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It was the summer of 2000. Erica Daki, a hopeless liar, had just become a freshman in high school. She was the kind of girl who never imagined she would grow up to be an adult. She constantly daydreamed of visiting foreign lands while gazing at the stars, as she dreamed about her faraway dreams. That year, Erica was deeply in love with her childhood friend, Yuu. Erica was even kind enough to let him cut her braids even though she hated them. But then she was shocked to find out that she was loved so much by someone she didn’t even like. She had ended up having feelings for him, even though she was a psychopath of her own. According to some absurd statistics, over 60% of all girls dream about traveling, and over 35% of them dream about being in love with someone. Her situation as a lonely, second-year high school student was just like that. She had a total of five school friends; the rest of the class hated her. One day, though, she realized that she had to make a new beginning. She held on to a new promise, a new start to her life. She would start fresh, as if she was a new person. Her dream, a dream to get to know the world, had begun. -The player takes on the role of Erica, a high school student in love with the childhood friend, Yuu, who hasn’t heard from her for three years. Erica manages to make a friend in Junior, a girl named Yuriko. -Yuu is currently in college, studying nursing. He remembers Erica as the little girl he loved, and wishes to make her happy. Yuu finds out that Erica has recently passed her second year high school exams and is starting a new high school year. Event Information Date July 10, 2017 Time 18:00 About Please note this game will be played in Japanese and English language. English quality and timing of our translation may differ from the Japanese releases. (C) 2017 てらぶこ/マジックミニアンドワールドがゲーム配信限定版の緊急副音声・リトルナイトメアが含まれる第4弾ファイル収録済み


TOCOViX Features Key:

  • 1 vs. 1 online arena
  • All-new 3D engine
  • Expand your Bro empire for ultimate conquest
  • Gametypes including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag, Siege, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag (King of the Hill mode)
  • New Bombing Run game mode
  • New Clash Royale and Control game modes
  • New Daily Challenge
  • Keyboard, mouse and gamepad support
  • Manage your multiplayer matchmaking


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TOCOViX [2022-Latest]

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    In Terrorhedron, you take control of your own defense system, entirely programmed by you. You can build each tower, fill it with turrets and track. Design your defenses any way you like, as you enjoy a rich 3D world. Player vs player is just as fun and tons of different options will allow you to challenge players from around the world. Features: 3D Tower Defense Game Play cooperatively up to 8 players online Tons of different types of tower turrets, guard ramps, launchers and flexible upgrades Dynamic 3D environments with different terrains and 3D landscapes A wide variety of beautiful graphics and ambience Singleplayer mode with autologging Multiplayer mode with predefined grids and maps Up to 8 players online co-op in each map New system Each player can design their own tower build-up. Singleplayer Mode Multiple terrains and 3D landscapes Autologging Full customization with adjustable level difficulty Up to 8 players online co-op Online Multiplayer Up to 8 players online co-op in each map Design Your Own Towers Each tower can be customized with different turrets, launchers and upgrades Up to 50 playable towers Extraterrestrial terror is coming back to Earth in a big way, with an all new, never before experienced line of cult classic characters joining in on the fun. Featuring cult all-stars from the 80s: The Toxic Avenger (Mort Kirkwood), The Ghoul (Robert Englund), Captain Spaulding (Danny Mann) & The Boogey Man (Jim Halsey). Early April will see a new season of the cult favorite on Netflix, and the world is going crazy. But are they really ready for this? James Horan, owner of classic horror store Cult Corner, reveals his secret bunker of terror-inspired must-have collectibles James Horan, owner of cult horror retailer Cult Corner, has stockpiled a room full of the best horror movie collectibles you will ever see. He’s organized the items by theme, theme he says includes “types of evil, how evil is evil, what, when and why to be afraid of.” Horan’s closed the door on the world on Wednesday, April 18, to stage a “Horrorthon” in anticipation of the Netflix revival of the long-beloved franchise. The event was live-streamed on YouTube and


    How To Crack TOCOViX:

  • Download the trial version
  • Run as administrator
  • Click Next
  • Click on Yes
  • Extract the setup file as its default
  • Open the folder
  • Run the setup file
  • Select Cracked
  • Wait for the program to complete the installation
  • Run the program
  • Select Keep
  • Wait for the program to complete the installation
  • Select Open
  • Wait for the changes to take effect
  • Copy the crack file from the crack folder
  • Open the folder
  • Paste the crack file
  • Replace the game exe with the new cracked exe
  • Run the game
  • If the patch works, you have a copy of a crack


  • You should only use this to run the trial version of the game

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