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There is no better method of remembering something than writing it on a piece of paper. However, we are so busy nowadays that a piece of paper cannot possibly be enough for keeping up with our needs. Replacing the old method with the modern digital one seems to be the right thing to do, so people started developing applications able to cover this important aspect of our lives. Todolist is a simple task organizer that lets you track each and everything you have to accomplish. Creating the tasks Creating a task is as easy as sending an SMS. You just have to write what you need to be reminded of, pick a filter color, and hit Enter. The newly created tasks will start to form a list if you have multiple ones for the same day. However, you can use the calendar to set up tasks for any day for the year, provided that's in the future. To access the calendar you have to click on the suggestive icon near where the info is located. In order to create a task that would need completion, let's say, after a week, find the data in the calendar and create the task there. Filtering the tasks The filter function can be found at the bottom of the UI on the right side of it. From there you can expand a menu that allows displaying specific tasks, hiding the ones you don't need. The filtering can be done by data, status, or tags — the latter being represented by the colors you pick when you create the task. After you are done with the filtering process, you can collapse the menu back into its place, as it can block the view to some of the bottom active tasks, if any. Simple and handy task organizer To summarize, Todolist is an easy-to-use tool that can help very busy people organize and keep track of their tasks. There is nothing complicated about this application, and you don't need to complete an entire training course to successfully operate it. Just run it, and start playing around. You'll figure it out in no time.


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• Create a task for any day of the year • Filter the tasks by date, day, tag, and status • Sort tasks by their categories or tags and filter them by, for example, color • Quick access to your tasks • Create tasks without a browser • No integration with your iOS device • Add or edit the application’s settings • Use the in-app purchase to unlock extra options • Add tasks to a project for easier viewing • Top lists for upcoming tasks • Receive email notifications when a task is completed • Customize the app’s appearance • Update the app’s database on the server • Send the application as a gift for another person How To Install Todolist: Requirements: iOS 8.0+ How to use Todolist: To create a new task, tap the info button and tap Add a task. Or, find the desired day, tap the info button and tap Add a task. To filter the tasks, tap the filter button and choose the filter you like. To hide a task, tap it and wait for a few seconds for the filtering to finish and the notification to disappear. To show a task’s details, tap it. To edit a task, tap it. To expand or collapse the filtering menu, tap the button that’s currently highlighted. Todolist is available as a free download. There is an option for in-app purchases that unlock extra features for the app. These purchases are optional, and there is no setup process for them, so you can complete them once you decide to do so. If you use a modern iOS device, you can download Todolist and play around with it for free. If you want to add more features to the app, you can purchase one and unlock all of them. The great thing about these additional features is that they are easy to activate. No setup process needed. When you’re done with your purchases, open the application and start using it. You’ll feel that you’ve made the right decision with these purchases. Todolist requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with all devices and all iOS versions. Todolist icon designed by Kamiel Kapalinski.Q: PHP – Count how many times user made another post I am making a php site, where I want the total number of posts made by a user to be displayed on his page.

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The designers of this app looked to the future and imagined all the things they could create. They believed that a day in the future might be one in which many of us would get busy with our tasks and having a simple task tracker would be the easiest way to see them. In their vision, this application would be a computer-generated web service that would save us time. When using this application, you don’t need to worry about how the software is going to let you know about the tasks that are left. They have everything covered when it comes to how to stay organized. It is all done through the lists that the app provides. It creates the lists so you don’t have to create them yourself, something that saves a lot of time. In addition to that, Todolist Cracked Version employs a filtering system that allows you to see only the tasks you care about, which saves time again. All the lists are available to view, and you can sort the things on them by date, name, tasks that are overdue, and other special options. The lists can be saved as well. The applications also have an ability to check your availability, as it allows you to check which list needs you most. Todolist Pros: The main thing about Todolist is that it doesn’t require any installation to be used. You simply unzip the file and put it in the file manager. When you launch the application, you can enjoy all the features without any additional setup. Another thing that makes Todolist a good tool is the many different options. They change the behavior of the application so that it is suited to your needs. Some of the options include the option to enable and disable the reminders, whether you need to see how many tasks you still have or to have the date added to the tasks, and more. To sum up, if you are looking for a simple tool that can help you with the organizing of your tasks, you should give Todolist a chance. It won’t take much time to get accustomed to the application, and once you are done using it, you will surely be wondering how you managed to live your life without it. Download Todolist (Best Free Task Organizer) Share this: It’s true. You can easily create, edit and delete forms. This tool is a great tool to help you organize better and save yourself time. Just as how we have apps like Microsoft Office or Notepad, this one 2f7fe94e24

