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It is a freeware. System requirements: Windows Vista, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate. License: Freeware. Vista Boot Menu Manager (old name) is a program that opens the boot menu and provides a simple interface through which users can edit the boot menu. The program works in both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. With this program, users can add entries to the boot menu, and change the settings of existing entries to make the boot menu easy to use. Features: A graphical boot menu editor. What’s new in this version: -Added support for Windows Vista. -Added a more intuitive user interface. -Improved boot menu management of removable devices. -Improved performance of the application. -Fixed some minor bugs. 3D Boot Manager is the first and the only boot manager available for Windows Vista. So you could customize your own system menu during bootup, or boot from a specific operating system. If you need a Windows Vista boot manager that provides free editing to boot menu, install this tool on your Windows Vista without hesitation. To make it more beautiful and easier to use, 3D Boot Manager was designed with a 3D interface. It is a simple tool that provides a user friendly interface to manage your Windows Vista boot menu. How 3D Boot Manager works? 3D Boot Manager is the boot manager for Windows Vista. It allows users to edit the boot menu. Its functional features include: * Edit boot menu by adding or removing entries. * Edit boot mode to boot from the specific operating system. * Settings to boot from a different place or to make your OS boot faster. * Readme and Setup information to help you. Bootwizard is a Windows Vista Boot Manager that can be a backup tool, a system information tool, an automatic Windows boot manager tool, an automatic update manager tool, and more. Bootwizard is a program made by users for users. It can be used as a Boot Manager replacement for Windows Vista in order to change the Windows Vista’s Boot Menu Layout. Bootwizard has a very user-friendly interface and it has some ready-made settings that can be configured through a simple options dialog. It also has a great feature that allows any file or DVD on your system to be configured as a bootable CD or DVD. It has a read-me file and setup information that will help you to start using Bootwizard

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1- Undo any changes made in the system 2- Create backups of the boot loader configuration 3- Restore a previous configuration 4- Backup or Export boot loader configuration 5- Run Vista in Kernel-Debug Mode (x64 only) 6- Delete a boot entry from the boot menu 7- Change the entry’s title and description 8- Control and modify the entries’ order 9- Add a new boot menu entry 10- Place a Windows logo on boot menu 11- Create an icon, remove it, or change its size 12- Modify the Windows Vista boot configuration data 13- Show computer information on boot menu (current hardware and software) 14- Show a boot option menu 15- Disable Windows Vista Driver Signing 16- Manage shutdown options 17- Manage the latest Windows updates 18- Update the Boot menu 19- Enable/Disable Windows Vista Startup Repair 20- Setup the boot menu language (English, French, German, etc.) 21- Create a backup of the boot menu 22- Disable Windows Vista Secure Boot 23- Enable Windows Vista Secure Boot 24- Change the startup page to safe mode 25- Disable/enable the “Refresh your Windows Vista Start” option 26- The Windows Vista Start screen 27- Enable/disable Windows Vista Power Options 28- Show Windows Vista screen savers 29- Boot directly to Windows Help and Support 30- Disable/enable Windows Vista Recovery 31- Disable Windows Vista Automatic Repair 32- Download Windows Vista Updates and Repair Tool 33- Add/remove a menu entries options 34- Modify boot entry order 35- Calculate the recovery disk size 36- Create a recovery disk or backup boot menu 37- Pause boot menu during installation 38- Run Windows Vista in Kernel-Debug Mode (x64 only) 39- Create a disk image 40- Burn the disk image to a CD 41- Automatically start Windows Vista in Safe Mode 42- Start Windows Vista in Safe Mode 43- Maintain registry files 44- Stop Vista startup repair (if started automatically) 45- Remove the language interface pack 46- Disable the integrated Windows Vista driver 47- Open the boot menu with a serial port connection 48- Launch Vista in Safe Mode without displaying the boot menu 49- Show a log of a successful boot menu operation 50- Modify icon for Windows Vista 51- Generate a 3a67dffeec

