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Universe Screen Saver – Watch the brith of a universe in all its majesty on your computer monitor when you should be sleeping. Interface Commands : “S” Key – Capture Screen. Space Bar – Open preferences. Shift/Caps Lock – Display status. Right Click – Refresh screen. Mouse Click – Quit application. Control-Click – Spawn nova.








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It is a creation of Jon Chow (Chwoyan wrote the software) using the engine of a Photoshop Plug-in that he himself wrote. The plugin is and alpha version for Photoshop 7.0 and Photoshop 7.0b. The Screen Saver comes with 5 presets with color variations of Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky and Sunflare. You can tweak the color scheme of the background to match your needs. The Screen Saver is compatible with a theme file that can be provided by the user. The Screen Saver does not save any file, it can only render images or videos on your computer monitor. Universe Screen Saver supports the following operating systems : Windows – Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, NT4, NT5, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Mac OS – Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.4 Linux – any distro using the x-window-system. This is version 0.5 of the Screen Saver Note: The Photosaved Sky from the Screen Saver can be used for designing backgrounds for some PC games. Screenshot: Videos by Jon Chow (Please don’t credit a copyrighted tool/utility unless you own it.) Installation Instructions: Download any zip archive containing a.smi file (Screen Saver Manager Interface). Open the resulting file (Windows) or double click it (mac). Choose “Install as new application”. Choose the directory where you want to install the software. The program appears in your applications list. Universe Screen Saver License Version 1.0 (09/30/2008) This application is FREE for personal use and evaluation without restriction under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Universe Screen Saver is a free software product distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0. No warranty of any kind is made for Universe Screen Saver and your use of it is at your own discretion and risk. Universe Screen Saver Features: Configuration – Manage your settings in a simple format. Works on Mac and Windows (only mac version is supported). Works with all operating systems (all Windows versions and Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.4 are supported). Screen Saver Mode. Device Sensors – Unlimited

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Getting an unlimited number of universes is easier than you may think. As soon as you dive into universe screen saver in OS X Server can show you endless number of universes. The simple idea of this screen saver is that when you wake up from your deep sleep, you see an infinite number of universes. In this article I will explain how you can use the universe screen saver to create endless number of universes. All you need to do is to create a file called “nova.plist” in Desktop directory. The contents of the file is listed below. ApplicationProperties applekey D0FHLBAHZD2CHV2AG8N3RTQSJOZ8D7CQE3X5VEWNW SID universe-1 Categories Public Tasks 2f7fe94e24

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Are you tired of the same old Puck? Waiting in the background for you to do stuff to stay awake? A Universe screen saver is here for your well being. You can have as many Pucks as you’d like, each with different attributes. Feel free to change the attributes of your Pucks, just be sure you update the current Puck with the new information. The more Pucks you have, the more interesting your Universe. You can add new Pucks, delete Pucks, or edit the attributes of the Pucks. You have total control over the display of the Puck, and the appearance of the Universe itself. You can preview a selected frame in real time by pressing the “V” key. You have unlimited control over the Pucks, and the Universe itself. This includes which button you use to capture the screen, the number of Pucks to be spawned, the camera location, and more. Universe Screen Saver will capture your screen at a selected time and display a new Puck with interesting attributes. When you work during the day, you can then watch the Universe dawn in the night. If you’re bored, just let Universe Screen Saver run in the background. It will take your mind off any work you might be doing and it will keep you awake and alert. Universe Screen Saver is an environment which you can enjoy at work, at home, or even while on the road. You can watch your Universe without being disturbed by your colleagues or family. Features: * 64 Frames of Puck-style animation * Preference Center for individual screen saver settings * Real-time previews of Pucks * Ability to capture the screen with the “V” key * Ability to spawn as many Pucks as desired * Multiple Pucks can have different parameters * Random start for Pucks * Ability to exit without a wait * Specific settings for your computer and desktop environment * Ability to stop Puck creation once desired frame has been reached Universe Screen Saver is free, but donations are greatly appreciated. Thank You! Universe Screen Saver has been made possible by: * Dirk van Dijk * Patrick Deane and two other helpers * Leopold Fritze * A special thanks to all the people who have helped by using the screen saver and in testing it. They have saved many hours of work. * Rich Smith Universe Screen Saver has been tested

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Tired of getting up from your computer just to hit some keys and look at the screen? Now’s the time you’ll enjoy a complete movie experience on your PC monitor. Watch the birth of a universe in all its majesty on your computer monitor when you should be sleeping. What you have in front of you is nothing more than what your eyes can perceive. When you lose sight of the familiar, however, you think you will lose all your senses. In a sense, it is true. What you perceive and what you see cannot be the same thing. The existence of the entire universe is known in the mind but not to the eyes. The image of the universe is the only complete image you can have of all the matter and energy in the universe. As you watch this screen saver the image is complete and you can see the entire universe. Universe Screen Saver is a simple – but extremely effective – yet easy to use screen saver. An animated universe start screensaver is an excellent way to relax after a hard days work and entertain yourself. Share this wonderful attraction with all your friends and loved ones. The screen saver is updated regularly, so the images are always fresh and new. The screensaver will let you see the universe, the sun, the stars and many more wonders of the universe. Universe Screen Saver Features : – Dynamic universe with motion and life. – A solar system in each cell. – Many stars in each cell. – A lot of planets orbiting the stars. – An interactive animated universe with life. – Quizzes and a huge database of galaxies, planets, stars, black holes, comets and more! – You can add your own pictures and/or video files, use your own music. – Share your files with the Universe Screen Saver with your friends. – Animated and automatic. Runs on your computer all the time you sleep. – New and exciting images added every time! You are viewing Universe Screen Saver in the “Screensavers” category. You can install this screensaver by clicking on the link below. Universe Screen Saver (source: getlens.com) is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Details are available in the screensavers installation archive or in the download manager. A small but functional screensaver for Windows 2000 and XP. – Recreates the night sky in deep space. – Generates a


System Requirements:

* Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. * 64-bit Processor or 32-bit Processor with SSE or SSE2. * Dual Core Processor, 2.0 GHz or faster. * 3 GB of memory. * 1 GB of available hard disk space. * OpenGL 3.1 or later. * DirectX 9.0c or later. * USB 2.0 port and free space on the same computer as well as a DVD


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