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Easy to create tasks and list of all your activities to check off later. No need to use pen and paper or Excel sheet. Most personal organizers are focused on keeping tasks organized, but Todolist goes much further. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux version of Todolist are available for download from a direct link provided on the official website. Who are we? We are a group of young web enthusiasts that are committed to provide the best and the latest information about everything that concerns the world of Technology, Social Media, and Software.PARIS (Reuters) – France’s lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, voted unanimously on Thursday to block London-based investment fund Climate-Krisk Asset Management from tapping in to the French budget for the past two years. FILE PHOTO: Headquarters of the French mutual insurance fund company Crédit Mutuel is pictured in Paris, France, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Charles Platiau The fund, whose sole shareholder is the Danish state, invests in financial and climate-related issues. It was announced in August last year after the National Assembly’s Finance Committee approved the fund on condition that it did not get access to funding. Following the decision, Paris-based Crédit Mutuel de France, which controls the fund, closed its doors on the fund. “The democratic process has been respected,” said Jean-Noel Vergne, chairman of the Fund’s supervisory board. France’s budget watchdog said in February it had no concerns that the fund’s funds could be tainted by climate change. The Fund’s chairman said the fund’s returns had been put at risk by the current climate, adding that it had received no dividend payments from its main parent, the Danish state. He said the fund could not pay its dividend and would go bankrupt, thus causing losses for taxpayers who had underwritten the fund. “This is the only possible solution for our parent,” said the chairman, adding that the fund would close in May. Paris-based Crédit Mutuel’s shareholders had initially pledged to pay the fund a dividend of about 1.06 euro per quarter between 2013 and 2016, before it was blocked by the French upper house of parliament, which then adopted an amendment stopping the fund from drawing on the country’s

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★★★★★ Simple and neat task list with a calendar feature. ★★★★★ ✅ Create a task by hitting the green “+” icon on the main view. ✅ Another way to do it is to directly add it to the calendar. ✅ Set a filter (like a color, tag, or a status). ✅ Todolist is suitable for people who like simplicity. ✅ Able to display tasks for multiple days at once, or a selected date. ✅ One year of history is maintained, so you have a good look back. ✅ Zoom in and out by the scale. ✅ Organize your tasks by tags, or by date and time. ✅ Customize the keyboard layout. ✅ Toggle between list and calendar mode. ✅ Share your experiences with other users. ✅ Mobile apps for Android and iOS. ✅ Send task reminder via SMS. ✅ Export tasks as CSV. ✅ Tasks can be exported as Google Sheets. ✅ Task will be added to your own Google Calendar. ✅ There is an alternative widget for Android. ✅ Make Todolist your way to organize your life. Detailed feature list: ✅ Create tasks by either adding them to the calendar, or sending them as an SMS. ✅ Option to filter displayed tasks by tags, color, or status. ✅ Unlimited history for tasks, with the ability to filter past tasks. ✅ Calendar is displayed in list mode as well as in date and time format. ✅ List views are searchable by title and status. ✅ Drag and drop tasks between calendar and list. ✅ Option to show all tasks of the day or only selected ones. ✅ Zoom in/out with the scale button. ✅ Toggle between list and calendar mode with the button above the calendar. ✅ Option to hide/expand groups/tasks. ✅ Double-click to mark a task as completed. ✅ One year of history is maintained. ✅ Todolist is free and ad-supported. Why you’ll love it: ✅ Really easy to use. ✅ Free and simple. ✅ Todolist is more of a brain hack than a task manager. ✅ Classy design. ✅ Mobile apps. ✅ Mobile apps. ✅ T

System Requirements For Todolist:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista SP2/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8/Windows 10 CPU: 2.4GHz Dual Core Processor or equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 4870 or Intel GMA 950/Intel GMA X3100/AMD HD 4670 or HD 4790 or AMD HD 5000 or AMD HD 6990 or Intel HD 4000 or higher DirectX: Version 9.0c Recommended: OS: Windows Vista SP2

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