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As easy as possible, VistaBootPRO is ready to use, in case one wants to get his hands dirty and perform as many changes as possible. In a few moments, after the installation has been completed, this tool will appear in your start menu and all the options needed are accessible at a glance. Simply select the backup you want to perform, so as to back-up the current boot information. Once this is done, you can choose from an extensive range of options. Everything is very intuitive and easy to understand, so no need to be an expert to get things done. Each section of the application is clearly explained, so there will be no need to look any further in order to get things done. With the tool, you can easily modify the Boot menu and change the list of entries. Those who want to customize their Boot Configuration Data can choose from a multitude of options, including the language or whether they want to create a backup of the current registry or export it so as to be used in another computer. For the same reason, you can also activate or deactivate Kernel-Debug Mode as well as choose the edition of Windows Vista they wish to test and the driver signing method. This tool was clearly developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, so newcomers and experts alike can perform any change they wish, as everything is very intuitive and simple. Key Features: User-friendly interface Boot list modifications Backup / restore registry Create boot menu backups Retrieve current boot information Exporting the boot information Kernel-Debug mode activation Examining the boot configuration data Making registry backups Driver signing on/off In-depth description of each section Selecting the edition of Windows Vista you wish to test In-depth description of each step Features: Ascend Matic is a powerful scheduling app that has become one of the most popular timesheet apps in the world. This article will provide you with useful information on how to use Ascend Matic to track payroll and keep track of employee and vendor time. VistaBootPRO is designed to run in the background of your computer, allowing you to stop using your computer and enjoy the stress-free process of working. It is highly recommended to all Vista users that you create a restore point before doing any operation, a restore point is an automatic backup of everything on your computer and can be used to revert your computer should something go wrong. We work closely with Microsoft to make sure VistaBootPRO is fully

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Use this application to customise your boot menu and tweak the operation of your PC. Allows you to backup and restore Windows Vista Boot Configuration Data registry entries. Allows you to add and remove operating systems from your boot menu. Allows you to change registry settings for each entry in the boot menu. Allows you to manipulate boot menu settings for multiple entries. Allows you to run Windows Vista in Kernel-Debug Mode (alt+f9), or to activate debugging the boot process. Allows you to use the Windows Vista driver signing validation utility (mswu) to validate all Windows Vista drivers, or to disable signing on an individual driver basis. What’s new in version 1.9 Fixed a bug which disabled VistaBootPRO from functioning properly if the user tries to use both VistaBootPRO and Win32DiskImager to restore a backup image. Fixed a bug which caused application to crash during the installation of the application. What’s new in version 1.8 Change log Fixed a bug which caused application to crash during the installation of the application. Fixed a bug which disabled VistaBootPRO from functioning properly if the user tries to use both VistaBootPRO and Win32DiskImager to restore a backup image. What’s new in version 1.7 Change log Fixed a bug which caused application to crash during the installation of the application. Fixed a bug which disabled VistaBootPRO from functioning properly if the user tries to use both VistaBootPRO and Win32DiskImager to restore a backup image.UN: Medieval-Style Violence Fought Off in Sinai In what one State Department spokesman called “a medieval-style incident,” two police officers and three Bedouins were killed Tuesday in an attack on a police station and the car of an Egyptian army officer in the Sinai. The assault took place in Taba, a town north of Sinai’s capital of el-Arish, the State Department said. “Egyptian security forces in Taba foiled an attack on Egyptian police headquarters and the police station in Taba Tuesday,” the department said in a statement. “The assailants attempted to burn the police station. In the ensuing fighting, three policemen and three Bedouins were killed.” It is the first known attack on a police or military post since Palestinian militants stormed an Egyptian border outpost last November killing eight soldiers and wounding 11. The attack sparked

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Supported OS: Windows Processor: Intel Pentium III 2.8 GHz or equivalent Memory: 128 MB of RAM required Video: 256 MB video RAM required DirectX: DirectX 9.0c This guide contains minimum system requirements for the game. A system with more than the requirements listed may experience problems with the game, including crash, loss of graphics, a frozen application or missing sound. See the official forum post for additional information about the minimum requirements for the game and other troubleshooting suggestions. For more information

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