choose from photos, video, and music files to create custom presentations Photo and Video Scheduling: Plan how to organize your photos and videos Photo Ratings and Flags: Rate or flag files, and tag people in the photos and video Photo Slideshow: Create slideshows with music, images and video Photo Tagging: Tag people, places and events in photos and videos Windows Photo Gallery Crack Free Download Status: Windows Photo Gallery has been discontinued. You can download Photo Gallery here. Windows 10 comes with a few essential apps, including Word and PowerPoint. But they’re not actually meant to be used every day. So you might find yourself going for a third-party alternative, like LibreOffice, to get a word processor and presentation app for your workflow. If you want to try something a bit different, though, Microsoft has decided to add a couple of third-party apps to the Windows Store. Windows 10’s Store, a Microsoft-curated online marketplace for apps, features hundreds of downloads and has seen continued growth since its launch. The most popular ones, though, tend to be repackaged versions of well-known, highly rated apps. Once you’ve picked one, why not create a shortcut to it on your taskbar? Today we’re introducing a dozen Windows 10 apps that are listed in the Windows Store but could actually be useful to you. These 12 best-selling apps aren’t inherently better than the ones that are already on your Windows 10 PC, but they represent a mixture of useful utilities, utilities that could be helpful under certain circumstances, and apps that might appeal to you simply because they’re brand new to Windows 10. So without further ado, here are the best-selling apps in the Windows Store that are new to Windows 10. Enjoy! AirDroid For those who like the concept of multitasking with a more iOS-inspired interface, AirDroid is an Android app that offers a similar experience. It sits quietly in the system tray and acts as a gateway for other apps by accessing their

Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery is a free Windows program that lets you store, view, and edit your digital photos, music, and videos from a variety of digital devices. This fast, easy-to-use program allows you to manage your files by organizing, managing, viewing, and sharing them via traditional means or online. Its built-in features include image stabilization, zooming and resizing of images, and many formats of thumbnail and detail view. An integrated slideshow tool allows you to compile your photos in an automatically generated slideshow. You can also create and share unlimited, digital photo books, and print your photos for viewing at home or on the go. Windows Photo Gallery uses directX 11 and supports CD and DVD burning. Windows Photo Gallery has built in connectivity with Windows Live, Hotmail, Flickr, Facebook, and many more. Windows Photo Gallery Internet Features: Windows Photo Gallery can transfer and share pictures online with services such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, and Windows Live Spaces. You can also create a free account to use online services such as Flickr, Photobucket, Fotivate, Photobucket, and Picasa. With Windows Live, your photo and video content can be organized and shared with other Windows Live users. Windows Photo Gallery Personal Features: Windows Photo Gallery lets you import and manage photos from digital cameras, scanners, and other storage media connected via a USB port. You can also import images from video and audio CDs. Windows Photo Gallery lets you merge multiple photos into panoramas. You can then create a panoramic slideshow with customizable effects. Windows Photo Gallery allows you to save the layouts of your open windows and drag the windows onto any blank area of your desktop. You can also attach a file from an email or from a storage device. With Windows Photo Gallery, you can send images and videos via a printer, a fax machine, or e-mail. Windows Photo Gallery Home Features: With Windows Photo Gallery Home, you can connect, browse, and save online content. You can browse for photos, music, and videos from online photo galleries such as Photobucket and Flickr. Windows Photo Gallery also lets you browse over your digital pictures and videos from your personal folder or the Pictures and Videos folder. You can also add a personal photo to your Windows Photo Gallery Home account. Windows Photo Gallery can access your uploaded photos and videos from your hard disk, thumb drives, CDs, and DVDs. Windows Photo Gallery Additional Features: Windows Photo Gallery lets you review your photos 2f7fe94e24

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Windows Photo Gallery is a free media viewer and photo editor application with a clean and intuitive interface. It provides you with a number of utilities in order to organize, edit and share your images. The program detects faces, automatically recognizes objects and displays them in a gallery, and it can automatically manage your digital photo collection based on keywords. Windows Photo Gallery can also convert RAW images to JPG files if you don’t have any editing experience. Windows Photo Gallery Key Features: Runs smooth even on Windows 10 Native support for RAW images Detect faces Rotate, resize, and zoom images Free image editor Slide shows Helpful support team Windows Photo Gallery is a feature-rich and intuitive media viewer that will automatically organize, edit and share your digital photos with friends and family. The application can automatically detect faces, objects and even motion in your photos and show them in a gallery so you can easily see and share your creations. Drag and drop images from your computer’s media libraries or folder to your photo gallery. Windows Photo Gallery can also generate panoramic photos, and it can even fuse many photos together into a collage or layered image. And for sharing, you can export images to a variety of websites such as Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Email.#include “logger.h” #include “settings.h” #include “debugfs.h” #include “config.h” #define log(…) fprintf(stderr, __VA_ARGS__) #define warn(…) log(__VA_ARGS__) void dump_log_entries(void) { FILE *fp; size_t n, i; char buffer[2000]; fp = fopen(“/sys/kernel/debug/log_min_poll_secs”, “r”); if(fp == NULL) { warn(“fopen failed “); return; } n = fscanf(fp, “%llu “, &i); fclose(fp); if(n!= 1) { return;

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Windows Photo Gallery is a photo management and editing application, developed by Microsoft, designed for Windows Vista users, as well as XP users with Service Pack 2 or higher. The software is compatible with Windows 7, but only in Windows XP Mode in Windows 7. With Photo Gallery 2007, Microsoft introduced the program under the name Windows Live Photo Gallery, and with Photo Gallery 8, the application was renamed to Windows Photo Gallery. Windows Photo Gallery offers you the opportunity to organize and edit your photos, as well as share them with friends and family. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how simple it is to do so, thanks to the intuitive interface that even novice users will be able to master within a few minutes. Moreover, the program is extremely stable and reliable, which is quite a rare thing for an application of this kind. Windows Photo Gallery Alternatives: Featuring more than 50 fully featured editing and management tools, FotoStation is a potent photo management solution. The software offers a large selection of automatic tools for correcting various deficiencies in your images, or creating impressive photo collages and panoramas with ease. Its overall appearance is modern and intuitive, and it boasts an impressively high level of stability and reliability. The application is available in a 32- and 64-bit version, so it can be used on both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Lifefactory supports many different editing and retouching operations, such as zooming, cropping, rotating, aspect ratio adjustments, resizing, adjusting color and contrast, converting RAW formats to JPEG and vice versa, sharpening, adjusting color balance, or adding special effects. With Lifefactory 7 Photo Editor you can easily and efficiently work with batches of photos, set smart presets that alter settings automatically, and export your results as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF files. The software’s user interface is moderately intuitive and easy to navigate. Overall, Lifefactory has excellent performance, with an app that consistently delivers accurate, fast results. Features: RAW conversion Adjustment tools Adjustment brush Basic retouching Copy to clipboard Capture Device alignment Fit to screen Filter GPU multi-threading Ghosting Hash shape Hyperlapse Layer adjustment Paint Preset Quality Sandhill effect 5-A-Day Photo Editing Software is a powerful photo editing and management tool that’s intuitive and easy to use. It features an assortment of tools that allow

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Dual core, Intel Core i5, 2.0 GHz or higher Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Recommended: OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Quad core, Intel Core i7 or higher

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